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collet - max. 80 mm

Varibore collects is designed for the maintenance of parallel grip on the entire closure range. It is available in the round, hex and...

clamp collet / spring-loaded - max. 80 mm

The Varibore by Kitagawa which are multi-range...

pull-back collet - max. 42.5 mm

Pull Back Collets (Collets / Varibore, Spring, Pull Back...

quick-change collet - max. 80 mm

Kitagawa Europe DC collet is the first having dedicate bore diameters. The use of...

quick-change collet - max. 80 mm

To add to the versatility of this modular milling system, it has interchangeable carbide tips. It is possible to change the tips within seconds...

ER collet - ER series

The ER Series features standard collets which are designed with huge clamping capacity for various...

adaptor collet - RC series

These are quick change - tap adapters that are solid...

collet - New Baby Collet

The New Baby Collet is world renowned for its unmatched...

ER collet - ERC Collet

Each ERC collet is inspected twice (0° and 180°) at 5 times diameter...

ER collet - ERC Collet

This is a shore power adapter collet manufactured by Datron AG which comes with an adaptor...

ER collet - ERC Collet

These devices are types of precision collets that complied to the standards of DIN...

ER collet - ø 2.0 - 14.9 mm | FD430E series

Collet FD430
Especially for hard metal tools the tool holder is of great importance for a long...

ER collet - ø 10.0 - 25.4 mm | FD470E series

The FD 470 collet is engineered to tend to the applications that are concerned with hard...

collet - SRP 6 - 32 | Precise

The Collets SRP Series is manufactured by Fischer. The product has...

collet - DL6 3 - 6 mm | Precise

The Collets Series D, DD, D6, D6D and D6L is manufactured by Fischer . The product...

HSK petal collet - max. 15 kN | HSK series

The HSK series is manufactured by Rebo, and is gripper that is ideal for use in clamping...

HSK petal collet - SSK series

The HSK petal collet SSK series is manufactured by Nuova Bellodi TIBI...

ER collet - max. 50 mm | ERT, GRS

The ERT series, and the GRS series are manufactured by Bellodi Tibi, and are ER collets. In order for the user...

HSK petal collet - SSKIG series

SAU has a vast range of special...

HSK petal collet - SSKIG series

The main body is from burnished steel. The collet, which is supplied as standard, has a diameter of 99 mm and is made from anodised, high-strength aluminium. The mechanism in the main body is protected against dirt and coolant. Flanged base for fastening to the machine table....

collet - max. ø 25 mm

The Clamping Systems is manufactured by FREZITE - Ferramentas de Corte, SA. The product has preconditioned...

collet - 2 x 2

The CER40 model is a collet developed by 5th Axis Inc. It is specifically designed to cater applications that...

collet - CAPTO ER series

Swiss Quality
Made in Switzerland to ISO 9001/ISO 14001.

Lot number marking on all products for traceability through the entire manufacturing process.

Original REGO-FIX®
Our extensive experience results in a well-engineered...

ER collet - ER 8 - ER 50

Best T.I.R and wide clamping range, with 16-slot design
Combining the smallest design with the highest precision
Broad range...

collet - PG powRgrip® series

Best T.I.R. <3 μm
Accurate Length Adjustment <10 μm With integrated adjustment screw
Clamping of all h6 Tool Shanks Cylindrical, WELDON, Whistle-Notch

adaptor collet - HS 12 - HS 320

For clamping cylindrical tool shanks per DIN 6335 form HA, HB and HE, as well as tool shanks...

ER collet - ER-GB, PCM ET1

ER-GB Tapping Collets Specifications
Interchangeable, with standard ER collet DIN 6499/ISO 15488
No additional toolholders...

ER collet - ER-GB, PCM ET1

Hardinge is the world's largest manufacturer of spindle tooling. With over a century of experience, we are your trusted partner for all workholding applications. Hardinge collets are renowned...

multi-spindle machines collet - Index, Schütte, Gildemeister

Hardinge continues to expand their line of European-style collets to meet the increased demand from multi-spindle machine owners around the world. Hardinge will manufacture and inventory solid collets, master collets & pads, solid feed fingers and master feed fingers &...

multi-spindle machines collet - Index, Schütte, Gildemeister

Hardinge Swiss-type Collets are ground to precise size and TIR to meet precision machining requirements with a standard accuracy that rivals the industry! Every collet and guide bushing is inspected on a Hardinge Super-Precision (.000015" TIR) headstock before reaching the stockroom....

collet - max. 120 bar

25mm HC Hydraulic Chuck Sleeves

Features and Benefits

One-piece design with slot configuration to seal coolant.
Cutting tool must...

ER collet - ER25 series

ER25 Single-Angle Tension Tap Collets

Features and Benefits


adaptor collet - RC1 series

RC1-Style Solid Tap Adapters


collet - 3Refix

Increased productivity
need not mean heavy investments in new machines.

3Refix is remarkably simple way to lay a solid foundation from which to view the future with confidence – tool up without indication and cut your production costs!

3Refix technology is based on a modular hole pattern with 100x100 mm pitch and 20 mm diameter...

shrink fit collet - TER

A perfect fit - with TER

With the developement of the patented TER shrink collet, we have been able to revolutionise the use of collets and collet chucks in the production process.


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