3-axis CNC machining center / vertical / milling / compact
3-axis CNC machining center

... modular system designed for machining of clutch and synchro gears. It has all the advantages of the proven vertical design for the machining of gears. Corresponding to the customer requirement, the proven ...

5-axis CNC machining center / vertical / compact / high-speed
5-axis CNC machining center
ethos k

X travel: 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 mm
Y travel: 2,600, 4,000 mm
Z travel: 1,300 mm

High-Speed Machining Centre Top perfomance levels with the advantages of a monobloc system - stability, accuracy and high machining quality. The compact dimensions allow easy fitting ...

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5-axis CNC machining center / horizontal / with rotary tilting table / compact
5-axis CNC machining center
Platform 3 ST

X travel: 160, 210, 320, 640 mm
Y travel: 800 mm
Z travel: 500 mm

- Extremely compact - Single table - Different spindle configurations - Equipments fully integrated into the machine structure - 4th + 5th axis capability

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Vigel S.p.a.
3-axis CNC machining center / vertical / for wood / for plastics
3-axis CNC machining center
MC 23, 23 R

X travel: 300 mm
Y travel: 240 mm
Z travel: 75 mm

... models are engraving and milling instruments with state-of-the-art performance, efficiency and reliability. The automatic tool change is practical, easy and reliable; the advanced numerical control is ...

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3-axis machining center / universal / compact / drilling
3-axis machining center

X travel: 150 mm
Y travel: 140 mm
Z travel: 250 mm

Class 1 laser system for machining metal components (marking, engraving, cutting and drilling), controlled by the latest generation Bosch-Rexroth CNC already from the single-axis base configuration. Extremely compact ...

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CB Ferrari
5-axis CNC machining center / vertical / bridge / compact
5-axis CNC machining center

X travel: 3,048, 2,134 mm
Y travel: 3,658 mm
Z travel: 1,346 mm

5 AXIS COMPACT HIGH RAIL 5 Axis Compact High Rail The newly redesigned Compact High Rail Series CNC machining center is based on a ...

6-axis machining center / vertical / high-productivity / compact
6-axis machining center

... for superhard materials (pCBN, PCD)● Processing the periphery, clearance angle and chip breaker on indexable inserts● Ultra compact design with best accessibility and excellent ergonomics● 3 mechanical axes (A, B, Z1) ...

4-axis machining center / vertical / high-speed / compact
4-axis machining center

X travel: 210 mm
Y travel: 90 mm
Z travel: 160 mm

... Flexible high performance machining center ATOME is a compact machine with 4 axis based on a simple but powerful concept. Like an atom, the concept of the machine is to have a standard ...

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3-axis machining center / vertical / rigid / compact
3-axis machining center

X travel: 43 in
Y travel: 23 in
Z travel: 25 in

VMC-1160. Has a box structure body casting that yields high rigidity. Spindle configurations available in direct drive, belt and gear to meet application need.

3-axis machining center / vertical / compact
3-axis machining center

X travel: 450 mm
Y travel: 400 mm
Z travel: 460 mm

... on an effective principle of delivering customer value with low investment costs and combined with high production output. Compact design with Linear Guide ways for higher speed. Half guard or full guards are available ...

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3-axis machining center / universal / compact / high-speed
3-axis machining center

X travel: 800 mm - 1,600 mm
Y travel: 600 mm - 900 mm
Z travel: 450 mm - 700 mm

The model PHS is a high speed working center with fixed portal and mobile table solution characterized by a very compact and ergonomic line. The planning with the aid of the FEM system has allowed to ...