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UL approved cable ties and tie mounts...

ear type hose clamp - 101, 151 series

Size range
4.1 - 46.0 mm
Narrow version available on request.

Qty 100 per bag



collar clamp - RKC-50 / RKC-70

RKC-50 / RKC-70
CPSFLEX clamps RKC tube clamps in...

polyamide collar clamp - 23 - 125 mm

KORNER offers cable ties made up of nylon cables, with a polyamide or PA6.6 (UL94V2)...

polyamide collar clamp - 23 - 125 mm

The folding bellow band clamp fittings are...

nylon collar clamp - -40 °C ... +80 °C

Easy mounting, min. traction and high holding force. Withstand temperatures...

nylon collar clamp - -40 °C ... +80 °C

Easy mounting, min. traction and high holding force. Withstand...

nylon collar clamp - -40 °C ... +80 °C

Design allows ties to be easily applied and released.

plastic collar clamp - -40 °C ... +150° C

Quick and easy mounting with a calliper.
Easy to dismount


plastic collar clamp - -40 °C ... +150° C

Worm drive hose clips are proven and tested high quality products.
They are preferred in the automotive and sanitarian sector, but also in mechanical engineering and everywhere where a fast, reliable and safe hose connection is needed. These...

reusable collar clamp - SR 1169

Our Toggle Ties feature a self-piercing toggle with a locking loop. Made of multi-strand...

bolt hose clamp / T - SR6100

The solid band on our Worm-Drive Hoseclamps offers better hose protection than the perforated alternative. It features a spotwelded house and C7...

worm hose clamp - SR6121

Our Worm-Drive Hoseclamps have a stamped rather than perforated band, with rolled-up edges, to avoid hose distortion when clamping a flexible rubber hose. Stainless steel AISI 304...

heavy-duty collar clamp - SR1762

A range of coloured cables ties available in red, blue, green, yellow, and silver. Coloured cable ties may be used where colour coding is required,...

worm hose clamp - -50°C to +125°C   /   GREMRING®

GREMRING® is a pre assembled system consisting of a clip mounted in a heat shrinkable collar. The heat shrink...

collar clamp - min ø 150 mm

Universal hose clamp consisting of...

bolt hose clamp / T - 1 1/2 - 7 1/2

Style TBC - 3/4 wide 300
series stainless steel band,

collar clamp - 2 - 10

Clamps are zinc chromate plated carbon...

bolt hose clamp / T - 28 - 444 mm

A rugged, plated malleable iron

nylon collar clamp - 50201 CT

CT Natural Nylon 66 Cable Ties are manufactured with smooth rounded edges for easy handling and...

large marker hose clamp - 50202 CTID

CTID Cable Clips with I.D. tags provide a very useful way of identifying cable routing...

nylon hose clamp / with screw mount - 50203 CTSC

CTSC Screw down Cable Ties mount with standard screws or rivets creating...

nylon collar clamp - 50204 CTTM

CTTM Cable Tie Tray Mounting ties produced in black...

nylon collar clamp - 50205 CLT

CLT Cable Tie Lashing Ties produced in black Nylon11-12 provide the ideal solution to fastening cables and other products in engineering applications and other heavy...

collar clamp - TAI series

The snap clips can be coupled with the pressure clips, also between the different sizes.
The pressure clips have a PATENTED unlock system. To unlock the head...

collar clamp - 1

Spiral double-bolt clamps for positive connection of corrugated flexible...

solid hose clamp - DIN 3017 | TRIDON® series

Preferred by the European original equipment and...

belt collar clamp - TRIDON® series

1/2" Band clamps are...

perforated hose clamp - TRIDON® series

These clamps are tiny, tough and precision...

worm hose clamp / stainless steel - 905 series

Automotive Series F.I. Fuel injection clamp designed...

spring collar clamp - 845 series

Using a Belleville spring design to eliminate "cold flow" leakage, Flex-Gear HD® clamps...

ear type hose clamp / stainless steel - ø 5 – 45 mm

The Double Ear Hose Clamp or Crimp clip is manufactured from Zinc Plated or 304 Stainless Steel and is an economical solution for many simple hose assemblies. The two ears give the clip extra grip and...

ear type hose clamp - ø 7 – 20 mm

The Single Ear Hose Clamp or Pinch clip is manufactured from Zinc Plated or 304 Stainless Steel and is an economical solution for many simple hose assemblies. The single ear hose clamp can be used with air or other fluids. These pinch clamps are ideal for demanding applications...

plastic collar clamp - ø 8.5 – 45.5 mm | Ezyclik™-P

Manufactured by HCL, the Ezyclik™-P (Plastic) hose clip is specifically designed...

spring collar clamp - ø 7.5 – 32.5 mm

The Ezyclik®-M+ hose clamp offers exceptional strength and a diameter that self-adjusts to compensate for diametrical variations. This spring...

worm hose clamp - ø 10 – 140 mm

HCL supply a budget range of British Style Zinc Plated Worm Drive Clamps. These clamps...

worm hose clamp - ø 10 – 140 mm

The cable tie Gotie
DEGOMETAL also offers...

miniature collar clamp - 100 - 200 mm, 18 lb

Miniature Cable Ties:
These highly durable miniature cable ties are ideal for smaller, light duty cable and wire bundling applications (not intended...

collar clamp - 140 - 370 mm, 40 lb

Cable Zip Ties:
The ideal cable zip tie solution for use in a broad range of medium-duty cable and wire bundling and organization applications (not...

collar clamp - 188 - 914.4 mm, 50 lb

Standard Tie Wraps (50 lb)

Versatile Standard Cable Ties:
The ideal tie wrap solution for effectively and efficiently meeting the needs of a broad range of cable bundling and wire organization projects and applications, these...

heavy-duty collar clamp - 200 - 816 mm, 120 lb

Heavy Duty Cable Ties (120 lb.)

Heavy-Duty Zip Ties:
These ultra-durable heavy duty cable ties can be effectively utilized for a...

heavy-duty collar clamp - 449.83 - 1 524 mm, 175 lb

Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties (175 lb.)


collar clamp - MB

Our non reusable cable ties have...

beaded hose clamp / nylon - MBB

Our multiuse and reusable...

beaded hose clamp / nylon - MBBA

Our multiuse and reusable...

beaded hose clamp / nylon - MBBW

Our multiuse and reusable...

marker hose clamp - MBEC

Our reusable beaded tie with label has been designed with...

stainless steel collar clamp - M series

Band Material:
Stainless Steel
AISI 430 EN 1.4016
Band Dimension:

stainless steel collar clamp - MX series

Band Material:
Stainless Steel AISI 304 W4
Band Dimension:
9 mm...

collar clamp - S series

Specifical Features:
High screwing torque

quick-locking hose clamp - VN series

Band Material:
Stainless Steel
AISI 430 EN 1.4016 W2
Band Features:
Threaded band...

bolt hose clamp / band / T / loaded T-bolt - NN series

Band Material:
Stainless Steel
AISI 430 EN 1.4016 W2

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