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4 products Masterflex SE
Masterflex SE 15 - 65 mm
Stainless steel hose clamp 15 - 65 mm Masterflex SE

Applications Valve for solid, liquid and gaseous media in food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals...

Masterflex SE 75 - 507 mm
Stainless steel hose clamp 75 - 507 mm Masterflex SE

Material band collar, bridge, socket: stainless steel (1.4301) Applications Special clamp for Carflex...

Masterflex SE 50 - 250 mm
T-bolt hose clamp 50 - 250 mm Masterflex SE

Material stainless steel 1.4301 Applications Reductions...

Masterflex SE 25 - 500 mm
Worm gear hose clamp 25 - 500 mm Masterflex SE

Applications Mounting of light hose types onto...

HUANYU HOSE CO., LTD. 13 - 255 mm | J10-1 HOSE CLAMP
Band hose clamp 13 - 255 mm | J10-1 HOSE CLAMP HUANYU HOSE CO., LTD.

J10-1 HOSE CLAMPS Applications: • clamp for attachment of light-duty...

HUANYU HOSE CO., LTD. 27 - 315 mm | J10-2
Stainless steel hose clamp 27 - 315 mm | J10-2 HUANYU HOSE CO., LTD.

J10-2 HOSE CLAMPS Applications: Special clamp for attachment of exterior corrugate spiral hoses Properties: practically...

5 products PREVOST
Ear type hose clamp PREVOST

Prevost ear lugs are quickly and easily installed. They do not come loose, withstand corrosion, and do not damage hoses....

PREVOST 8 - 65 mm, 2.5 - 4.5 Nm
Worm gear hose clamp 8 - 65 mm, 2.5 - 4.5 Nm PREVOST

Prevost screw clamps are quickly and easily installed. They do not damage hoses, and feature a broad range of...

PREVOST 8 - 307 mm, 2.5 - 6 Nm
Worm gear hose clamp 8 - 307 mm, 2.5 - 6 Nm PREVOST

SOLID-BAND WORM-DRIVE CLAMPS - 304 stainless steel 12 mm band - 316 stainless steel...

PREVOST 10 - 97 mm, 3 - 4 Nm
Worm gear hose clamp 10 - 97 mm, 3 - 4 Nm PREVOST

Split clamp 8 mm band Construction : Electrogalvanised...

PREVOST 19 - 252 mm, 8 - 36 Nm
Heavy-duty worm gear hose clamp 19 - 252 mm, 8 - 36 Nm PREVOST

Difficult applications : Clamp for severe-difficult applications Extremely tight...

1 products JACOB DOSATEC
Quick-locking hose clamp JACOB DOSATEC

Pull-rings for U-shaped seals. Application : bulk goods conveying and plants for air technique...

1 products SAPELEM
ANVER Vacuum System Specialists ø 19.5 - 63.5 mm | CLAMP series
Plastic hose clamp ø 19.5 - 63.5 mm | CLAMP series ANVER Vacuum System Specialists

ANVER’s CLAMP-P Series of Adjustable Plastic Component Mounts...

1 products ATI-INTERCO
Band hose clamp ATI-INTERCO

Clamping bands, used for mechanical termination of shielding braids or over shields on backshell...

1 products MP Filtri
Hose clamp MULTIFIX MP Filtri

Hose clamps. Multiple...

1 products AIRPRESS
Midwesco® Filter Resources, Inc.
Solid hose clamp Midwesco® Filter Resources, Inc.

High quality clamps ensure proper sealing of the filter bags and filter elements, and can eliminate premature filter bag failure and loss of efficiency caused by leaks and abrasion....

2 products Novaflex
Novaflex ø 2 - 24
Worm gear hose clamp ø 2 - 24" Novaflex

Constant tension clamps come with a 5/16" hex slotted head and 1/2" wide stainless steel band. Fully adjustable and ideal for making flexible duct connections in diameters ranging from 2" to 24". Offer...

Novaflex ø 3 - 24
Hose clamp ø 3 - 24" Novaflex

For superior sealing. Stainless Steel, 9/16" wide band. Available in sizes 3" to 24" The life of all fabric ducts can be greatly extended when sized...

Tube-Mac Piping Technologies
Hose clamp Tube-Mac Piping Technologies

As new facilities are constructed and existing plants modernized, OSHA and other governing pollution standards must be met. The noise reduction, shock absorption and vibration dampening features...


Ancillary series hose clamp in standard...

Top Line Process Equipment Company 1 - 4
Stainless steel hose clamp 1 - 4" Top Line Process Equipment Company

Top Line has been supplying high quality stainless steel products to the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and...

BOAO Machinery Company 1 - 6″
Stainless steel hose clamp 1 - 6″ BOAO Machinery Company

Sanitation grade quick-installment joint Specs: DN20-150,1″-6″ Standard:DIN、SMS、ISO Material:SUS304、SUS316L Application:beer...

SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH DN 25 - 520
Worm gear hose clamp DN 25 - 520 SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH

Construction: One-piece hose clamp consisting of worm drive, housing and clamp band. Material: Galvanized...

SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH DN 35 - 515
Band hose clamp DN 35 - 515 SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH

Construction: One-piece hose clamp, consisting of folded bridge, housing and clamp band. Available for hoses in...

SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH DN 30 - 315
Wire hose clamp DN 30 - 315 SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH

Construction: Clamping range ≤ 87-100 mm consisting of one screw head Clamping range...

SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH DN 32 - 252
Heavy-duty hose clamp DN 32 - 252 SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH

Construction: One-piece hose clamp consisting of solid clamp band, filling piece and screw. Material: Galvanized...

Standard Filter Corporation
Quick-locking hose clamp Standard Filter Corporation

With Standard Filter’s Snap-Lock clamps, installation time is reduced considerably over that of traditional worm gear...

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