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1 products STAHL
STAHL DIN NS 35/15 | 9494 series
DIN NS 35/15 | 9494 series STAHL

The BusRail Series 9494 is the IS1 system Backplane bus, which is composed of...

2 products RITTAL
RITTAL 60 mm, max. 1 600 A | RiLine60 series
System 60 mm, max. 1 600 A | RiLine60 series RITTAL

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Rittal-System Busbar systems RiLine is a product of great ingenuity and brilliance. It is Built to last and tested...

RITTAL 40 mm, max. 250 A | Mini-PLS series
System 40 mm, max. 250 A | Mini-PLS series RITTAL

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Rittal Busbar system is a top of the line product. Created from sheer ingenuity and brilliance. The Rittal Mini-PLS...

video SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products 25 - 40 A | CD-K
System 25 - 40 A | CD-K SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

Presenting a revolutionary new product. The Siemens System CD-K – 25 ... 40 A is a product of grand ingenuity and brilliance. It is Design for Lighting...

SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products 40 - 160 A | BD01
System 40 - 160 A | BD01 SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

The BD01 system is designed for applications from 40A to 160A. It is engaged in trade and industry enterprises to safely supply a small consumers with power or the...

video SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products 160 - 1 250 A | BD2
System 160 - 1 250 A | BD2 SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

The Universal Solution for High Performance in a Small Space, Particularly in Office Buildings and Industrial Transfer Lines The communication capable BD2 system with load value detection, remote monitoring...

video SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products 1 100 - 5 000 A | LD
System 1 100 - 5 000 A | LD SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

Built according to modern industry standards and with a robust construction, the System LD – 1100 to 5000 A Busbars from Siemens is the ultimate product used for trade show halls, welding...

video SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products 800 - 6 300 A | LX
System 800 - 6 300 A | LX SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

The Flexible System for Multi-Storey Power Supply, e.g. Non-Residential Buildings Such as Radio Broadcasting Stations, Computer Centers, and in Chip/Semiconductor Manufacture Thanks to its sandwich design,...

video SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products 400 - 6 150 A | LR
System 400 - 6 150 A | LR SIEMENS Low-Voltage & Products

Siemens System LR 400 6150 A is a busbar trunking system that is used for high protection in rough environments such as outdoor power transportation among buildings or tunnel power supply. The LR system...

1 products GEWISS
GEWISS max. 1 600 A | 47 series
System max. 1 600 A | 47 series GEWISS

These quick dividers are intended for 400A...

Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution 25 - 40 A | KBA
Insulated 25 - 40 A | KBA Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

Offering rigid prefabricated busbars trunking for lighting systems, Canalis KBA from Schneider is the perfect choice for small and medium-height buildings, namely garages, supermarkets and the like....

Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution 25 - 40 A | KBB
Insulated for lighting 25 - 40 A | KBB Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

Canalis KBB busbar trunking is a full and compatible range for lighting systems in all types of buildings (garages, workshop, supermarket). It is very heavy duty and has centre-to-centre...

Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution KDP
Insulated flexible KDP Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

Flexible busbar trunking for lighting distribution Description Due to its flexible design, Canalis KDP busbar trunking simplifies routing and thus, reduces design and installation...

Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution 160 A | KN
Insulated for low power distribution 160 A | KN Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

Canalis KN is designed for low power distribution up to 160A. Canalis KNT is equipped with a transmission bus used to set up simple...

Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution 100 - 1 000 A | KS
Insulated for medium power distribution 100 - 1 000 A | KS Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

The Canalis KS is purposefully built for midpoint power distribution up to 1000A with significant tap-off densities in industrial as well as commercial buildings. This...

Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution 5 000 A | KT
Insulated for highpower distribution 5 000 A | KT Schneider Electric - Electrical Distribution

The SCHNEIDER Electric features their series of busway and cable management designed primarily for transporting and distributing electrical power, from 800 to 5000A. The...

5 products SOCOMEC

The product is powered by SOCOMEC. It is composed of...

SOCOMEC 1 000 - 1 500 V
Insulated flexible 1 000 - 1 500 V SOCOMEC

The unit, which is manufactured by Socomec, is an insulated versatile copper bar that is suitable...

SOCOMEC max. 1 500 V
Insulated flexible max. 1 500 V SOCOMEC

SOCOMEC is a product series containing insulated flat copper braids, mostly used for...

SOCOMEC 32 - 100 A
Insulated for highpower distribution 32 - 100 A SOCOMEC

The Insulated Busbar can be used for extensive power...

SOCOMEC 100 - 7 000 A
Carrier 100 - 7 000 A SOCOMEC

Insulating busbar supports are mounting and cabling accesories that permit the fixation of a copper,...


If users are looking for transmission of data and energy in a safe and reliable way, this item may be exactly what they need. The product is designed for loads between 10 and 2,000A, with a variable number...

Conductix-Wampfler 10 - 2 000 A
Insulated 10 - 2 000 A Conductix-Wampfler

Equipped with a single pole, the insulated conductor rail is capable of transmitting...

Conductix-Wampfler 10 - 125 A
Insulated 10 - 125 A Conductix-Wampfler

Multipole conductor rails Special features: standard 3, 4 and 5 poles 10...

Conductix-Wampfler 10 - 140 A
Insulated 10 - 140 A Conductix-Wampfler

Enclosed conductor rails Special features: standard 4, 5 und...

