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Hardeners - Catalysts
Catalyst allows polyester, gelcoat and vinyl ester resins to cure by reacting with the promoter in the resin, or with...


ergo.® 1039 Gel is a medium viscosity, resilient and flexible adhesive, especially suitable for all applications requesting...

ergo.® 1451 is a medium viscosity, elastified, two-component adhesive system, suitable for all applications where a good shear strength and/or impact resistance involving glass,...

The ergo.® 4900 accelerator is usually applied to one side, seldom to both sides, at least 2 minutes before the adhesive....

This accelerator can be recommended wherever unfavourable conditions are an obstacle to optimal curing. These can be caused, among...


EC-20/10-PT/RU-5g Catalyst



Preserve Integrity of Stored Fuel Up To 12 Months
Remove & Prevent Carbon Build-Up

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