metal polishing machine / belt / CNC
metal polishing machine
B2-6008, B2-K6008

... Features of the machine tool performance and structure Based on years experience over designing, manufacturing abrasive belt polishing machines and absorbed international ...

metal polishing machine / CNC / electrolytic etching
metal polishing machine

Electropolishing unit Rectified current 0 to 60V - 1.5A Etching from 0 to 6V - 0.15A

metal polishing machine / automatic / CNC / surface
metal polishing machine

Machine Models: MicroStream® - Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) Special Machine Models, for example Bosko 350, Duplex 250, BetaLine 200 (NEW !)... Standard Machine Delta ...

metal polishing machine / CNC
metal polishing machine

... leading polishing philosophy, based on programmable electronic polishing by numerical control, is born and applied to the PULIPROM machine. For the first time, a polishing ...

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metal polishing machine / for jewelery / CNC
metal polishing machine
MG series

... dental machines, Magnetic Shiners are used for polishing of jewelry with stones and jewels that have small undercuts and cavities that are difficult to reach. They are widely used in polishing ...

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granite polishing machine / for marble / sheet / tile
granite polishing machine
ø 650 mm | LCO 70

With the conventional belt type polishing machines either featuring fixed or movable or oscillating spindles some "acceptable" results can be achieved, even if the surface are not specular at all points ...

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Barsanti Macchine
granite polishing machine / for marble / for flat parts / automatic
granite polishing machine

It applies to marble or granite tombstone stone plate and fine grinding and polishing. Using the PC programming, automatically tilting and grinding longitudinal waves, shear waves, grinding cycle.