solvent cleaning machine / water / automated / for the chemical industry
solvent cleaning machine

... provide chemistry cleaning capability to an existing cleaner that may not support a chemical wash process, or may have poor chemical isolation. SAWS is a SMEMA compatible module that ...

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water cleaning machine / automatic / process / compact
water cleaning machine
miniwash 480

... . The Miniwash Degreasing Machine has been designed to operate in machining cells, allowing operators to batch wash their components efficiently. Vixen Surface Treatments can offer customers portability ...

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stainless steel cleaning machine / dry / automatic / for medical applications
stainless steel cleaning machine
PF iSeries

Pharma Flex PF iSeries dedusting technologies are available in Hi-Containment and Washable WIP (Washing In Place) or WOL (Washing Off Line) execution .

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Pharma Technology
solvent cleaning machine / immersion
solvent cleaning machine

Capacity: 75 l

Name:LCO2 Workpiece Cleaning Eyuipment No: Info: ●LCO2 Application Equipment ●Cleaning tiny holes without the aid of liquid, better effect of surface treatment and immersion. Product Description   Specification: -Operation ...

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TST taiwan supercritical technology
dry cleaning machine / plasma / automatic / for the automotive industry
dry cleaning machine

... ultrafine cleaning are omitted entirely. Also, the time- and energy-intensive drying processes necessary in wet chemical treatment are no longer required. Advantages of Openair® plasma systems for coil coating: High ...

water cleaning machine / automatic / process / spray
water cleaning machine

... cabinet buggy washing machines are used for automatic washing of buggies and V carts with hot water/detergents. The buggies are loaded into the washer automatically and ...

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Kompo North America Inc.
plasma cleaning machine / automated / laboratory / robust
plasma cleaning machine

PE-25 Low Cost Plasma Cleaner The PE-25 is our most affordable, entry level plasma cleaner. It's a robust machine that is perfect for small production facilities, research labs, universities or any industry ...

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Plasma Etch
dry ice blaster / Single Hose
dry ice blaster
IS 75S

ALL PNEUMATIC BLASTER READY FOR LARGE JOB! With a unique disk-style specially coated aluminum air lock, the IS 75s is both reliable and powerful. This fully pneumatic unit features controls for powerful and fully adjustable ...

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water cleaning machine / manual / for the food industry / spray
water cleaning machine
ZY 03/1200

... conveyor line is poured into washing machine. Heavy materials such as stone, etc. inside the olive passing through the washing reservoir sink to the bottom of the water at specially curled ...

brush cleaning machine / dry / water / for the textile industry
brush cleaning machine

... Our brushing machine can carry out work on both dry and especially in the wet conditions. In case of wet processing, the machine is implemented including a self-cleaning rotating filter ...

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water cleaning machine / automated / for glass / spray
water cleaning machine
FlaskScrubber series

FlaskScrubber Glassware Washers are designed to wash and dry narrow-neck and general purpose labware. They have a lower spindle rack that holds up to 36 pieces of primarily narrow-neck glassware such as volumetric flasks. ...

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carbonic ice cleaning machine / semi-automatic / for the food industry / for the automotive industry
carbonic ice cleaning machine
COB series

The COB Blaster is considered as high quality single hose dry ice blaster with a low air consumption and a powerful cleaning performance. The superior quality device is built with an ...

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solvent cleaning machine / automatic / process / spray
solvent cleaning machine

... VEN CLEAN ICE D.F. is a carbon dioxide solvent cleaning machine/spray, manufactured by Venjakob Maschinenbau. This product features CO2 cleaning and excellent performance removing dust ...

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Venjakob Maschinenbau
closed-loop washing machine / solvent / automatic / process
closed-loop washing machine

Vacuum closed-loop cleaning machines with four baskets Standard configuration: • Cycle completely under vacuum • Chamber of washing-tanks-distillers – separator – capacitors made ​​of stainless steel • ...

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Dollmar Meccanica
solvent cleaning machine / water / automated / industrial
solvent cleaning machine

Pipe and Tube Cleaning Equipment Tube and pipe cleaning presents a difficult challenge in part washing because cleaning solution must flow through the pipe in order ...

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Best Technology
tank cleaning machine
tank cleaning machine

CLEAN YOUR MIX TANKS, VESSELS, DRUMS AND CONTAINERS This ergonomic and affordable carboy cleaning and rinsing system is available from WMProcess to improve COP clean out of place for smaller scale tanks and containers. ...

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White Mountain Process
solvent cleaning machine / water / automatic / process
solvent cleaning machine

Can be gantry, robotic, or manually loaded/unloaded. Designs for 3, 4, or 5 station rotary washers are available. Can incorporate precision moving wash manifolds. Can be used as either an in-process or final washer.

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Harry Major Machine
water washer / with water jet / manual / spray
water washer

The PL front washer is a device designed for washing municipal public surfaces using high-pressure water. It consists of a front ramp with nozzles, as well as optional controllable lateral „frog“ nozzles and a vertical ...

ultrasonic cleaning machine / automated
ultrasonic cleaning machine
5 - 70 °C | XUB series

The XUB range of digitally controlled benchtop ultrasonic baths offer consistent and reliable performance in a variety of environments. Incorporating Frequency LEAP technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout ...

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Grant Instruments
ultrasonic cleaning machine / automated / with basket
ultrasonic cleaning machine
CD 4820

Capacity: 2.5 l

Technology Ultrasonic cleaning depends upon cavitation, the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a cleaning liquid. This agitation by countless small and intense imploding ...

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Aczet Pvt Ltd.
ultrasonic cleaning machine / automatic / process
ultrasonic cleaning machine

... - Thorough cleaning of all mechanical parts, semi-finished or finished products from waste processing machine tools. - Processes of decarbonization for particular applications on demand. - Removal ...

dry cleaning machine / automatic / for glass / with belt conveyor
dry cleaning machine

... series machines are used to remove any solid particles, dust or foreign materials that may have been left in various packaging such as PVC, PET, PE, glass or can after manufacture or entered the packaging during shipment-stocking. ...

water cleaning machine / solvent / automatic / for the food industry
water cleaning machine
DIR-100, DIR-131, DIR-200

Cleaning system for empty cans and glass jars Can cleaning station with 2 independent chambers System built-on to INDOSA conveyor 1 meter or built-on to all existing INDOSA conveyors Cleaning ...

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cleaning machine for automotive applications / re-oiling / mobile
cleaning machine for automotive applications

... ) are starting to ask their assistance network the MOT coupon for “CLEANING AND REPLACEMENT OF OIL OF THE AUTOMATIC GEARBOX” at 50/60.000 km. Therefore, the computerized gearbox cleaner is a key product ...

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SPIN s.r.l.
washer with water jet / automatic / manual / process
washer with water jet
8 bar | Inox Line AQUA

Stainless Steel Electroclean Body and Tank Available for automatic and manual washing and final rinse. Diaphragm pump connected with the brush for automaic washing and Venturi pump for manual washing. ...

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Anest Iwata