centerless grinding machine / for tubes / CNC
centerless grinding machine
Smart 10

... new level in grinding, the machine simplified operations once complex. The result is a machine with much higher precision, easy to operate, lean, with low and simple maintenance and, ...

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Boneli Centerless Grinders
external cylindrical grinding machine / for gears / CNC / creep feed
external cylindrical grinding machine
S 375 G

... strengths of this machine are rapid format change and incredible versatility when it comes to combining machining and dressing methods. As regards tools, the machine may mount CBN grinding ...

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tool grinding machine / CNC / 4-axis
tool grinding machine

... conic, 4-facet, standard and radius split point * Power: 8 amps at 115V, 4 amps at 230V * Machine size: 26 Inch x 22 Inch x 12 Inch (66 x 56 x 30.5 cm) * Machine weight: 115 lbs (52 kg) / vacuum 30 ...

surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / automatic
surface grinding machine

Power: 2 ch
Spindle speed: 3,500 rpm
Distance between centers: 20 in

2 HP V-3 graded spindle motor. 10" x 20" grinding capacity. Double nut design on crossfeed leadscrew for continuous backlash adjustment. 2 axes automatic movement. Safety 24 volt circuit control. ...

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Taiwan Trade Center, Chicago
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / automatic
surface grinding machine
72/860 series

... automatic flat-plate grinding machine developed by Arnold Grupple. It is mainly used for grinding of the lateral surfaces of squared mono and multi-crystalline silicon work pieces. The ...

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Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG
cylindrical grinding machine / CNC / automatic / vertical
cylindrical grinding machine

CDC-A-CNC Automatic vertical grinding machineMachine designed for the grinding of dies with different diameters without stopping the machine ...

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surface grinding machine / CNC / automatic
surface grinding machine
AT7xxE series

Power: 15.5, 5, 41, 2.2 kW
Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 200 rpm

... dangerous operator’s wheel handling. The ring grinding machine is also available in the combined version. The AT710 EN CNC performs the grinding, notching and marking ...

external cylindrical grinding machine / for tubes / CNC
external cylindrical grinding machine

Power: 22 kW
Spindle speed: 1,800 rpm

Multi-function grinding machine for back gauging and taping operations, conceived to be built in different configurations, designed ad hoc and based on the specific requests of the customer. The head ...

surface grinding machine / tool / workpiece / CNC
surface grinding machine
SG 160

Spindle speed: 0 rad.sec-1 - 80 rad.sec-1

... the first gear dry grinding machine in the world. This state-of-the-art process eliminates the need for cooling oil during the hard finishing grinding of the toothed gear after the ...

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CNC grinding machine / high-precision / 2-axis
CNC grinding machine

Power: 15 kW
X travel: 310 mm
Y travel: 220 mm

High-precision machine components Precision in every detail: mature machine compenents from HAWEMA. The chain is only as good as each individual link. For this reason, HAWEMA attaches particular importance ...

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surface grinding machine / tool / CNC / automatic
surface grinding machine

Power: 4 kW
Spindle speed: 1,450 rpm

... detection Straightforward navigation Grinding stones for all materials Stainless steel bowl for great durability AbraPlan-30 brings a wide array of features and benefits, enabling users to optimize their grinding ...

external cylindrical grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / 5-axis
external cylindrical grinding machine

... Granlund is the world-leading manufacture and service of special grinding machines for the tube industry. The machines are built in the Machinery division in Eskilstuna and have since ...

tool grinding machine / CNC / automatic / stationary
tool grinding machine

... grindersFully automated grinding machine for tools with mounted straight knives; with variable grinding wheel motion automated dividing apparatus automatic adjustment of cutoff.When ...

CNC grinding machine / high-precision / 3-axis / 4-axis
CNC grinding machine
Leo Peri

... -process dressing suitable for grinding a wide range of materials● Compact, fully enclosed grinding area● Grinding wheel diameter 250 mm● Tools, operation and programming are largely ...

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surface grinding machine / tool / CNC / with moving table
surface grinding machine
RN 1270

Power: 11 kW
X travel: 1,300 mm
Y travel: 730 mm

DOUBLE COLUMN SURFACE GRINDING MACHINE FOR MASS PRODUCTIONThe portal structure of the machine (mobile table, fixed bed, portal and traverse) enables increased stability and rigidity which ...

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LGB Scop
external thread grinding machine / CNC / precision / 2-axis
external thread grinding machine

Power: 8.8 kW
X travel: 290 mm
Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 6,000 rpm

The 0550 Device is a machine designed with matrix profile software and coolant system. This system is built with grinding wheel and diamond disk that are inclusive. This unit's standard features include ...

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Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Ltd.
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / NC / automatic
surface grinding machine

Power: 15 ch
Spindle speed: 1,150 rpm

... 24″x48″ working capacity 3 axis automatic movement Precision turcite ways Double-vee column cross traverse NC Z-axis w/ servo motor and ball screw Hydraulic table & electronic crossfeed Automatic ...

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Kent Industrial
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC
surface grinding machine
CrossGrinder TT

... pending. This unique mechanism of grinding allows even very small workpieces to be processed as a standard feature. It avoids the need for expensive magnetic or vacuum hold-down systems, which ensures the machine ...

cutting tool grinding machine / CNC / 3-axis
cutting tool grinding machine

Industrial grade, fully-automatic sharpener for all your blades The BMS500 is designed to suit the requirements of high production operations that require sharpening hundreds of blades every week. It features industrial-grade construction, ...

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metal sheet grinding machine / CNC / automatic
metal sheet grinding machine
110 V, 60 hz

Product Description Fully Automatic Saw Chain Grinder. There are two of these available for sale at this reduced price. They come with 3 extra grinding wheels. NO WARRANTY THEY ARE BEING SOLD “AS IS”. ...

centerless grinding machine / for tubes / CNC / automatic
centerless grinding machine
PreciGrind 2000

... .100 mm - 6.000 mm (larger size available upon request) maximum part or chain of parts length inch 35 1/2 metric 900 mm grinding wheel dimensions (standard) inch 1A1 7x 3/4-2 3/4 x 1 3/4 metric 1A1 175 x 20-70 x 45 ...

surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC
surface grinding machine

The wide range of numerically controlled machines increases the available options by Autopulit. Their capacity, flexibility and technology make it possible to finish, brush and polish a wide variety of pieces which previously ...

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surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / precision
surface grinding machine
UPG 1500 CNC

Spindle speed: 6,000 rpm

... freeform surfaces Machine base made of granite for highest rigidity 4 CNC-Axes for maximum flexibility Hydrostatic guide ways Absolute Heidenhain linear scales 1 grinding ...

external cylindrical grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / 3-axis
external cylindrical grinding machine

Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 10,000 rpm

... of the coolant and the grinding powder. Moreover allow an easier view at the operator. The max. tool spindle speed is Rpm 10000. The Y axis has a shifting of ± 2 mm. The machine is equipped by relevant ...

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tool grinding machine / CNC / 6-axis / 4-axis
tool grinding machine

Power: 5.5 kW
Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 6,000 rpm
Distance between centers: 200 mm - 600 mm

The 6 axis-CNC KG253L can swivel the grinding wheel head from +/- 25 degrees, allowing the helical fluted hobs to be sharpened. Also, an optional Rotary Type NC Dresser allows CBN grinding ...

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Kashifuji Works,