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Bentley Systems Europe B.V. STAAD beava
Structural STAAD beava Bentley Systems Europe B.V.

STAAD.beava, the bridge engineering automated vehicle application, is an integrated offering inside...

Bentley Systems Europe B.V. LEAP PC-HELP
Structural calculation and design software LEAP PC-HELP Bentley Systems Europe B.V.

PC-HELP covers all of the essential features from the PCI Design Handbook (Chapter 6), and is an essential design aid for structural engineers. Its simple...

Bentley Systems Europe B.V. RAM Elements V8i
Structural RAM Elements V8i Bentley Systems Europe B.V.

The Bentley RAM Elements V8i are tools that will perfectly answer the needs of your specific...

Bentley Systems Europe B.V. RAM Frame
Structural RAM Frame Bentley Systems Europe B.V.

If users are looking for a high-precision tool for lateral analysis and design, the RAM Frame V8i...

1 products PTC
video PTC Mathcad
Mechanical Mathcad PTC

PTC created a computer software primarily intended for the verification, validation, documentation and re-use of engineering calculations. PTC Mathcad 2.0 is created with its characteristics that combines...

1 products Lenze SE
video Lenze SE
For drive technology Lenze SE

This is a simplified drive dimensioning solution which is optimized for the best performances as well as a good balance on energy consumption. If you want to achieve...

HydroVision GmbH  Q-Vision Evaluation
For flow meters Q-Vision Evaluation HydroVision GmbH

Q-Vision evaluation software allows for evaluating time-related data. Customers can use the software to measure values from various instruments, including Q-Eye M-II, Q-Eye PSC or AquaProfiler. This data...

2 products ALPI
ALPI < 245 kV, NFC 13-200, IEC 60909 | Caneco HT
Calculation and schematics software for high-voltage installations < 245 kV, NFC 13-200, IEC 60909 | Caneco HT ALPI

Software for Calculations and Diagrams of High Voltage Electrical Installations Caneco HT is a high voltage private...

ALPI NFC 17-200, UTE C17-205 | Caneco EP
Outdoor lighting electrical NFC 17-200, UTE C17-205 | Caneco EP ALPI

ALPI’s Caneco EP is an audit and design system solution used in exterior lighting systems. The software conforms with standards NF C...

1 products M.A.E. S.r.l.
M.A.E. S.r.l. GT LAB
For thermal conductance and transmittance GT LAB M.A.E. S.r.l.

GT Lab Program is suited for conductance and transmittance of calculations using a thermal flux-meter. Progressive Averages Method is used in conductance calculation where conductance...

2 products Geo-Plus
Geo-Plus visioncivil
Structural for civil engineering visioncivil Geo-Plus

Geo-Plus VisionCivil is a complete civil engineering software solution of calculation and design for any civil engineering project. This Civil Engineering Software constitutes a complete design solution...

Geo-Plus VisionCivil Lt
Structural for civil engineering VisionCivil Lt Geo-Plus

The Best Software Package From Field to Finish, with All the Power of DWG File Format Without AutoCAD® Designed for field workers, VisionCivil Lt. is build to validate and calculate land surveying....

1 products Esko-Graphics
video Esko-Graphics ArtiosCAD
Structural calculation and design software ArtiosCAD Esko-Graphics

The ArtiosCADm, manufactured by Esko, is a structural design software utilized for packaging design. It is...

1 products Entalysis

ENTALYSIS Extensions solution represents a combination of data calculation and manipulation, selection filters, analyses, tools and functionality within a certain sequence, offering continuity of a business...

2 products ANSYS
ANSYS ANSYS Structural
Structural ANSYS Structural ANSYS

ANSYS Structural software addresses the unique requirements of pure structural simulations...

CFD suite for turbomachinery ANSYS TurboGrid ANSYS

Engineers need high-quality mesh for high-quality fluid dynamics analysis. ANSYS TurboGrid software provides turbomachinery designers and analysts with mesh creation tailored specifically to the needs...

