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The assembled techno cables are manufactured in a wide range of construction and diameters. Over 60,000 to 70,000 assembled ropes...

Carl Stahl manufactures 60,000 to 70,000 assembled ropes in its product plant on a daily basis. That's why it can provide a variety of...

The C-Type terminal ball technocable is one of the cables produced by CarlStahl. This technocable can be used in...

Carl Stahl provides a wide variety of strands and wire ropes with multiple constructions and diameters. This is possible because its production...

Carl Stahl's production plant manufactures between 60,000 to 70,000 assembled ropes each day. This means they can offer a wide range...


The CNTT model features a medium-wall non-tracking tubing designed for indoor or outdoor applications....

The silicon rubber push-on termination is suitable for single core copper wire screened and bonded PE-cables up to Um = 24kW. The item is designed for use with compression and screw cable lugs,...


The termination kit is used for outdoor terminating of 1 kV cables with plastic insulation and plastic outer...

Our MV terminations and joints combine the advantages of heat and cold shrink technologies. The semi-conductive insulation screen is covered with a stress control tube which is easy to install and extremely reliable,...


Material: Polyolefin, chemically cross linked, semiflexible


Ease of assembly
Low cost
One or Two leg options
Standard RG 178, 196,...

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