EPS cutting machine / hot-wire / CNC / automatic
EPS cutting machine
SPC200, 300

Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 2,000 mm/min

... computer, the machine realize the design& cutting, all software for drawings and cutting are English version. It iseasy to understand cutting, automatic clearance ...

metal cutting machine / oxy-fuel / CNC / horizontal
metal cutting machine

... manipulator or fixture. Uses Oxy-fuel for square or beveled hole cuts (see chart for capacities). Unit includes 2-hose oxy-fuel machine torch, adjustable tip adaptor, variable speed rotation, vertical and horizontal torch adjustment.

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composite material cutting machine / laser / CNC / automatic
composite material cutting machine
DxL7020 series

Tube diameter: 150 mm

Laser saws Laser saws make use of the characteristics of lasers to achieve high speed, high accuracy, and high quality processing of composite materials and difficult-to-cut materials. Ablation ...

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steel cutting machine / plasma / CNC / chamfering
steel cutting machine

X travel: 2,000 mm - 8,000 mm
Y travel: 10,000 mm - 48,000 mm

CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Wind Tower Process Oil Tank Process Trailer Truck Manufacture ...

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Shanghai TAYOR Heavy Industry Group Co.,Ltd
fabric cutting machine / label / CNC / automatic
fabric cutting machine

Cutting speed: 1.75 ft/s

This machine is designed for cutting labels (fabric, plastic, metal, etc.) Includes a highly accurate photo sensor Adjustable temperature control Cut up to 4.33" (100mm) wide material or multiple ...

rubber cutting machine / for hoses / NC / semi-automatic
rubber cutting machine

Tube diameter: 80 mm

... •Versatile, scalloped blade for high performance smoke free cutting •Ergonomic and functional design •Double foot pedal system •Safety cover and feeding guides for hose (easy and fast cutting operation) •Digital ...

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CNC cutting machine / 3D
CNC cutting machine

... the first choice where hard and soft marking on semiconductors are about. Today, our microSIGNTM can be easily customized for large automized production as well as for a small production. Whenever hard or soft marking ...

stencil cutting machine / CNC
stencil cutting machine

This system combines a fully automatic stencil cutting system with its operating software and represents a universal solution for marking packages and merchandise of all shapes and sizes. The machine ...

metal cutting machine / abrasive water-jet / sample / CNC
metal cutting machine

A powerful, manual bench-top abrasive cut-off saw for sectioning various types and sizes of metallographic samples. The PowerCut 10™ uses blades ranging from 8 to 10 inches in diameter, allowing materials up to 3 inches ...

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Allied High Tech Products inc.
CNC cutting machine / compact / 3-axis / automatic
CNC cutting machine

Cutting speed: 80,000 mm/min

For efficient cutting of small batches, IMA has adapted the powerful and proven technology of the BIMA Cutting Centre for use in a new, more compact machine. The Performance.CUT offers ...

die cutting machine / CNC / economical / high-speed
die cutting machine

... cardboard disc cutting machine developed by GMA Packaging Machinery. It is specifically designed to produce cardboard blanks from reels. The machine is equipped with discs all piled up ...

fabric cutting machine / knife / CNC / automatic
fabric cutting machine
TUKAcut Series

X travel: 1,800, 2,100, 2,250, 2,400 mm
Y travel: 1,750, 2,100 mm

AUTOMATIC FABRIC CUTTING MACHINE Tukatech's CNC Automatic Cutting Machines have the capability of cutting up to 8 cm. compressed under ...

knife cutting machine / CNC
knife cutting machine

X travel: 1,370 mm

Semiautomatic cutting machine LTU100V7 Designed to cut the ends of belts for splicing in the form of serrated fingers. Working width: 1,370 mm

steel cutting machine / die / CNC / flatbed
steel cutting machine

The leading manufacturer of standard and custom made, automated die cutting equipment. The four post hydraulic press is our standard flat bed die cutting system and is available in a variety of platen ...

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Preco Inc.
stencil cutting machine / CNC
stencil cutting machine
9300 series

... widths Traceable-IT Software Project designer Easy setup / marking files User manager Security settings Certified reports & operator log Saves files and programs for future use Marking Character ...

foodstuffs cutting machine / ultrasonic / CNC
foodstuffs cutting machine

Mecasonic's efficient cutting tools allow companies in the food industry to increase their performance and improve their slicing operations. The principle is simple: the edge of the vibrating knife (sonotrode) is set ...

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glass cutting machine / CNC
glass cutting machine
332 BKM

Structure made up of electro-welded steel tubular pipes, protected by two layers of paint: rust-prevention and coloured enamel. Accurately flat and wool felt padded wooden table surface to ensure maximum air cushion performance. Powerful ...

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plastic cutting machine / band-knife / CNC / contour
plastic cutting machine
C 55

X travel: 1,300, 2,300 mm
Y travel: 1,300, 2,300 mm
Cutting speed: 25,000, 30,000 mm/min

... into our world of horizontal contour cutting centers. The contour cutting centers C 55/ C 56/ C 57 impress by high cutting speed and excellent cutting precision. Combined ...

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Fecken-Kirfel GmbH & Co. KG, Maschinenfabrik
metal cutting machine / knife / fiber laser / CNC
metal cutting machine

With the WOLFANGEL® Vario Cutter it is possible to cut the fibres with a speed up to 20 m/sec. The length of the fibres can be changed during the cutting process at full speed. With this cutter ...

metal cutting machine / ultrasonic / sheet metal / CNC
metal cutting machine
CI series

... tables form a single block High vertical and horizontal rigidity More cutting precision Less knives wear Bolted structures for shears with medium-high cutting capacity and length than ...

steel cutting machine / knife / CNC / compact
steel cutting machine

Cutting speed: 5,000 mm/min

This machine was specifically designed to separate plies of any type of PU or PVC belt. The PB100 ply-slitting machine separates plies in a very accurate way of even very thin 2-ply belt. Its reliability ...

metal cutting machine / hot-wire / sheet metal / CNC
metal cutting machine

The cutting lines for sheets of NUOVA IDROPRESS S.p.A. also resulting from an acquired experience during the years (the first cutting line was manufactured in 1975) stand out fundamentally for the high ...

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Nuova Idropress S.p.A.
metal cutting machine / rotary blade / for tubes / CNC
metal cutting machine
ø 50.8 - 114 mm | CTO 114

... performance and functionality. It is built with a very compact and low radial clearance design meant to be used for in-line pipe cutting. It is considered as a very quick, dependable and accurate device which functions ...

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COFIM industrie
plastic cutting machine / CNC / engraving / single-head
plastic cutting machine

VE500 Engraving System The engraving unit was specifically designed to be used with the CMPS500BASIC and CMPS500 plotter systems. Changing back and forth between the pen-plotter and the engraver is easy. The engraver ...

water-jet cutting machine / CNC
water-jet cutting machine

Cutting speed: 30 m/s - 80 m/s

This machine is suitable for cutting squared multi and mono crystalline silicon work pieces with a length of 50 up to 550 mm. The shortest cut off length is 10 mm. ■ equipped for ...

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Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG