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Strong Hold Products 2 750 - 10 000 kg
Height-adjustable workstation 2 750 - 10 000 kg Strong Hold Products

Stand or Sit – our adjustable shop table allows...

Strong Hold Products
Ergonomic workstation Strong Hold Products

This desk can be used in multiple departments. Ergonomically designed for...

Strong Hold Products 26-CC-242
Computer cabinet 26-CC-242 Strong Hold Products

Strong Hold’s topview cabinet allows users to lock up all their computer accessories at the end of the day. The polycarbonate window allows a...

Strong Hold Products 26-CC-LCD-240-1SOS-RK
Computer cabinet 26-CC-LCD-240-1SOS-RK Strong Hold Products

This computer cabinet features a smaller top compartment,...

Strong Hold Products 25-CC-242-CA
Mobile protective computer cabinet 25-CC-242-CA Strong Hold Products

This all welded mobile computer system helps protect against dirt and theft while showcasing your monitor. The heavy-duty 12-gauge construction protects against damage. The clearview top...

Strong Hold Products
Wall-mounted computer cabinet Strong Hold Products

When you dont need a lower storage compartment for your computer this desktop fits the...

5 products Unidex, Inc.
Unidex, Inc. 500 lbs | MHW series
Height-adjustable workstation 500 lbs | MHW series Unidex, Inc.

The Unidex MHW Series Pedal-Lift is a self-contained lifting system with a manually operated food pedal and hydraulic system to lift the bench to the desired height. The operator quickly and easily brings...

Unidex, Inc. 500 lbs | AHW series
Height-adjustable workstation 500 lbs | AHW series Unidex, Inc.

The Unidex AHW Series Power-Lift Workbench features an air/oil hydraulic lift system for instant adjustment of working heights. It provides and infinite range of height adjustments...

video Unidex, Inc. 200 lbs | PE series
Ergonomic workstation 200 lbs | PE series Unidex, Inc.

PE Series Light-Duty workstations provide a compact and agile way to handle repetitive lifting of loads that are too heavy for manual lifting but not so heavy as to warrant the use of more expensive equipment....

Unidex, Inc. 500 lbs | PE series
Ergonomic workstation 500 lbs | PE series Unidex, Inc.

PE Series Heavy-Duty workstations are designed for the frequent lifting of heavy loads and to meet special positioning needs. These compact, mobile-electric models are designed to provide the optimum...

Unidex, Inc. 170 lbs | PE
Ergonomic electric workstation 170 lbs | PE Unidex, Inc.

PE Series mobile electric workstation for shaft handling are custom-designed units that feature a shaft head to provide ergonomic...

3 products SARRALLE
SARRALLE max. 2 000 x 800 x 1 380 mm
Electronic workstation max. 2 000 x 800 x 1 380 mm SARRALLE

Physically, it is a rigid bench with welded structureand a built-in rear panel equipped with a electricterminal strip and a top bracket...

SARRALLE max. 2 025 x 750 x 1 225 mm
Electronic workstation max. 2 025 x 750 x 1 225 mm SARRALLE

Practical, functional and, also, removable. Specifically...

Computer cabinet AO series SARRALLE

These cabinets enable Computing and Numerical Control Units to be protected on site, in industrial premises. In addition,...

Hüdig & Rocholz MODUL 5100
Lectern workstation MODUL 5100 Hüdig & Rocholz

Ergonomic workstation design embraces the capacity of the workstation to adapt to operator and work requirements...

new Hüdig & Rocholz MODUL 5200
Lectern workstation MODUL 5200 Hüdig & Rocholz

Information workstation – mobile or stationary Changing work procedures, increasing workplace mobility and flexibility, and greater demand for information create a need for corresponding workplace...

Hüdig & Rocholz SYSTEM 2000
Ergonomic workstation SYSTEM 2000 Hüdig & Rocholz

SYSTEM 2000 - Professional and even more versatile Packing station-SYSTEM 2000 SYSTEM 2000 is the most selling professional packing...

Hüdig & Rocholz MODUL 5000
Modular workstation MODUL 5000 Hüdig & Rocholz

MODUL 5000 - Attractive and ergonomic MODUL 5000, is a modular workstation system that is setting new standards with regard...

Compact Laser Solutions
Laser workstation Compact Laser Solutions

An industrial approved, robust laser station for Crystal-SSLE...

Compact Laser Solutions
Laser marking workstation Compact Laser Solutions

A compact marking systems offering the benefits of a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent...

Dr.Mergenthaler GmbH&Co.KG
Laser workstation Dr.Mergenthaler GmbH&Co.KG

Free standing setup Access from front side Built as welded construction Revolving door with large front opening Laser shut off by activated...

2 products Optec
Optec MicroMaster
Laser workstation MicroMaster Optec

High performance, multi-featured...

Laser workstation Optec

Large excimer workstation...

4 products LASEA S.A
LASEA S.A 800 x 800 mm | LS5
Laser workstation 800 x 800 mm | LS5 LASEA S.A

This LS5 workstation was especially designed for micromachining and precision engraving. Its honeycomb structure and the external enclosure completely isolated from the internal structure ensure a high...