2 products The MathWorks
The MathWorks MATLAB® Parallel Computing Toolbox™
Parallel MATLAB® Parallel Computing Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Parallel Computing Toolbox™ lets you solve computationally and data-intensive problems using multicore processors, GPUs, and computer clusters. High-level constructs—parallel for-loops, special...

video The MathWorks MATLAB® Symbolic Math Toolbox™
MATLAB® Symbolic Math Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Symbolic Math Toolbox™ provides tools for solving and manipulating symbolic math expressions and performing variable-precision arithmetic. The toolbox contains hundreds of MATLAB® symbolic functions that...

1 products CEA
video CEA 4D-Mechanical
For pressure vessels heat exchangers and columns 4D-Mechanical CEA

CEA Systems introduces the successor of the Central Project Manager: CodeX. Next to having been completely restyled, CodeX also incorporates new functionality such as a new 3D Viewer and other numerous...

Structural for metal frameworks STAAD.Pro RESEARCH ENGINEERS

STAAD.Pro is the choice of 47 out of 50 leading Structural Engineering firms, 46 out of 50 state DOTs and 7 out of the top 10 engineering universities. STAAD.Pro...


STAAD.Offshore V8i consists of a suite of pre and post processor modules to the STAAD.Pro V8i Structural Analysis and Design Program. The program is made up of three modules: The WAVELOAD module...

Structural calculation and design software for communication towers STAAD.Tower RESEARCH ENGINEERS

STAAD.Tower helps engineers generate self-supporting towers, guyed towers, and monopoles using its parametric setup wizards. It constructs the physical model and categorizes the panels, legs, horizontals...

Structural for civil engineering RESEARCH ENGINEERS V8i is a cost-saving downstream application that enables engineers to analyze and design the underlying foundation for the structure they created in STAAD.Pro. V8i can...

video Nemetschek Scia Scia Engineer
Structural for civil engineering Scia Engineer Nemetschek Scia

It can be used for design of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and steel-concrete composite structures with worldwide application thanks to the integration of...

1 products CSC
video CSC Tedds
Structural for civil engineering Tedds CSC

Oin thousands of engineers worldwide and benefit from Tedds Access a large library of automated structural & civil calculations Design to Eurocodes & British Standards Use a single...

1 products TEKLA France
TEKLA France
Structural calculation and design software TEKLA France

Tekla Structures, Engineering is a standard configuration that enables synchronised engineering. Professionals in structural engineering and design can collaborate with other project...

1 products ESI GROUP
Mechanical ESI GROUP

PAM-MEDYSA 2G is a physics-based software solution used to optimize the design and validate the performance of complex mechanical systems. Without conducting numerous physical tests, thanks to PAM-MEDYSA...

3 products GRAITEC
video GRAITEC Advance Concrete
Concrete structure Advance Concrete GRAITEC

The Autodesk® Advance Concrete series of concrete design and detailing softwares from Graitec...

video LMS International
Structural LMS International

Structural testing used to be a long and complex process involving quite extensive trial-and-error and time-consuming test setups. This is no longer the case. With LMS Test.Lab Structures...

Field Precision LLC Universal EField Toolkit
Universal EField Toolkit Field Precision LLC

Calculation of electric fields across the full frequency range. EStat covers...

Field Precision LLC Magnum
Magnetic field calculation simulation software Magnum Field Precision LLC

Function Three-dimensional magnetostatics with high-permeability materials and permanent magnets Description Magnum is a complete tool for 3D finite-element magnetostatic calculations. The program achieves...

Field Precision LLC Electrostatics Toolkit
Magnetic field calculation simulation software Electrostatics Toolkit Field Precision LLC

Description: Electric field calculations for applications such as high-voltage engineering...

Field Precision LLC Magnet Design Toolkit
Magnetic field calculation simulation software Magnet Design Toolkit Field Precision LLC

Description: Versatile program addresses the full range of magnetostatic...

Field Precision LLC Universal BField Toolkit
Magnetic field calculation simulation software Universal BField Toolkit Field Precision LLC

This package handles the full frequency range of magnetic field...

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