storage cabinet / free-standing / with drawer / steel
storage cabinet

Width: 685 mm
Height: 615 mm
Depth: 300 mm

... lock, when the cover is closed the drawers will be locked drawers with ball-bearing slides the synthetic covering protect drawers and tools from damage ecological lacquered with cadmium ...

storage cabinet / wall-mount / with drawer / metal
storage cabinet
101xx series

Width: 11, 20 in
Height: 16, 11, 9 in
Depth: 7 in

The Akro-Mils® Plastic Storage Cabinet is generally designed to provide a organization as well as protection to its content. This cabinet stacks in stable position and is capable of being mounted in the ...

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Akro Mils
storage cabinet / free-standing / with drawer / metal
storage cabinet

Width: 800 mm
Height: 1,000 mm
Depth: 650, 750 mm

... RAL 5010 drawer load capacity 75 kg fully extractable drawers supplied as standard drawers with ergonomic full width push and pull handle supplied with drawer ...

storage cabinet / free-standing / with drawer / metal
storage cabinet

At a glance: Automatic tool dispensing Intuitive software Variable drawer division Simple order handling Avoidance of down times The new UNIBASE-M automatic tool dispensing system stands for optimum storage and management ...

storage cabinet / free-standing / with drawer / steel
storage cabinet
max. 1 300 x 750 x 1 600 mm | Cubio series

Width: min 525.0 mm
Height: min 250.0 mm
Depth: min 525.0 mm

... ultimate in organised storage for tools, fixings and components. bott cubio drawer cabinets are available in an array of system dimensions with a wide range of standard or custom drawer ...

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storage cabinet / free-standing / multi-drawer / metal
storage cabinet

Width: min 572.0 mm
Height: min 686.0 mm
Depth: min 543.0 mm

... configurations not shown here (cabinets can also be customized based on your exact needs). Stanley Vidmar also offers preconfigured mobile storage cabinets, tool storage cabinets, workstations, ...

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Stanley Vidmar
storage cabinet / under-bench / with drawer / hinged door
storage cabinet
EN-14470-1 | K-UB-90

Width: 1,102, 1,402 mm
Height: 601 mm
Depth: 502 mm

... mild steel. Comfortable: door and drawer lock in any position, access to all containers. Drawer completely visible from above, door opening angle 135 °, cabinet interior completely ...

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asecos GmbH
storage cabinet / on casters / 5-drawer / metal
storage cabinet
max. 113.4 kg | 7734-88 series

Width: 83 cm
Height: 85 cm
Depth: 51 cm

... work lights. * Casters provide portability and are lockable for safety. * Locking bar provides security and holds drawers securely in place. * Pegboard side panels provide convenient tool organization.

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storage cabinet / on casters / with drawer / metal
storage cabinet
650 mm | Cubio

Width: 650 mm
Height: 785, 885, 985 mm
Depth: 650 mm

Depth options of 650 and 750mm Height range of 2501600mm 75kg capacity full extension drawers Internal drawer dimensions 525mm wide by 525 / 650mm deep Custom configurations available

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storage cabinet / wall-mounted / with drawer / sheet steel
storage cabinet
max. 1 400 x 593 x 631 mm | UTS ergo series

Width: 600, 888, 1,100, 1,400 mm
Height: 631 mm
Depth: 593 mm

... - Perforated sheet insert powder-coated - Exhaust air connection socket NW 75 and earthing connection on the rear of the cabinet (outside). Earthing connection conductively connected with the carcass - Interior fittings ...

storage cabinet / free-standing / multi-drawer / metal
storage cabinet
965 x 762 x 737 mm

Width: 762 mm
Height: 965 mm
Depth: 737 mm

These Thick Turret tooling cabinets from Mate is made from heavy duty construction with dimensions that measure 965 mm x 762 mm x 737 mm. They contain five drawers with a sleek slide mechanism and load ...

workshop cabinet / free-standing / with drawer / metal
workshop cabinet

... ergonomic design MINI can go just about anywhere, super compact, and can sit on a bench or special trolley accessory Each cabinet model is offered as a TOUCH (with touch screen and PC) or POD version, and both versions ...

storage cabinet / floor-mounted / 4-drawer / 2-drawer
storage cabinet
CS10xPP series

Width: 520 mm
Height: 800, 1,510 mm

Constructed entirely in polypropylene with rounded edges, equipped with convenient, removable drawers and labelled with safety signs.

