CCD image sensors

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X-ray image sensor / FFT / CCD

These are image sensors...

The Monochrome Progressive-Scan...

The 24 MP Mono CCD (model: FTT6040M),...

The FTF9168M Model, manufactured...


The IL-P1-series is a CCD...


A monochrome progressive-scan frame-transfer image sensor, the...

Full color image sensor / CCD / high-resolution / high-sensitivity

DALSA's FTF3020C was the first 6 megapixel 35 mm sensor, and its remarkable...


DALSA's FTF4052M 22 megapixel sensor raises the performance...

Full color image sensor / CCD / high-sensitivity / high-resolution

Specifically designed for professional digital still applications,...

How to choose this product


A CCD image sensor (charge-coupled device) is a particular type of image sensor.


The sensitivity of CCDs makes them particularly appropriate for use in high-sensitivity cameras.


The CCD converts an image to an electrical signal. Each pixel consists of a tiny capacitor which stores the electrons generated by photons striking the sensor's surface. Thus, each pixel carries a charge proportional to its light exposure. Specialized electronics then read these charges line by line.

How to choose

CCD sensors are preferred to CMOS sensors when high resolution and image quality are required. Moreover, new ICCDs (Intensified CCD) and EMCCDs (Electron Multiplying CCD) offer significant gain, shorter exposure times and faster operation.


- Linear
- Over 70% efficient


- Expensive

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