monitoring camera / NIR / FPA / compact
monitoring camera

The ZN-M2AF excels in its very compact dimensions, auto focus, and a powerful 5.0mm - 25mm Vario lens. Unobtrusive monitoring of interiors or installation in cash dispensers – there are numerous thinkable applications. Along with h.264, ...

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CBC (Europe) GmbH
CCD camera system / monitoring
CCD camera system

... CAM-1000 CCD Camera System is a modular design which can be configured in many ways. Typical systems include zoom optics, wavelength compensator optics, X-Y and Tip/Tilt adjustments and KG3 filter. Unit features a standard ...

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Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.
CCTV camera / full-color / CCD / explosion-proof
CCTV camera

... process technology procedures within ranges which are or which are not in danger of explosions. The VISULEX camera technology is composed of a camera, a corresponding system control device and a data ...

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Papenmeier - Lumiglas Division
X-ray camera
X-ray camera

... Industrial beam profiler VUV spectrophotometer EUV/X-ray spectrometer EUV/X-ray camera Stainless steel adjustable vacuum slit X-ray pinhole camera Automated measurement system ...

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Metrolux Optische Messtechnik
CCTV camera / visible / zoom / stand-alone
CCTV camera

Dust, Water & Shock Proof Camera.Pan, tilt and zoom industrial CCTV camera for mining operations and installations.ApplicationsThe Ryonic CCTV camera is a stand-alone video monitoring ...

surveillance camera / HD / CCD / day/night
surveillance camera
ExCam vario

The ExCam vario is an explosion proof camera with variofocal lens and DC-Iris. The video camera delivers superb picture quality for process monitoring and surveillance technology. The ExCam vario is approved ...

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SAMCON Prozessleittechnik
thermal camera / infrared / FPA / handheld
thermal camera
ALT400, ALT800

Number of pixels: 3,000,000 unit

-2-meter drop resistant -3 million daylight image -3.6'' touch screen -Dual LED film lights make clearer slot -Fusion display of IR & daylight image -Real-time transmission of pictures and infrared videos -bluetooth audio transmission

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Beijing Cap High Technology Co.,Ltd.
machine vision camera / full-color / CCD / explosion-proof
machine vision camera

CyXplus is specialized since its creation in process automation in harsh environment. “ATEX automation” activity fully integrates this approach with an experience of 25 years. The ATEX Directive is a legal requirement in all European ...

surveillance camera / inspection / full-color / CMOS
surveillance camera

Number of pixels: 48 unit

The Flare™ 48MP series is a part of our family of industrial video cameras designed with advanced CMOS image sensors. The all-new CMV50000 sensors feature high pixel counts, producing highly detailed images with a 7920 ...

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IO Industries
CCTV camera / infrared / CCD / IP
CCTV camera

... the cameras views. IP Camera LCD Monitor connects to Digicom IPCam and displays them on its LCD screen. The displaying can be Full screen (one camera), Dual View (two cameras) ...

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Digicom SpA
CCTV camera / infrared / CCD / wireless
CCTV camera

... software downloads in your phone. From a mobile phone (UMTS) a call can be done to the camera and after a password you can video control the site in real time. The camera has infrared LEDs for night ...

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Bioaccez Controls
inspection camera / full-color / CCD
inspection camera
1/3" | CCIR

The CCIR camera from Microstep Europa may be appended to an existing tool station of on a separate tool station. This unit is used in dealing with applications that are concerned with scanning the shape of a template ...

thermal imaging camera / inspection / detection / infrared
thermal imaging camera

Number of pixels: 32,136 unit

... , and poor construction. Finding and assessing these problems requires a thermal imager to identify hot and cold spots. Seek Thermal Compact thermal imaging cameras enable contractors to conduct building ...

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Seek Thermal
thermal imaging camera / infrared / HD / microbolometer
thermal imaging camera

... – Built-in USB 2.0 PC interface for smooth data exchange and transfer of real-time measurement data – Practical and sturdy camera Technical Data: IR sensor: Thermal array sensor IR optics: High-quality infrared lens ...

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CCTV camera / infrared / CCD / for UAVs
CCTV camera

This infrared and color video camera is equipped with a 2 axis stabilization system that allows the operator to utilize the payload to its fullness. The 115 х 140 х 112mm unit weighs 500 g, and supports elevation viewing ...

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thermal imaging camera / detection / infrared / microbolometer
thermal imaging camera
9830 series

Number of pixels: 16,384 unit

SEFRAM Thermal camera 9830 is a multipurpose diagnostic tool. The infrared image allows you to detect the hottest zone and thus to target the measurement. It offers diverse applications: - Enables the electrician ...

polarization camera / full-color / monochrome / digital
polarization camera

... polarization-difference digital camera. Compact and robust, SAMBA has all the attributes of a regular digital video camera (easy operation, point & shoot, firewire connection) plus the polarization analysis ...

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Bossa Nova Technologies
inspection camera / full-color / for pipe inspection / for pipes
inspection camera
Tubicam® R

... TUBICAM/R® is a video inspection system which allows the inside pipes visualization. Totally waterproof, its cylindrical 22 mm camera (7/8’’) outing of 12 white LEDs around the objective offers a clear vision on its 7 ...

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AGM TEC - Caméra d'inspection
thermal imaging camera / infrared / focal plane array / PAL/NTSC
thermal imaging camera
ThermalTronix TT1640S

... all the thermal imager you need for UAV, UAS, DRONEs operations without having to pay for functionality you'll never use. THERMALTRONIX© IS A TRADEMARK OF INTELLISYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Light infrared ...

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Intellisystem Technologies
acoustic camera / inspection / full-color / compact
acoustic camera

SeeSV-S205 is a real-time handheld sound camera which implements FPGA-based high speed beamforming technology. SeeSV-S205 is developed for Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) noise source detection as well as Noise, Vibration ...

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SM Instruments
surveillance camera / full-color / multi-spectral / HD
surveillance camera
1360 x 1024 pix | SIM

... Multi-Channel Framing Camera, using ultra high-resolution image intensifiers, no-compromise optical design, and double pulsing takes ultra high-speed framing to the next level of flexibility. The Specialised Imaging ...

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Specialised Imaging
thermal imaging camera / infrared / microbolometer / portable
thermal imaging camera

... in glass production and processing, the hand-held thermal imagers in the new series PYROVIEW portable are now available. The PYROVIEW 480N portable is the world’s first handheld infrared camera for ...

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DIAS Infrared
inspection camera / visible / zoom / for barcode
inspection camera

... fine detail, at full production speed. The 16X zoom allows analysis of the print details down to the dot. 6 Mega pixel camera resolution assures great image quality and realistic color reproduction LED illuminators ...

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Grafikontrol S.p.A.
CCTV camera / MWIR / focal plane array / for furnaces
CCTV camera
max. 120 Mpx, max. 8 km | Spynel-X

... and mechanical design. The device can do 24/7 human intrusion alerts over a diameter of 16 km. It can replace the 90 HD MWIR camera with its high-quality single-sensor head.

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monitoring camera / B&W / CCD / wireless
monitoring camera

Hausherr's camera systems consist of different forms and prices. They have a colored or black and white LCD monitor with a single or many camera connections. They also have a cable or wireless cameras. ...