Clamping elements

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Clamping elements
clamping element - Tiny Vise™

The Tiny ViseTM Edge Clamps Deliver Secure Clamping is a small-sized device that offers a strong clamping action. It is ideal for fixing small parts and...

clamping element - Tiny Vise™

MM's eccentric clamp is made to clamp all the kinds of materials in plates and huge workpieces. It is used for the temporary...

clamping element - EH series

The EH series is manufactured by Halder, and is a compact clamp that is made up of black coated heat-treated steel, which the clamping lever is silver coated and tempered. It is integrated with movable clamping...

clamping element - 78404, 784051 series

Case-hardened jaws
Clamping screw heat treated
784 041 low-profile, grid spacing...

clamping element - WK50

The WK50 is manufactured by Strong Hand Tools. It is a clamping element that is featured...

clamping element - WP60

The WP60 model is a clamping element developed by Strong Hand Tools....

clamping element - JAKOB

Versatile Application Through Compact, Flexible Design

clamping element - 8 900 - 26 700 N

This cam action fixture clamp provides positive down force while using very little space on a fixture. Work...

clamping element - 8 896 - 14 234 N | Dyna-Force®

The majority of the Dyna-Force® clamp is below the surface of the fixture which provides excellent clamp support and makes for a very low profile....

clamping element - max. 26 700 N

Knife Edge Clamps can be used instead of the original...

clamping element - max. 26 700 N

These low profile cam-action clamps and stops have...

clamping element - Series-9

This adjustable low profile, cam action clamp provides clamping of different size work pieces merely by rotating the clamp to one of its other...

clamping element - 22 000 N


clamping element - 12 000 - 22 000 N

Larger sizes have chamfered holes for ease...

clamping element - max. 4680 Nm, 4 - 6 bar, 50 - 340 mm | LOCKED R series

If uses are looking for a tool that could help them increase the safety of processes, with a design that is compact and a short reaction time, the ACE may be it. The item comes as an...

clamping element - 0485010804

The Model BA beam clamp is manufactured by Wurth. It highlights a depression to lock the head...

clamping element - 0485010804

DESCH Clamping Components



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