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Color sensors
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CCD color sensor - ICX098BQ

The ICX098BQ is a diagonal 4.5mm (Type 1/4)
interline CCD solid-state image sensor with a square
pixel array which supports VGA format. Progressive
scan allows all pixels signals to be output
independently within...

CCD color sensor - 6 Mpix, 3072 x 2048 pix, 20 fps | FTF3020C

The FTF3020C Series manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa is a 6 megapixel color CCD made according to the RoHS standards. It is equipped with...

CCD color sensor - 22 Mpix, 5344 x 4052 pix, 20 fps | FTF4052C

The FTF4052C Series manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa is a 22 megapixel sensor made according to the RoHS standards....

CCD color sensor - 60 Mpix, 8956 x 6708 pix, 1.4 fps | FTF9168C

The 60 MP Color CCD (model: FTF9168C), manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa, is particularly designed for the most demanding professional digital still applications...

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