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Conductivity transmitters

Hack Lange's conductivity transmitter is suitable for measuring conductivity, resistivity, or concentration. It displays the values...

conductivity transmitter - max. 200 mS/cm | Alpha COND 190

Product Features

Measure from pure water to electroplating rinse tank water with Thermo Scientific’s Alpha COND 190. Reliable with straightforward process control, these control/transmitters measures with up to ±1 % full scale accuracy across eight conductivity ranges.

For faster and...

conductivity transmitter - max. 200 mS/cm | Alpha COND 200

Thermo Scientific’s Alpha COND 200 is a versatile conductivity controller/transmitter which can measure in eight conductivity ranges with with up to ±1 % full range accuracy.

The temperature...

conductivity transmitter - max. 200 mS/cm | Alpha COND 500

The Alpha COND 500 Model of Conductivity Transmitter, manufactured by Eutech Instruments, is specifically designed to transmits clear, uninterrupted conductivity readings...

conductivity transmitter - max. 200 mS/cm | Alpha COND 550

Product Features

Featuring quick, easy calibration with push-button off-set adjustment, the no-frills Alpha COND 550 offers user-friendly operations and reliable conductivity measurements...

conductivity transmitter - max. 199.9 mS/cm | Alpha COND 1000

The Alpha COND 1000 is a super-efficient device, geared to deliver extremely precise results in measurements of water characteristics. The device offers a maximum of ten conductivity ranges that can be selected as per requirement, along with their equivalent constant K values. A convenient keypad, incorporating six buttons, renders the selection process extremely easy.

Temperature co-efficient...

conductivity transmitter - 0.0 - 199.9 mS | DO 9786T - R1 / 9766T - R1

The DO 9786T - R1 and DO 9766T - R1 are conductivity transmitters. They provide conversion of conductivity electrode outputs...

conductivity transmitter - 0 - 2 000 mS/m | SC7300

The SC7300 is manufactured by Ohkura, and is a microprocessor based on digital conductivity transmitters...

conductivity transmitter - 0 - 20 mS/cm | WDM-135A/WDM-136A

Easy-to-use conductivity analyzer for field installation...

conductivity transmitter - 12 VDC, 0 - 199.9 mS/cm | microCHEM-Cond

Waterproof Enclosure
Requires 12V DC power

conductivity transmitter - -50 ... +300 °C, max. 99.99 mS/cm | HCT 63 series

The HCT63 Contacting conductivity transmitters combine modern technology with over 38 years of experience in building high...

conductivity transmitter - -50 ... +300 °C | HET63 series

Designed for dairy, brewing, food and process applications
Two 4-20mA outputs and RS485 interface
3 line 12 character integral display
Fully configurable operation...

conductivity transmitter - -20 ... +150 °C, max. 6.5 bar | IET40 series

Designed for dairy, brewing, food and process applications
Two 4-20mA...

conductivity transmitter - max. 10 mS/cm, max. 16 bar | 8222 series

This transmitter comes in several components, including a sensor, which is pinned and plugged in to an enclosure with cover,...

conductivity transmitter - 1 - 2 000 µS/cm | AnaCONT LCK

The AnaCONT LCK is a two-wire mini-compact conductivity transmitter. It has an application-oriented measuring range selection....

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