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STAAD.Pro is the choice of 47 out of 50 leading Structural Engineering firms, 46 out of 50 state DOTs and 7 out of the top 10 engineering universities. STAAD.Pro...

STAAD.Tower helps engineers generate self-supporting towers, guyed towers, and monopoles using its parametric setup wizards. It constructs the physical model and categorizes the panels, legs, horizontals and bracing members with orientations without...


Calculation of electric fields across the full frequency range. EStat covers...


With the just sheer number of the measurement calculations available today plus their Metric and US Customary measurement unit variations, the Measurement Engineer is often challenged to know which calculation would best suit their application or may need a check or validate a calculation in a flow computer for compliance.



LoHi scaling calculator can be used to calculate the scaling values according to two known points. Typical applications:


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