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office cabinet / floor-mounted / 3-drawer / 4-drawer
office cabinet
F series

Width: 395 mm
Height: 1,320 mm
Depth: 620 mm

... 2000 locking type central, separated Drawer amount material thickness positioning adjustability load capacity drawer size 4 pcs 0.6 mm slides - 30 ...

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metal design slovakia a.s.
storage cabinet / floor-mounted / wall-mount / 7-drawer
storage cabinet

Width: 48 in
Height: 72 in
Depth: 24 in

12 Gauge Construction Bins on Doors 3 shelves Drawer Capacity of 400 lbs 6 Inch Legs Wardrobe cabinet with bins on the wardrobe side door. Also includes 7 drawers. 3-point locking device ...

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Safe Rack
storage cabinet / on casters / with drawer / shelf
storage cabinet
MDC811, MDC812

Width: 1,120 mm
Height: 980 mm
Depth: 500 mm

... mobile drawer cabinets, mounted on 4 swivel 125mm castors (2 braked) with blue resilex wheels and roller bearings. Drawers on telescopic slides with 25kg capacity. Internal drawer ...

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Redhill Manufacturing
storage cabinet / free-standing / on casters / multi-drawer
storage cabinet

Width: 310 mm
Height: 290 mm - 550 mm
Depth: 180 mm

... bin cabinets and bins. A single cabinet holds up to 60 different crystal-clear, transparent bins in which even the smallest parts are easily accessible. The robust frame is able to withstand wear, and ...

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TRESTON Deutschland GmbH
storage cabinet / floor-mounted / with drawer / double-door
storage cabinet
SLS 600/4

Width: 600 mm
Height: 1,935 mm
Depth: 600 mm

... installing cabinet horizontally With central horizontal division for storage of acids and alkalis in separate compartments Supply air by ventilation grille in the back wall DN 80 ventilation connection for exhaust air ...

storage cabinet / free-standing / multi-drawer / stainless steel
storage cabinet

Width: 460 mm
Height: 1,354 mm
Depth: 860 mm

12 Drawer Cabinet on leveler legs, manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 with electro-polished finish.

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Palbam Class
storage cabinet / on casters / 3-drawer / shelf
storage cabinet
ORB 0806-08-A1

Width: 800 mm
Height: 990 mm
Depth: 600 mm

Product specifications and fittings 9 mm birch plywood, phenolic coated Brown OpenRoad® removable flat lid at the front 2 recessed sliding latches 4 recessed flip handles on the sides 4 swivel castors Ø100 (2 with brake)Interior ...

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Rythmes et Sons
workshop cabinet / office / wall / with drawer
workshop cabinet

Our cabinet program bases on elaborate modular elements, which could be configured in various set-ups. So you can choose from regular cabinets with top-mount cabinet, wing doors with ...

storage cabinet / floor-mounted / 3-drawer / secure
storage cabinet

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Vildeta JSC
office cabinet / free-standing / with drawer / with glass doors
office cabinet

Width: 610 mm
Height: 1,786 mm
Depth: 610 mm

A monitoring screen or a monitor is installed inside the top section with glass door of 12U height. In order for the monitor to be installed, it is delivered with one fixed rack module.

storage cabinet / free-standing / 5-drawer / metal
storage cabinet

Width: 670 mm
Height: 880, 905 mm
Depth: 670 mm

... acid resistant. • In design modern drawer, with at total extraction system to make the most of all available spaces. • Cetralized lock with key. • Adjustable feet in height for correct positioning of the drawer ...

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storage cabinet / benchtop / with drawer / with compartments
storage cabinet
Coffrets de rangement optique

Width: 335 mm
Height: 279 mm
Depth: 259 mm