LASEA S.A max. 200 W | LS3
Laser workstation max. 200 W | LS3 LASEA S.A

This LS3 workstation has been specially designed for marking, welding, engraving, cutting, drilling and micromachining in an industrial environment. Thanks to its modular and flexible design, you can...

video LASEA S.A LS2
Laser marking workstation LS2 LASEA S.A

Designed for marking small parts, the workstation LS2 (Class 1) can be used on a table. Its robust design (welded structure) allows use...

LASEA S.A 500 x 500 mm | LS1
Laser marking workstation 500 x 500 mm | LS1 LASEA S.A

The LS1 is compact and safe for marking metal and plastic materials. Easy to install and use, portable, energy efficient, it requires no consumable and is a flexible...

video LasX Industries WS series
Laser workstation WS series LasX Industries

LasX LaserSharp® workstations differ from our roll-fed or sheet-fed systems in that the material largely remains stationary during processing, instead of being processed...

video LasX Industries XY
Laser workstation XY LasX Industries

The LaserSharp® Workstation XY combines a steered beam laser with an accurate XY positioning system, creating a new standard for high speed performance. What makes this...

2 products SAIFOR
Workstation wideSTAR SAIFOR

WideSTAR is a versatile, modular and resistance console which allows to organise all the electronic equipment inside it, keeping the ergonomic comfort needed by the operator. The...

SAIFOR Ergo-noc
Ergonomic workstation Ergo-noc SAIFOR

The Ergo-noc Console is efficient, practical and aimed at meeting the needs of the market segment concerned with creating up to the minute corporate settings, using designer consoles making it possible...

BioLink Solutions GPS, GPRS, BlueTooth, WiFi | U-Match Mobile
Mobile computer GPS, GPRS, BlueTooth, WiFi | U-Match Mobile BioLink Solutions

BioLink U-Match Mobile ensures prompt identification of humans in demanding applications. The terminal supports smart-cards, GPS, GPRS, BlueTooth...

4 products iba AG
iba AG Core2Duo 2,8 GHz
Mobile computer Core2Duo 2,8 GHz iba AG

Mobil PC Core2Duo 2,8GHz 2x PCI Applications: Mobile data acquisition for continuous recording Technical data: Mobile data acquisition...

iba AG Core 2 Quad Q9400, 2.66 GHz
Industrial computer Core 2 Quad Q9400, 2.66 GHz iba AG

Data Acquisition System Deskline Applications: Machine test and commissioning Data analysis Technical Specification: Manufacturer: iba AG iba-Deskline...

iba AG Intel Core i7-820QM 1.6GHz
Industrial portable PC Intel Core i7-820QM 1.6GHz iba AG

HP EliteBook, german Applications: Mobile data acquisition for temporary usage and for non-continuous recording only Technical data: HP EliteBook FUG 15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Pixel...

iba AG Core2Quad 9400
19" rack-mount industrial PC Core2Quad 9400 iba AG

Data Acquisition System Rackline Applications: Machine test and commissioning Data analysis Technical Specification: Manufacturer: iba AG 19" rack mount case Temperature controlled fans with temperature...

57 products ADVANTECH
Industrial PC AVS-240 ADVANTECH

The 4U Intel Xeon E5-2400 Video Wall Controller can back up 8-output...

Industrial PC AVS-290 ADVANTECH

The Intel Xeon E3-1200...

Industrial PC AVS-540 ADVANTECH

AVS-540 is a 4U Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 video wall controller with the...

SEIKO Precision Inc. LWM-10
Laser workstation LWM-10 SEIKO Precision Inc.

The LWM-10 is a laser irradiation desktop robot that is capable of providing highly-accurate marking. Welding of minute resin parts can also be done by the laser....

SEIKO Precision Inc. VWS-200
Workstation for electronic device visual inspection VWS-200 SEIKO Precision Inc.

The vision work station provided with a CCD camera for imaging recognition realizes a flexible low-cost system to be used in the inspection processes for cellular, PDA and various products. ◇ Applications ■...

1 products Miller
Miller ArcStation™ series
Workstation ArcStation™ series Miller

The Miller ArcStation workbenches are available in two series, S and F. The S series is mostly used...

new RK Rose+Krieger RK easywork
Workstation RK easywork RK Rose+Krieger

Offering electrical height-adjustable and individually configurable workplaces, the one-stop supplier of linear, profile, connection and module technology caters to the diverse requirements of industry...

RK Rose+Krieger RK Lean
Workstation RK Lean RK Rose+Krieger

Lean Management and Kaizen are concepts encountered with increasing frequency when it comes to optimising production processes, reducing (and ideally eliminating) waste, and implementing continuous incremental...

video RK Rose+Krieger RK Easywork
Ergonomic workstation RK Easywork RK Rose+Krieger

Reliable technology and easy installation in your application are essential. In the sections...

1 products NORCAN
Workstation NORCAN

Semi-automatic assembly, control...

Conductix-Wampfler Besta Power C75 series
Workstation Besta Power C75 series Conductix-Wampfler

Work Stations The work station C75 is ideal for conveniently depositing tools, assembly parts, measuring equipment...

Maschinenbau Kitz GmbH
Workstation Maschinenbau Kitz GmbH

With the mk system you design custom workstations in the workshop and in the assembly area. Maximize the functionality and ergonomics of your workstations while remaining flexible and economical....


The simplicity, versatility, and ease of transfer from one to another point make of the Powerflex, a range of studwelding...

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