lubricant oil / synthetic / for chain / food-grade
lubricant oil
Ovenworx™ 4061

Superior Heat Resistance Keeps Oven Chain Operating FreelyOvenworx™ H1 Syn Chain Lubricant (4061) was formulated specifically to combat the demanding conditions present with oven chain ...

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Lubrication Engineers
lubricant oil / mineral / vegetable-based / for chain
lubricant oil

... WF-47Bio-adhesive oil is a mineral oil-free, easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and vegetable oil-based lubricant. Bio-adhesive oil is suitable for the lubrication ...

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molybdenum bisulphate oil / for chain / multi-purpose / aerosol
molybdenum bisulphate oil

CHAIN & CABLE LUBE is a heavy-duty lubricant for reducing friction and wear. It is a mixture of penetrants, anti-oxidants, oils, and grease plus molybdenum disulfide which creeps into chain ...

synthetic oil / for chain / high-adhesion
synthetic oil

... high viscosity index, providing good adhesion and penetration properties. Suitable for the lubrication of all sort of chains : roller chains, long pitch, API type, with hollow rivets, with close links, ...

lubrication oil / synthetic / for chain / for plastics
lubrication oil

Operating temperature: 200 °C

APPLICATION Biodegradable tacky oil with enhanced adhesion properties for the lubrication of saw chains, conveyor belts, textile machines, etc. TECHNICAL PERFORMANCES Excellent adhesion properties which ...

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synthetic oil / for chain / for automotive applications / high-temperature
synthetic oil
R 695 G

... crucial to prevent any hardware downtime and risk long and sometimes expensive production halts. R 695 G High temperature chain oil for automotive bending ovens

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lubrication oil / synthetic / for chain / anti-corrosion
lubrication oil
Chain Bar

Viscosity: 0.000011 m²/s - 0.00008 m²/s

... improves chain life. It resists fling off and oil loss better than summer grade oils, making it a truly year-round product. Features and Benefits Extra Tackiness: High treat levels ...

molybdenum bisulphate oil / for chain / aerosol
molybdenum bisulphate oil

Operating temperature: -29 °C - 149 °C

Wire Rope, Chain and Cable Lube A high-grade lubricating oil, fortified with molybdenum disulfide to penetrate inaccessible areas and provide superior lubrication where temperatures and stress will break ...

lubrication oil / PFPE-based / for chain / anti-corrosion
lubrication oil

FLUOSTAR CHAIN : Specific fluorinated oils The oils of the range FLUOSTAR® CHAIN are made from Perfluorinated Polymers that show very good thermal stability. These oils ...

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lubrication oil / synthetic / for chain / high-temperature
lubrication oil

Viscosity: 0 m²/s - 0.0004 m²/s

... Application ※ applicable to lubrication of chain in domestic and imported heat-setting machine in textile printing and dyeing industry, Stretching tenter, Printing setting machine. ※ applicable to lubrication of chain ...

lubricant oil / molybdenum bisulphate / for chain / food-grade
lubricant oil

Operating temperature: -100 °F - 1,000 °F

BIO-CHAIN "FG" chain lubricants are a specially developed, food grade chain lubricant blended from biobased oils and fortified with synthetic food grade white graphite. ...

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Frontier Performance Lubricants, Inc. (Mfg.)
lubricant oil / synthetic / for chain
lubricant oil

Power Slide® Chain Lube is an MPZ® formulated lubricant with extreme wear and rust protection chemistry. Quickly penetrates deep into bushings, pins, bearings and rollers then sets to a stable grease that will not fling ...

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Torco International Corporation (Mfg.)
lubricant oil / synthetic / for chain / for the food industry
lubricant oil
Vestan SYN OCL 220S

- Exceptional thermal stability - Excellent penetrating capabilities - Minimize carbonate residues on chains - 100% Synthetic POE

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Total Lubricants USA, Inc. (Mfg., Svc.)
lubricant oil / synthetic / for chain / high-temperature
lubricant oil

Viscosity: 0.000023 m²/s - 0.000295 m²/s
Operating temperature: -20 °C - 375 °C

Synthetic Chain Lubricant S3403 S-3403 is a special synthetic chain lubricant specifically designed and manufactured for use in high temperatures and other adverse conditions where conventional lubricants ...

lubricant oil / mineral oil-based / for chain / biodegradable
lubricant oil
BIOLUB Motoseghe

... assures an excellent cleaning of chainsaw’s chains and pumps. Anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-drip powers. Applications Lubricant for chainsaws and electric saws. A constant supply of oil ...

lubrication oil / for chain / high load capacity
lubrication oil

LUBSOIL Chain oils are specially formulated with premium quality base stocks and proprietary adhesion agents to provide long-lasting lubrication and wear protection to all types of chain ...

lubrication oil / multipurpose / mineral oil-based / for chain
lubrication oil

CHAINSAW WITH ADHERENT ADDITIVES Multipurpose adherent oil designed for lubrication applications, specifically designed for chainsaw chains, reducing oil consumption compared with conventional ...

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lubrication oil / mineral oil-based / for chain / for bearings
lubrication oil

Operating temperature: 0 °C - 100 °C

... Series Gear Oils are high performance industrial gear oils formulated from high quality paraffinic base stocks and synergistic additive packages which include specially selected sulphur-phosphorus type ...

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Raj Petro Specialites Pvt Ltd
silicone oil / for chain / high-temperature
silicone oil

Viscosity: 0.001 m²/s - 0.0015 m²/s
Operating temperature: 300 °C

... high temperature resistant silicone oil (long chain alkyl, aralkyl modified polysiloxane) Product alias: High temperature resistant silicone oil High temperature heat conduction oil High ...

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Iota silicone oil (Anhui) Co.Ltd
hydraulic oil / mineral oil-based / for metals / for chain
hydraulic oil
Eurol Slideway Oil 32

Viscosity: 0.000006 m²/s - 0.000032 m²/s
Operating temperature: -9 °C - 187 °C

... Besides an excellent protection against corrosion, Eurol® Slideway Oil also offers a strong and stable lubricant film. Eurol® Slideway Oil can also be used in hydraulic systems, as a chain ...

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synthetic oil / for chain / aerosol
synthetic oil

Chain Lube is a spray type lubricant that was developed specifically for chains. It has outstanding features that lengthens the chain life preventing it from wearing and maximizes the ...

synthetic oil / for chain / aerosol
synthetic oil
Chain S Ultra

Operating temperature: -40 °C - 200 °C

Chain S Ultra 100% synthetic high quality lubricant for chains