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C-rail systems are used for different applications such as crane manufacturing, hoist units, transport systems, conservation technology, and special engineering to name a few. The rails are available in either zinc-coated...

cable trolley - max. 40 m/min, max. 6 kg | Programm 0210

Conductix-Wampfler Program 0210 cable trolley has rope diameter of 6 to 8 mm. Each trolley has a maximum load capacity of 6 kg. The maximum travel...

cable trolley - max. 80 m/min, max. 20 kg | Program 0230

This is the program 0230

Its rail dimension are 30x32x2...

cable trolley - max. 100 m/min, max. 32 kg | Program 0240

This is the program 0240

Its rail dimensions are 40 x...

steel cable trolley - max. 100 m/min, max. 50 kg | Program 0250

The 0250 series of steel cable trolleys from Conductix Wampfler are engineered with...

nylon cable trolley - 35 - 65 mm, 15 kg

The cable carrying trolley is made of a nylon body that has galvanized small components steel....

steel cable trolley - 25 - 100 mm, 30 kg

Carpel presents steel trolleys for flat cables. They are made of galvanized steel and have a 30 kg capacity. Wheels have a diameter of 25 mm.


towing cable trolley - 25 - 100 mm, 25 kg

Traino In Acciaio features Galvanized Steel construction. The wheels are made of steel coated bearings with Ø 25 mm dimensions. It can bear 25 Kg weight. Steel trolley for flat cables is...

cable trolley with clamps - max. ø 22 mm, 20 kg

The trolley is designed with a clamp that is made of a nylon body and...

cable trolley with flat-cable connectors - 35 kg

The By Carpel Push button panel carrying connectors are used as flat cable socket type. The push button panel...

cable trolley with flat-cable connectors - 35 kg

Vahle presents heavy-duty and motor-driven cable festoon systems. In recent times, demand for higher container crane capacities have been constantly on the rise. Trolley speeds above 200 m/min are very common these days. This, in turn, is posing...

cable trolley - max. 4 kg, 20 m/min

Cable trolley running on rope ø8


cable trolley - max. 8 kg, 30 m/min

2 wheels trolley for Rope ø8


steel cable trolley - max. 43 kg, 80 m/min

Steel trolley for flat...

nylon cable trolley - max. 15 kg, 20 m/min

Nylon trolley for flat...

nylon cable trolley - max. 18 kg, 20 - 60 m/min

The Caddy® Angle Brackets from Erico International is an easy way to equip one or more Caddy Cablecat J-Hooks to the ceiling or to threaded...

nylon cable trolley - max. 18 kg, 20 - 60 m/min

The trolleys manufactured by GIS, is specially made with galvanized steel parts that can move...

nylon cable trolley - max. 18 kg, 20 - 60 m/min

The Rema Holland offers an array of flat cable trolleys...

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