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bolt hose clamp / T - 1 1/2 - 7 1/2

Style TBC - 3/4 wide 300
series stainless steel band,

hose clamp - 2 - 10

Clamps are zinc chromate plated carbon...

bolt hose clamp / T - 28 - 444 mm

A rugged, plated malleable iron

wing hose clamp - 101, 151 series

Size range
4.1 - 46.0 mm
Narrow version available on request.

Qty 100 per bag



high-resistance hose clamp - ø 63 - 165 mm | FAVORIT series

Mercury Products clamps provide manufacturers of heavy duty trucks, construction and agricultural vehicles, generator sets and other heavy duty equipment exceptional performance. A variety of flexible designs offer reliability in exhaust systems, blower wheels, canisters, filtration, and numerous specialty applications. Our clamps are fabricated to meet customer configurations...

hose clamp - KLKB, KLB series

Cable ties with hook-and-loop fastener are a more and more common fixing mode for cables. The cable ties with hook-and-loop fastener are used instead of standard cable ties,...

hose clamp - KLKB, KLB series

Ideal Heavy Duty Clamps are working according to the screw-nut principle and are designed to provide accurate sealing at...

high-resistance hose clamp - 14 mm

Ideal Narrow Type Heavy Duty Hose Clamps (14 mm) have...

high-resistance hose clamp - 14 mm

The benefit of the Ideal Dual Heavy Duty Clamp is its double clamping tolerance. By this means, it is possible...

high-resistance hose clamp - 14 mm

Ideal Hose Clamps have the endless screw system and meet the DIN 3017 standard.


high-resistance hose clamp - 14 mm

Ideal T-bolt Hose Clamps are working according to the screw-nut...

high-resistance hose clamp - 14 mm

The cable ties from AE Industries provides a broad range of cable ties. They could be built from Nylon 6,6, which meets the standards of UL 94 V2 Mil.Spec 23190D....

high-resistance hose clamp - 14 mm

The cable tie Gotie
DEGOMETAL also offers...

hose clamp - TAI series

The snap clips can be coupled with the pressure clips, also between the different sizes.
The pressure clips have a PATENTED unlock system. To unlock the head...

reusable hose clamp - SR 1169

Our Toggle Ties feature a self-piercing toggle with a locking loop. Made of multi-strand...

bolt hose clamp / T - SR6100

The solid band on our Worm-Drive Hoseclamps offers better hose protection than the perforated alternative. It features a spotwelded house and C7...

worm gear hose clamp - SR6121

Our Worm-Drive Hoseclamps have a stamped rather than perforated band, with rolled-up edges, to avoid hose distortion when clamping a flexible rubber hose. Stainless steel AISI 304...

heavy load hose clamp - SR1762

A range of coloured cables ties available in red, blue, green, yellow, and silver. Coloured cable ties may be used where colour coding is required,...

worm gear hose clamp - -50°C to +125°C   /   GREMRING®

GREMRING® is a pre assembled system consisting of a clip mounted in a heat shrinkable collar. The heat shrink...

worm gear hose clamp - -50°C to +125°C   /   GREMRING®

• Cable ties
• Cable clamps...

worm gear hose clamp - -50°C to +125°C   /   GREMRING®

UL approved cable ties and tie mounts...

hose clamp - RKC-50 / RKC-70

RKC-50 / RKC-70
CPSFLEX clamps RKC tube clamps in...

hose clamp - min ø 150 mm

Universal hose clamp consisting of...

hose clamp - min ø 150 mm

Clampco T-Bolt Band Clamps provide leak-proof connections in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and military applications. We manufacture our clamps from 300 series...

hose clamp - min ø 150 mm

Weve made it easier than ever to spec the exact T-Bolt Band Clamp for your application. Our Quick Step process will help you build a T-Bolt Band...

hose clamp - min ø 150 mm

The Adjustable Advantage
Clampco Spring-Loaded Clamps are designed to compensate for fluctuations in all types of hose line assemblies. When temperature and/or pressure changes cause hose lines to expand or contract, Clampco Spring-Loaded Clamps adjust accordingly to provide...

belt hose clamp / bolt / T / with T-bolt - 316

Clampco Products manufactures and stocks Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Band Clamps. The 316 T-bolt band clamps offer better...

belt hose clamp / bolt / T / with T-bolt - 316

Clampco's Adjustable Diameter T-Bolt Band Clamps offer new functionality to the clamp market. The clamps provide a large diametrical adjustment range,...

nylon hose clamp - -40 °C ... +80 °C

Easy mounting, min. traction and high holding force. Withstand temperatures...

nylon hose clamp - -40 °C ... +80 °C

Easy mounting, min. traction and high holding force. Withstand...

nylon hose clamp - -40 °C ... +80 °C

Design allows ties to be easily applied and released.

plastic hose clamp - -40 °C ... +150° C

Quick and easy mounting with a calliper.
Easy to dismount


plastic hose clamp - -40 °C ... +150° C

Worm drive hose clips are proven and tested high quality products.
They are preferred in the automotive and sanitarian sector, but also in mechanical engineering and everywhere where a fast, reliable and safe hose connection is needed. These...

polyamide hose clamp - 23 - 125 mm

KORNER offers cable ties made up of nylon cables, with a polyamide or PA6.6 (UL94V2)...

hose clamp - 1

Spiral double-bolt clamps for positive connection of corrugated flexible...

hose clamp - 1

The folding bellow band clamp fittings are...

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