analysis software / modeling / database / calculation
analysis software
Load Flow

One Program, One Database, One Solution ETAP load flow software has state-of-the-art graphical display of results including voltage drop calculation, load terminal voltage, branch losses, and transformer ...

design software / calculation / safety / automated
design software

Star Auto-Evaluation software provides automatic detection and evaluation of system protection and coordination based on industry guidelines and customized rules. Whether you are an experienced protection engineer or ...

noise simulation software / calculation / noise prediction
noise simulation software
Actran AeroAcoustics

Use this module to predict the noise generated by turbulent flows. Actran AeroAcoustics recovers aerodynamic noise sources from flow simulations performed with commercial CFD codes such as FluentTM, Star-CDTM, StarCCM+TM or PowerflowTM. ...

calculation software
calculation software
AD Merkblätter 2000

... Merkblätter 2000. This piece of engineering software is suitablefor both vessel design and component analysis. AD-2000 is also calculating geometric properties such as volumes and centers of gravity. Calculation ...

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calculation software
calculation software
PD 5500

... minimize material costs. The software performs design and compliance calculations in accordance with BS5500. A database of material stresses for both codes is provided as an integral part of the package ...

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calculation software / configuration / process
calculation software

... Parallel connection with several masters possible (requires the configuration of several instances) Automatic deadband calculation (threshold value filtering) of analog actual values to reduce the data volume Time stamp ...

visualization software / reporting / calculation / 2D/3D
visualization software

SIMPACK Post is required for the visualization of results. 2D plots, 3D plots, and 3D animations can be easily generated. An extensive library of Filters enables easy data processing. User defined templates allow quick report generation ...

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calculation software / for bearings
calculation software

SIMPACK BEARINX Map for Rolling Bearings enables the software BEARINX® from Schaeffler Technologies to be used in SIMPACK. BEARINX® allows the calculation of accurate bearing forces and torques for a ...

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software / vibration analysis / database / calculation
software / vibration analysis

... and machine pictures. - Calculation of machine fault frequencies including a bearing data base, - belt drives, gear boxes and electrical motors. - Several shaft speed tools at evaluation with measured, calculated ...

geographical data management software / calculation / quality / embedded
geographical data management software

... versa. Stonex GeoGis software makes the field data collection fast and easy to do thanks to a full set of field-designed features, such as graphical map display, clear icon toolbar and useful calculation ...

calculation software / for packaging resistance / simulation / PLM
calculation software
PLM Packstress

PackStress is a Simulation Module for Packaging Resistance PLM Packstress is a RCV calculation module for packaging resistance simulation. Choice of Packaging Type Customizable Materials Profiles Palletization ...

calculation software / electrical CAD
calculation software

... cable schedules, crossed references, nomenclatures … It perfectly matches with differents calculation software such as Caneco®, Ecodial®, XLPro²Calcul®, Lise®…) and with implantation ...

calculation software / development / interface / graphic
calculation software

The software of calculation of your installations BT in the NF standard C 15-100, edited by our partner BBS Conception, approved by the UTE and marketed by Algo' Tech Informatique. LISE is the ideal software ...

calculation software / optimization / 2D nesting / cutting
calculation software
nestEXPERT multinest

nestEXPERT multinest Application area: Leather cutting Strengths: * The nesting software calculates hundreds of different variations in a very short time and displays the optimum result. This ...

nesting software / calculation
nesting software

The Most Powerful nesting software to optimize progressive die nesting layout to improve material utilization and calculate costs Drastic reduction of risk related to inaccurate material cost calculations; ...

engineering software / calculation / cost estimation
engineering software

... Engineers The most accurate and speedy tool for RFQ generation; on average 24% of RFQs are late Accurate material cost calculation, in minutes, accounting for processing and tooling constraints on coil layouts ...

database software / calculation / configuration / reporting
database software

... Monitoring Center ibaCMC is a high end web-based desktop application for trending, alarming and reporting tasks. The only piece of software needed on the client side is a web browser. In brief Analysis and configuration ...

calculation software / configuration / visualization / analysis
calculation software

... glance Technology module for ibaPDA Real-time analysis of vibrations Wide connectivity Comprehensive configuration options Calculation profiles for multiple use Visualization according to requirements Waterfall representation Display ...

calculation software / short-circuit
calculation software

Short-Circuit-Analytic (SCA) software performs available fault currents calculations in three-phase electric power systems you are working with. The program takes into consideration electrical parameters ...

design software / calculation / for ISO 13849 implementation
design software

... components designed by their company. This situation hinders the deployment of these products as they include hardware and software configurations which increase the possibility of design and implementation errors. Raswin ...

calculation software / electrical schematics
calculation software

calculation software / for civil engineering
calculation software

... ideal add-on Cogo Software for Autodesk® Civil suite users and MicroStation users looking for more efficient and broad survey functionalities. Note: VisionPlus and VisionCivil include VisionCogo. Cogo Software ...

calculation software
calculation software

... application would be interesting for all engineers, who needs to create cost calculations, prepare data for bill of quantities areal, linear and occurrences of objects You can calculate every type of ...

calculation software / metal framing
calculation software

calculation software
calculation software
Flange Calculator

Automatically determine bolting patterns, tools & torques PATTERNS Automatically selects correct pattern based on ASME guidelines TOOLS Assigns appropriate tool size and model TORQUE Determines proper torque and pressure settings for ...

data conversion software / inspection / editing / calculation
data conversion software

... Information from a number of calculating equipment could be merged in a one evaluation kitchen table (around 200 dimension products). ? An examination dinner table might be made by inputting details through the calculating ...