coalescing separator / oil / water / for wastewater treatment
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 7,200 m³/h

The STENHØJ Stenosep separates condensate from the compressed air. As condensate consists of 97% water, it is very important to separate it from the 3% oil/impurities, so water can be disposed of through the drain.

coalescing separator / oil / water / for the petroleum industry
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 50 us gal/min - 1,100 us gal/min

The ecoLine-b oil/water separator is designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water-soluble fluids with a specific gravity below 0.95 (gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral oils) from effluent ...

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coalescing separator / oil / vertical
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 120 m³/s - 2,250 m³/s

... compatible with the manufacturing materials, like for Ammonia, a two-stage vertical oil separator with coalescing filters must be chosen. The dimensional data that are included in this catalogue indicates ...

coalescing separator / oil / gas
coalescing separator
130 series

Temprite, the first company to design and manufacture coalescent oil separators and reservoirs, has expanded its product lines to address the unique and challenging demands of CO2 systems. Working with engineers and scientists ...

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coalescing separator / oil / for wastewater treatment / vertical
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 0.6 l/s - 30 l/s

Separators of light liquids for coalescence with removable filter suitable for the treatment of wash water to surfaces covered and/or discovery with the presence of sedimentable material, mineral oils and hydrocarbons ...

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