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design software / structural calculation / calculation / communications - STAAD(X).Tower

This is a simplified drive dimensioning solution which is optimized for the best performances as well as a good balance on energy consumption. If you want to achieve...

calculation software / for flow meters - Q-Vision Evaluation

Q-Vision evaluation software allows for evaluating time-related data. Customers can use the software to measure values from various instruments, including Q-Eye M-II, Q-Eye PSC or AquaProfiler. This data can be evaluated and read directly....

OPC software / calculation / process - MatrikonOPC Process Calculator

The Process Calculator from MatrikonOPC is a high-powered calculation machine that allows getting higher value from automated systems...

calculation software - SoftONE-Kerf

SoftONE-Kerf calculate kerf compensation for NC programs. Can be used by CNC software for kerf calculation after loading the NC files, as well as...

calculation software - SoftONE-Kerf

ENTALYSIS Extensions solution represents a combination of data calculation and manipulation, selection filters, analyses, tools and functionality within a certain sequence, offering continuity of a business process. The order, detail and data routines are flexible, offering...

calculation software / for civil engineering - VisionCogo

VisionCogo for LDD or Civil3D is the ideal add-on Cogo Software for Autodesk® Civil suite users and MicroStation users looking for more efficient and broad survey functionalities.


calculation software - ZWMetric

This application would be interesting for all engineers, who needs to create cost calculations, prepare data for bill of...

calculation software - LISE

The software of calculation of your installations BT in the NF standard C 15-100, edited by our partner BBS Conception, approved by the UTE and marketed by Algo' Tech Informatique.
LISE is the ideal software to calculate the new installations, but also, to check and validate the existing installations.
It is intended as well for the fitters, for the electricians and for the research departments...

calculation software - KISSsoft

KISSsoft is a software package to perform sizing calculations for machine elements. The gears are the...

calculation software - KISSsys

A complete system of machine elements can be depicted in KISSsys. KISSsys calculates the power flow and manages links between the various values. For the strength calculation of individual machine elements KISSsys uses calculation modules from...

calculation software / structural calculation - STAAD.Pro

STAAD.Pro is the choice of 47 out of 50 leading Structural Engineering firms, 46 out of 50 state DOTs and 7 out of the top 10 engineering universities. STAAD.Pro...

design software / structural calculation / calculation / communications - STAAD.Tower

STAAD.Tower helps engineers generate self-supporting towers, guyed towers, and monopoles using its parametric setup wizards. It constructs the physical model and categorizes the panels, legs, horizontals and bracing members with orientations without...

calculation software - Universal EField Toolkit

Calculation of electric fields across the full frequency range. EStat covers...

calculation software - Flow-Xpert

With the just sheer number of the measurement calculations available today plus their Metric and US Customary measurement unit variations, the Measurement Engineer is often challenged to know which calculation would best suit their application or may need a check or validate a calculation in a flow computer for compliance.


calculation software - Transair Vacuum Calculator

The Transair Vacuum Calculator is made to help manage a vacuum network with care....

calculation software - Transair Flow Calculator

With the Transair Flow calculator you can now choose the best diameter based on your installation. Just enter...

calculation software / for drive systems - Cymex®

cymex® the strong software function that redefines standards. When it comes to the best force for servo...

charged particle optics simulation software / calculation - Ray Optics Module

Effective and Versatile Calculation of Ray Trajectories

The Ray Optics Module can be used to model electromagnetic wave propagation in systems in which the wavelength is much smaller than the smallest geometric detail in the model. The electromagnetic waves are treated as rays that can propagate...

calculation software / for flow meters - NivuSoft

The NivuSoft, manufactured by Nivus, is a a software with accurately programmed functions for processing of measurement data in the water industry....

calculation software / for flow meters - NivuSoft

The spectrometer in this series measures radiated optical energy, which can be quantified as a radiant flux. The optical energy radiated can also be correlated with human vision, as defined in the CIE, obtaining...

calculation software - AvaSoft-Thinfilm

The AvaSoft-Thinfilm by Avantes is a calculation software designed for controlling system and conducting measurements on the thin film coatings. The software measures the the layer thickness coming from the reflection...

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