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Hardeners - Catalysts
Catalyst allows polyester, gelcoat and vinyl ester resins to cure by reacting with the promoter in the resin, or with...


Preserve Integrity of Stored Fuel Up To 12 Months
Remove & Prevent Carbon Build-Up


ergo.® 1039 Gel is a medium viscosity, resilient and flexible adhesive, especially suitable for all applications requesting...

ergo.® 1451 is a medium viscosity, elastified, two-component adhesive system, suitable for all applications where a good shear strength and/or impact resistance involving glass,...

The ergo.® 4900 accelerator is usually applied to one side, seldom to both sides, at least 2 minutes before the adhesive....

This accelerator can be recommended wherever unfavourable conditions are an obstacle to optimal curing. These can be caused, among...


EC-20/10-PT/RU-5g Catalyst


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