air separator / waste / for the recycling industry
air separator

... field of tire recycling and recovery of copper from electric cables. Unlike the systems actually on the market, the T-SEPARATOR is distinguished by its compactness and high efficiency and it also does not require continuous ...

air separator / oil / water
air separator

Width: 230 mm
Flow rate: 120 m³/h

Current environmental laws stipulate that most of the oil contaminants must be removed from the condensation generated throughout the air compression process before being evacuated to the drainage system…

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Compresores Josval, S.L.
air separator / liquid / gas / vertical
air separator
VF series

Flow rate: 10 m³/h - 100 m³/h

When machining under liquid, obligatory system to protect the vacuum pump Delivered with automatic stop(version O) or without. Enter / Exit : 3/4¨

cyclone separator / metal / high-efficiency
cyclone separator
CICL series

Filtration size: 10 µm
Flow rate: 1,550 m³/h - 26,000 m³/h

Areas of applications Used as a first filtration stage in complex systems Abatement of coarse particles Systems where it is not possible to use mechanical filtration or other filtration technologies Very high concentration of dust Removal ...

air separator / condensate
air separator
HGS, HPE series

Condensate is a by-product that is generated via the cooling/dehydration process of compressed air generation and treatment. Lubricated type air compressors pass a small amount of lubricant into the air stream. Atmospheric borne water ...

centrifugal separator / metal / quartz sand
centrifugal separator

The WTZA is a centrifugal separator manufactured by Wolftechnik. With an internal structure specially shaped to allow medium to circulate around it, it features an efficient operation process with stronger ...

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Wolftechnik Filtersysteme GmbH & Co. KG
air separator / oil / gas
air separator

... refrigerant in vapour phase at compressor outlet of refrigerating and air conditioning installations. • The TURBOIL® oil separators limit the amount of oil within the circuit, thus allowing increasing the performances ...

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air separator / condensate / compact / automatic
air separator
KAL-Ecomat 3100

Width: 149 mm
Flow rate: 2,500 l/min

Ready to install with 2.5 m connection cable Simple installation using attachment set Compact design Automatic drainage of generated condensate reduces maintenance work Permanent drainage of aggressive condensate preserves ...

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Schneider Druckluft GmbH
milk separator / centrifugal / whey / for the food industry
milk separator

Flow rate: 1,500 l/h - 50,000 l/h

REDA centrifuges of RE-T serie are specifically designed to skim, clean and standardize milk, cream and whey. These separators are specially built for dairy applications and match very high bowl speeds for the best performances ...

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air separator / condensate / gas
air separator

The condensate separator is designed for fuel dispensers to be retrofitted with a decentralized active-vapour-recovery-system. The condensate separator collects large quantities of condensate and converts ...

air separator / particle / quartz sand
air separator

... the flow of air and are discharged at the base of the separator. The light material carried by the air flow exits out the top through the sifter channel and is conveyed via ducts to the cyclone where ...

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air separator / condensate / gas / vertical
air separator
75HTL, 75VTL

Filtration size: 0.1 µm - 10 µm

Since introducing the filter-separator in the 1950's, PECOFacet Model 75 filter-seps have set the standard for reliability and performance in gas filtration. Now, PECOFacet reinvents the filter-sep introducing the TITAN ...

centrifugal separator / condensate / gas
centrifugal separator

Filtration size: 0.01, 1 µm
Flow rate: 850 ft³/min - 17,050 ft³/min

PRECISION-ENGINEERED FLANGED FILTERS. CUSTOM MODELS Larger Flows / Higher Pressures Stainless Steel Vacuum Applications Activated Carbon Tower

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Xebec Adsorption
air separator / condensate / for wastewater treatment
air separator

Type of machine: Separator based on the different resistance to air of the fractions to divide Treated product: Dried fruit, spices, aromatic herbs, leafy products, dehydrated products and others Description: Machine ...

drum separator / permanent magnet / metal / for the chemical industry
drum separator
YL1 series

Series YL1, are also called magnetic pulley or dry large separator, adopts high-performance hard material featuring high field intensity, simple structure, convenient, maintenance-exempt, no energy consumption, not demagnetization ...

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Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd.
cyclone separator / sand / grit / for wastewater treatment
cyclone separator

DSP Grit Traps are designed to remove grit from sewage in waste water treatment plants. Description The DSP Grit Trap is used to remove sand from sewage in waste water treatment plants. The equipment consists of a drive unit complete ...

cyclone separator / hazardous dust
cyclone separator
Euro CLS series

Flow rate: 8,000 m³/h - 86,400,000 m³/h

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2-phase separator / centrifugal / liquid / for production lines
2-phase separator
CA 21-P

Width: 800 mm
Flow rate: 1,500 l/h

2-phase centrifugal separator with automatic control system and self-emptying drum mounted on a stainless steel frame.

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cyclone separator / liquid / air
cyclone separator

Flow rate: 9 l/min - 100 l/min

Quicktoron is a device to remove air bubbles from liquids. It’s based on the cyclone principle, and very efficiently eliminates all the fine air bubbles trapped and mixed inside the fluid. Quicktoron also helps to retain ...

cyclone separator / particle / for the gas industry / vacuum
cyclone separator
F 2500 / F 3500

Flow rate: 200 m³/h - 500 m³/h

... and F 3500 are wall mounted cyclone type pre-separators used directly at the work station to relieve loading on the tubing system/filter or for separation of recoverable material. These can also be used ...

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air separator / condensate
air separator

High Volume Moisture Separators As an added protection for better quality air, high volume moisture separators are recommended. They also allow several blast machines or airless spray pumps to be supplied ...

centrifugal separator / liquid coolant / process / automatic
centrifugal separator
AZF series

Filtration size: 1 µm - 10 µm
Flow rate: 250 l/min

Benefits Filtration result 1-10 µm Without disposable filtering material Low disposable costs Better finishing process Easy maintenance Automatic process Long lasting filtration method Reliable and solid construction

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disc stack separator / for milk / self-cleaning / vertical
disc stack separator

Width: 1,700 mm
Flow rate: 5,000 l/h

... liquid or two liquid phase in a single stage by using high centrifugal force. Separator, by utilizing high centrifugal force, separates a solid and one or two liquid phases from each ...

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Haus Centrifuge Technologies
cyclone separator / for solids / high-efficiency
cyclone separator

Aircon Cyclone Separators that is widely demanded by our clients for their efficient performance and durability. Manufactured using the high quality raw material, this cyclone separator ...

air separator / metal / for the recycling industry
air separator

MG Recycling separators use the air separation technology. They separate metals and other granulated materials with different specific weight between them.

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