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collet - max. 80 mm

Varibore collects is designed for the maintenance of parallel grip on the entire closure range. It is available in the round, hex and...

clamp collet / tightening / spring-loaded - max. 80 mm

The Varibore by Kitagawa which are multi-range...

pull-back collet - max. 42.5 mm

Pull Back Collets (Collets / Varibore, Spring, Pull Back...

quick-change collet - max. 80 mm

Kitagawa Europe DC collet is the first having dedicate bore diameters. The use of...

ER collet - ER series

The ER Series features standard collets which are designed with huge clamping capacity for various...

adapter collet - RC series

These are quick change - tap adapters that are solid...

adapter collet - RC series

To add to the versatility of this modular milling system, it has interchangeable carbide tips. It is possible to change the tips within seconds...

adapter collet - RC series

The SAU has a vast range...

collet - SRP 6 - 32 | Precise

The Collets SRP Series is manufactured by Fischer. The product has...

collet - DL6 3 - 6 mm | Precise

The Collets Series D, DD, D6, D6D and D6L is manufactured by Fischer . The product...

collet - DL6 3 - 6 mm | Precise

This is a shore power adapter collet manufactured by Datron AG which comes with an adaptor...

collet - New Baby Collet

The Collets of the series New Baby Collet is manufactured by BIG Kaiser Precision...

ER collet - ERC Collet

The ERC model is manufactured by Big Kaiser, and is a collect that...

ER collet - ERC Collet

These devices are types of precision collets that complied to the standards of DIN...

ER collet - ø 2.0 - 14.9 mm | FD430E series

The FD430E series is manufactured by Formdrill, and is a collet that is mainly...

ER collet - ø 10.0 - 25.4 mm | FD470E series

The FD 470 collet is engineered to tend to the applications that are concerned with hard...

HSK petal collet - max. 15 kN | HSK series

The HSK series is manufactured by Rebo, and is gripper that is ideal for use in clamping...

HSK petal collet - SSK series

The HSK petal collet SSK series is manufactured by Nuova Bellodi TIBI...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

The ERT series, and the GRS series are manufactured by Bellodi Tibi, and are ER collets. In order for the user...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

Clean rotation and utmost precision are characteristics that determine the quality of our collets. Because of its high...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

SWS manufacture all types from 302E to 385E...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

SWS has comprehensive knowledge in the dimensioning and the defi nition of the necessary product...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

Reduced material fatigue

The flexibility of the feed collets is assured by a sophisticated hardening technique. This...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

Gripping collets in robotics

SWS-gripping collets can be applied in bionic arms and in assembly robotics.A characteristic of these collets is the precisely co-ordinated spring action and its wear...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

The industrial device is composed of burnished steel body. The anodized, high-strength aluminium collet of 99 mm diameter is supplied as standard. The mechanism in the main body is protected against dirt and coolant. The flanged...

collet - 2 x 2

The CER40 model is a collet developed by 5th Axis Inc. It is specifically designed to cater applications that...

collet - max. ø 25 mm

The Clamping Systems is manufactured by FREZITE - Ferramentas de Corte, SA. The product has preconditioned...

collet - ø 5 - 90 mm | SPANNAX® Rubber-Flex®

The GT® clamping heads are based on the Rubber-Flex® standard and have therefore an augmented clamping tolerance between -0,5mm and +0,5mm. They are obtainable in encompassing, square and hexagonal design as well as with soft,...

rubber collet / metal bonding - Rubber-Flex®

The Rubber-Flex RFC collets have a large clamping range. This beneficial clamping range of ± 1 mm to the nominal diameter is achieved due to the elastic rubber-metal conjunction....

dead length collet / steel - ø 6 - 60 mm | QUADRO® Vario EndStop

The various end stop system can rapidly and easily equip usual dead length steel collets with an adjustable endstop using an adjustable endstop. The endstop is fixed in the collet with 3 screws without twisting of the...

HSK petal collet - DIN 69871/72 | ToolGrip SK / MultiGrip SK / UniGrip SK

Ortlieb has developed The ToolGrip SK to enable automated changing of tools. These clamping tools have ISO taper and pull stud acc. DIN 69871/72. They come...

shrink fit collet - TER

A perfect fit - with TER

With the developement of the patented TER shrink collet, we have been able to revolutionise the use of collets and collet chucks in the production process.


quick-change collet - Solidfix®

The concept is simple…….really simple! You save time and you save money. We know that you have heard
that before, but listen up. If you could change tools on your aggregate in less than 20 seconds,...

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