transport cart / stainless steel / shelf / for Euro containers
transport cart
110.61 series

for Euro-stackable boxes permanent welded in slip-resistant shelves. Undercarriage with 2 guide wheels and 2 fixed wheels 125 mm from polyamide. Wheel casing stainless steel. Upon request and at additional cost, top with sheet metal shelf ...

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Eberhardt GmbH
transport cart / stainless steel / for Euro containers / for heavy loads
transport cart
100.61 series

Carrying capacity: 600 kg

for extremely high loads and safe transport of many Euro-boxes. Load capacity up to 600 kg. The support board is edged up 30 mm on 3 sides and reinforced by tubes at under side. solid tow handle. Trestle with tilting moment and 6 polyamide ...

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Eberhardt GmbH
transfer cart / handling / stainless steel / for Euro containers
transfer cart

Carrying capacity: 400 kg

transport cart / metal / container / with swivel casters
transport cart
C 435

storage cart / steel / stainless steel / container
storage cart
H3338, H6338 series

Trolley for 3 x X338 Bins (Containers not included)

storage cart / aluminum / container / with swivel casters
storage cart

Carrying capacity: 320, 180 kg

Connectors are available in two kinds of materials of diecast zinc and diecast aluminum both with surface polished. Zinc connectors are relatively more expensive, but their physical properties are better than the aluminum ones. And connectors ...

container cart / metal / with swivel casters
container cart