glass cutting machine / plasma / sheet / CNC
glass cutting machine

COMPARTMENTED GLASS REMNANT SHEET BUFFER FOR AN OPTIMIZATION RUN DURING THE GLASS CUTTING PROCESS With the RPS, the glass stock system for the vertical storage of remnant sheets, it is possible, according to the specifications ...

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glass cutting machine / rotary blade / profile / panel
glass cutting machine
N and S

Machine for the cutting of the frames for the insulating glass production. These two models of profile cutting machines have been designed to make the cutting ...

textile cutting machine / knife / sample / CNC
textile cutting machine

Sample cutting machine

3D water-jet cutting machine / NC / gantry type / 5-axis
3D water-jet cutting machine

... This 5-axis machine permits cutting freely in space, also thanks to the Perndorfer full 3D head. It has an endlessly rotating C-axis and a B-axis swivel area of ±120°. This machine ...

laser cutting machine / CNC / precision / 3-axis
laser cutting machine

X travel: 1,000, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000 mm
Y travel: 1,000, 1,300, 2,000 mm
Laser power: 400 W

CNC LASER CUTTER MACHINE Start to cut and mark by laser with the RM-LaserCut3D. RM-LaserCut3D is the 3-axis CNC laser cutting machine ...

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Ronchini Massimo Srl
aluminum cutting machine / for wood / knife / CNC
aluminum cutting machine
S Series

X travel: 700, 1,000, 500 mm
Y travel: 600, 800, 450 mm
Cutting speed: 60 mm/s

CNC equipment of small dimensions for cutting, milling and engraving, with an reduced workspace, ideal for work small pieces, or even for prototyping, breadboarding, advertising, electronic ...

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Optima ld
acrylic cutting machine / CO2 laser / CNC / engraving
acrylic cutting machine

X travel: 635 mm
Y travel: 458 mm
Laser power: 100, 80 W

... designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality. It is highly built to provide an economical solution for laser cutting and engraving. It is mainly integrated with a reliable sealed CO2 laser which gives ...

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CNC cutting machine / high-speed
CNC cutting machine
TML 20

Core cutting machine with A.C. motor with double speed.

metal cutting machine / CO2 laser / CNC / engraving
metal cutting machine
LST4896, LST5050

... objects in the work area. Optionally, a programmable conveyor system can be made available for the high throughput of flexible cutting applications.

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laser cutting machine / CNC / programmable / automatic
laser cutting machine
L 200 WSC | L 400 WSC

Sandpaper cutting in arbitrary contours and outlines The high capacity automatic laser devices L 200 WSC and L 400 WSC for grinding paper is specially designed for cutting of fine materials and able ...

textile cutting machine / CO2 laser / NC / engraving
textile cutting machine

X travel: 1,000 mm
Y travel: 600 mm
Cutting speed: 1.2 m/s

... Laser Plotter Meteora is the new medium laser cutting machine of the Proel range for laser cutting and laser engraving. This machine, available in the 25, 50(60) , 100 ...

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Proel TSI
aluminum cutting machine / for stainless steel / fiber laser / sheet metal
aluminum cutting machine

X travel: 1,500 mm
Y travel: 3,000 mm
Laser power: 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 W

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Jinan Nice-Cut Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
plastic cutting machine / guillotine / CNC
plastic cutting machine
C Series

X travel: 1,600 mm
Y travel: 2,000 mm

... Guillotine model C 60, cutting power 60 t, is normally manufactured with cutting surface of (height) 1600 mm x (length) 2000 mm. A typical application is cutting BoPP waste rolls. Guillotine ...

plastic cutting machine / knife / for tubes / CNC
plastic cutting machine

... simultaneous cutting, leading to increase in production rates. It also comes with electronic synchronization and CNC control system for automatically adjusting carriage speed. This would be in response ...

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flying cut-off machine / for metal / CNC / automatic
flying cut-off machine

Cutting speed: 150,000 mm/min

The concept is to synchronise the carriage and the profile's speed and to cut it at this time. This allows to cut a profile at high speed without stop. Electrical cabinet with integrated touchscreen Synchronization mode Brushless or ...

textile cutting machine / for composite materials / knife / CNC
textile cutting machine

X travel: 3,000, 1,500, 2,000, 1,000 mm
Y travel: 1,200 mm - 3,500 mm
Cutting speed: 1,500 mm/s

Cutting Trading International multifunction cutting consists of a compact and sturdy machine with a modular system for extensive cutting options. Speed and cutting ...

metal cutting machine / flame / for tubes / CNC
metal cutting machine

Tube diameter: 4 in - 80 in

The portable flame pipe cutting & bevelling machine GB CUT can perform cut & bevel of pipes range from 4” to 80” diameter. The cutting and/or bevelling is carried out by a cutting ...

cantilevered cutting machine / for metal / for plastics / for stone
cantilevered cutting machine

X travel: 3,050, 4,000 mm
Y travel: 1,550 mm
Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 10,058.4 mm/min

3 Axis NC Flying Bridge technology with Integrated Tank Ball Screw and rack and pinion motion system with automatic lubrication.

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Waterjet Corporation s.r.l.
metal cutting machine / rotary blade / sheet metal / CNC
metal cutting machine
RASO 200

Tube diameter: 0 mm - 200 mm

... lathe-like” structure and its compact design, RASO 200 shaving machine has the same stiffness of larger machines. Cycle speed and flexibility are at the top. The RASO 200 shaving machine ...

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fabric cutting machine / rotary blade / ultrasonic / CNC
fabric cutting machine

SM-400-TA is an automatic X-Y cutting system that is equipped with ultrasonic and electric rotary cutting tools. This device is an automatic system that makes X-Y cuts on a variety of fabrics that are ...

metal cutting machine / fiber laser / sheet metal / CNC
metal cutting machine
F Series

X travel: 2,030, 1,530 mm
Y travel: 4,030, 3,030, 6,030 mm
Laser power: 2,000, 4,000, 3,000 W

The fiber laser cutting method best, most experienced in the industry in the production of sheet metal processing machinery manufactures are rebuilding with MVD Machine. Perfectly Beam Quality for ...

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MVD Machine Industry Co.
iron cutting machine / CNC / engraving / compact
iron cutting machine
MC 120

X travel: 1,320 mm
Y travel: 700 mm

... engrave a wide variety of materials , especially combined with practical and strong clamping systems ( self centering vise, CNC rotating head, vacuum table ) . With different diameter tools ( using the interchangeable ...

rubber cutting machine / knife / for hoses / CNC
rubber cutting machine

Tube diameter: 2 in

the machine is floor mounted and has can be used for cutting 2" 6 and 2" 4 wires. It is foot operated and offers a maximum cutting diameter of HCC2 75mm HCC3 105mm. The standard voltage ...

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Endeavour International Ltd
steel cutting machine / for stainless steel / for aluminum / for copper
steel cutting machine

X travel: 4,000 mm
Y travel: 2,000 mm
Cutting speed: 18,300 mm/min

Full-protection double table dual-drive Made of carbon structural steel plate welding, dislocation nest box construction to avoid welding stress deformation, 600℃ high temperature release annealing stress with 20 years ...

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HSG Laser
fiber laser cutting machine / for aluminum / for steel / for stainless steel
fiber laser cutting machine
iNspire Series

X travel: 3,060, 1,560, 6,060, 4,060 mm
Y travel: 2,540, 2,040, 1,540, 1,290 mm
Cutting speed: 150,000 mm/min

The iNspire cutting machines achieve cutting speeds of up to 150 m/min and acceleration of nearly 6G; they guarantee the best quality, precision and cutting efficiency. The ...

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