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Hamamatsu CCD image sensors are available in two versions, a front-illuminated version and a back-thinned version that features higher quantum...

These are image sensors that are used for nondestructive or radiography...

CCD image sensor - 9.0 μm, 120 fps | KAI-0330

The KAI-0330 Image Sensor is engineered in a way that it can easily meet the challenging demands of machine vision, surveillance andas PC input imaging. This sensor is provides image capture that is up to 4...

CCD image sensor - 7.4 μm, 210 fps | KAI-0340

The KAI-0340 image sensor has a 640 (H) x 480 (V) resolution, 1/3 optical format and progressive scan interline CCD. This image sensor is offered in 2 versions: the KAI-0340-Dual...

CCD image sensor - 11.6 x 11.6 μm, 30 fps | KAI-0373

The KAI-0372 is a CCD image sensor manufactured by True Sense Imaging, Inc. This silicon charge-coupled device is used for video image sensing as well as electronic still photography....

CCD image sensor - 5.5 μm, 138 fps | KAI-01150

KAI-01150 ½” (8mm diagonal) CCD image sensor, a signature product of TRUESENSE, features the 5.5µ interline transfer platform and sparse color filter pattern technology. The 720p sensor with 1280×720...

CCD image sensor - 5.5 μm, 120 fps | KAI-01050

The KAI-01050 by Truesense Imaging Inc. is a CCD image sensor which comes with a 1/2 (8 mm diagonal) optical format. The unit is supported with a Truesense 5.5 micron Interline Transfer CCD platform...

CCD image sensor - 5.5 μm, 120 fps | KAI-01050

e2v is the leading supplier of Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) to scientific, space, astronomy and defence applications with an impressive record of successful...

CCD image sensor - 524 x 524 pix, 14 fps | IA-DJ-00524

The DALSA High Quanta Series IA-DJ-00524 comprises of two-phase CCD sensor. It can be employed in applications where extensive sensitivity and...

CCD image sensor - 1 Mpix, 100 fps | FT50M

The Monochrome Progressive-Scan Frame-Transfer Image Sensor (model: FT50M), manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa, generally provides...

CCD image sensor - 24 Mpix, 6000 x 3988 pix, 1.8 fps | FTT6040M

The 24 MP Mono CCD (model: FTT6040M), manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa, is designed for demanding professional digital still...

CCD image sensor - 60 Mpix, 8956 x 6708 pix,  1.4 fps| FTF9168M

The FTF9168M Model, manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa, is a CCD image sensor which is used for the most demanding...

CCD image sensor / linear - 512  - 4096 pix | IL-P1-series

The IL-P1-series is a CCD linear image sensor manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa. This device offers...

CCD image sensor - 1.2 - 9 m, 160 x 120 px, 15 - 30 fps | EKL series

The imaging sensor is based on Time-of-Flight technology, which is very advanced. The D-Image makes use of proprietary CCD, with near-infrared...

CCD image sensor / high-sensitivity - 1 Mpix, 1024 x 1024 pix, ,100 fps | FT50M

A monochrome progressive-scan frame-transfer image sensor, the FT50M offers 1k x 1k pixels at 50 frames per second through a single output. The combination of high speed and a high linear dynamic range (67dB @ 40 MHz) makes...

CCD image sensor / high-sensitivity - 1 Mpix, 1024 x 1024 pix, 60 fps | FTT1010M

A monochrome progressive-scan frame-transfer image sensor, the FTT1010 offers 1k x 1k pixels at 30 frames per second through a single output buffer. The combination of high speed and a high linear dynamic range (> 12 true bits at room temperature without cooling)...

full color image sensor / CCD / high-resolution / high-sensitivity - 6 Mpix, 3072 x 2048 pix, 20 fps | FTF3020C

DALSA's FTF3020C was the first 6 megapixel 35 mm sensor, and its remarkable image quality made it the de facto standard for digital still photography. It still provides the highest possible image quality for its resolution, with lower dark current, lower noise, and higher dynamic range than any competitor....

CCD image sensor / high-resolution - 22 Mpix, 5344 x 4008 pix, 3.6 fps | FTF4052M

DALSA's FTF4052M 22 megapixel sensor raises the performance bar once more. As the world's first co mmercially available 22 Megapixel sensor, the FTF4052M provides the highest possible image quality, with lower...

CCD image sensor / full color / high-resolution / high-sensitivity - 24 Mpix, 6000 x 3988 pix, 3.6 fps | FTF6040C

Specifically designed for professional digital still applications, Teledyne DALSA's 24 megapixel full frame CCD is one of our high resolution image sensors, setting new standards in imaging performance.

Very large area, high dynamic range, high speed, robust antiblooming...


How to choose this product


A CCD image sensor (charge-coupled device) is a particular type of image sensor.


The sensitivity of CCDs makes them particularly appropriate for use in high-sensitivity cameras.


The CCD converts an image to an electrical signal. Each pixel consists of a tiny capacitor which stores the electrons generated by photons striking the sensor's surface. Thus, each pixel carries a charge proportional to its light exposure. Specialized electronics then read these charges line by line.

How to choose

CCD sensors are preferred to CMOS sensors when high resolution and image quality are required. Moreover, new ICCDs (Intensified CCD) and EMCCDs (Electron Multiplying CCD) offer significant gain, shorter exposure times and faster operation.


- Linear
- Over 70% efficient


- Expensive

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