1 products Axon Cable
video Axon Cable
Axon Cable

The Axon Bus Bar can be utilized in applications where reliable dissipation of electrical power is...

4 products Druseidt
Druseidt 1 000 mm
Grounding 1 000 mm Druseidt

Type I = busbar brass uncoated, without screws Type II = busbar brass nickel coated,...


The Supple Bar is a unique, flat and versatile electrical conductor. It is composed of many layers of bare or tin-coated CU-ETP...

Carrier Druseidt

These are Busbar carrier by Druseidt...

Carrier Druseidt

We offer a wide range of accessory parts to round off our program of flexible high current technology. Here we would like to present you with the opportunity...

Kinto Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Insulated flexible Kinto Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Insulated flexible busbars consist of several layers of uncoated or tinned copper strips and are insulated with flexible high quality PVC compound. Such busbars have some outstanding advantages such as: *...

Kinto Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Insulated for medium power distribution Kinto Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

These UL758 certified flexible insulated busbars consist of multiple layers of tinned copper or uncoated strips, as well as a flexible PVC compound. The operating temperature ranges from -30 to 105 degrees...

Kinto Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Kinto Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Copper Busbars Copper busbars are made with high quality copper in different technologies: extrusion, digital punching, mould punching,...

11 products VAHLE
Copperhead VAHLE

The "VAHLE rail" was invented in 1912 by the engineer, Paul Vahle. For typical traveling wires at this time, the flexibility and expansion of the wire frequently led to problems in forming a contact and...

VAHLE 10 - 100 A | U10
Insulated 10 - 100 A | U10 VAHLE

The insulated conductor system U 10 is a conductor rail used for supplying...

VAHLE 10 - 860 A | U15, U25, U35
Insulated for overhead cranes 10 - 860 A | U15, U25, U35 VAHLE

Insulated Conductor rails U15, U25, U35 are single-phase conductors used in cranes, overhead...

VAHLE 60 - 1 000 A | U20, U30, U40
Singlephase insulated for cranes 60 - 1 000 A | U20, U30, U40 VAHLE

U20, U30, U40 are single-phase, insulated conductor rails for the range...

VAHLE 40 - 200 A | KBSL, KSL
Enclosed conductor rail 40 - 200 A | KBSL, KSL VAHLE

The Enclosed Conductor Systems KSL and KBSL have a maximum nominal voltage of 690 V and the continuous ampere capacity is 200 A. There are 5 poles. The KBSL and KSl have been utilized successfully...

VAHLE 40 - 200 A, IP23 | KBH
Enclosed conductor rail 40 - 200 A, IP23 | KBH VAHLE

The KBH is a powerail, protected from contact (IP 23), for indoor and outdoor plants. They are conductor lines in a rigid grey PVC housing with different copper cross sections for rated currents of 40...

1 products E.T.A. S.P.A.
E.T.A. S.P.A. 60 mm
System 60 mm E.T.A. S.P.A.

ETA provides the E NUX cabinet as a full system for automation panels. It is provided with the distribution system on bars featuring 60 mm interaxis. The system comprises...

Giovenzana International B.V.
Insulated Giovenzana International B.V.

Insulated busbar system 28, 30 and 41 TR 85 series is an optimized energy and data transmission...

Giovenzana International B.V.  system
Insulated for overhead cranes system Giovenzana International B.V.

Giovenzana offers an insulated busbar for use in overhead cranes. This system comprises...

3 products by carpel srl
by carpel srl  70 - 140 A, 1 - 4 m
Insulated 70 - 140 A, 1 - 4 m by carpel srl

This Insulated Conductor Bar from By Carpel is composed of PVC material. It also features a weight...

by carpel srl
Insulated by carpel srl

The series of Trolley Elite Head Feeding machines are engineered...

by carpel srl  32 A
Insulated 32 A by carpel srl

This trolley is made of a nylon body that has galvanized small components steel. It...

2 products ERICO
Copperhead ERICO

ERICO offers a wide range of connectors for cables, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR and busbars. Features Quick and easy connections Metal...

Carrier ERICO

Erico presents ERIFLEX® busbar supports. The low voltage supports can handle up to 1000 VAC/1500 VDC. They are highly resistant to short-circuit forces. They have very small dimensions resulting...

2 products FELS
FELS Mobilis Movit
Enclosed conductor rail Mobilis Movit FELS

315A - 450A - 630A Fast assembling Pre-assembled product (accessories) Clip-on rails and accessories...

FELS Mobilis Elite
Multi-pole conductor rail Mobilis Elite FELS

The Mobilis Elite multi-pole conductor rail is a pre-assembled product with protection lips and connection screws....

2 products DEHN + SÖHNE

Equipotential busbars for protective and functional equipotential bonding according to IEC 60364-4-41/60364-5-54 (DIN VDE...


Terminals for: 7 conductors 2.5-16 mm²...

1 products TE Energy
TE Energy
Insulated flexible TE Energy

Our range of connectors and fittings covers every application in an electrical network. We provide a full line of connectors...

1 products PANDUIT
Grounding PANDUIT

Meets BICSI and J-STD-607-A requirements for network systems grounding applications Made of high conductivity...

2 products Indelec
Indelec 0.32 m
Grounding 0.32 m Indelec

The earth bar is used to connect different earth conductors or metallic masses...

Indelec max. 17.5 m
Grounding max. 17.5 m Indelec

Drilled bar (A) This copper bracket, 0.5 m long, is used to connect 10 kits (ref. P7056)...

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