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Ø A B C Weight(kg)
25 62.5 38 58 0.325 2CCR50 18.31€
26.9 62.5 38 58 0.325 2CCR50 18.31€
28 62.5 38 58 0.325 2CCR50 18.31€
33.7 62.5 38 58 0.325 2CCR50 18.31€
38 62.5 38 58 0.325 2CCR50 18.31€
42.4 62.5 38 58 0.325 2CCR50 18.31€
48.3 76 45 65 0.360 2CCR64 20.29€
51 76 45 65 0.360 2CCR64 20.29€
60.3 88.5 52 72 0.420 2CCR77 22.80€
63.5 88.5 52 72 0.420 2CCR77 22.80€


The Shaft Collars are important machine component found in many power transmission applications. It is classified...


The Etigo PELD Releasable Ties are available in an array of color variations/measurements.


The Universal Ties are designed for use in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals and car industry....


Simple visual check at the control slot* if required tightening torque has been reached
No torque spanner necessary
The optimum tightening torque can be achieved despite variations in pipe size (within the tolerance)
The single-bolt pipe connector is...

Pipe connector with two screws
Compact design enables fitting in confined spaces
Wide tightening strap guarantees extensive distribution of the clamping force

For connecting cast iron (SML) pipes and fittings according to DIN 19522/EN 877. Especially suitable for applications outdoors and where greater corrosion resistance is required
Clamp, fastener and fastener bolts are in rustproof, acid-resistant...


These repair clamps are flexible and consist of one or more stainless steel clamp sections,...




The clamp flange connection ISO-K (to DIN 28 404 and ISO 1609) allows components from DN 63 to DN 630 to be connected in any position...


Teflon (PTFE) is chemically inert and so preferred in many applications. However, when a connection using a Teflon (PTFE) gasket is heated up and then cooled, it will leak. The metal expands when it is heated, which compresses the gasket....


MRL Industries LPCVD & Alloy Flange Assemblies are designed with 3D software to ensure fit and form.

Standard sizes and typical process...


One method of restraining a pipeline is to provide a welded-on thrust collar or other dependable anchorage means on one or both sides of...


Bioflex is Aflexs flagship product for users in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The patented PTFE liner design provides a smooth bore (for clean,...


The BS 4825 Clamp fittings is a heavy-duty hose clamp. The device is used in distributing loops and connections in pharmaceutical...


Vesbo Flanges are used for joining big size pipes...


Mechanized welding allows assembling through welding of prefabricated elements made ​​of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals. The process is often combined with other production...


Flange is centred through nodge and slot
Significantly smaller measurement than DIN-flange
Nominal pressure up to 10 bar
Sealing through O-rings in the following grades:...

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