conveyor furnace / gas / controlled atmosphere / for the electronics industry
conveyor furnace
2500 Series

Maximum temperature: 1,050 °C

The 2500 Series Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Furnace from SCHMID is designed for precision processing in manufacturing operations requiring performance of the highest quality and consistency. ...

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heat treatment furnace / chamber / hot air / controlled atmosphere
heat treatment furnace

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 538 °C

The PN Series Inert Atmosphere Ovens are designed to accommodate a wide variety of processes where an inert atmosphere is required to prevent product oxidation. Typical applications include ...

conveyor furnace / electric / controlled atmosphere
conveyor furnace

Conveyor furnaces available: Thick-Film firing furnace in air atmosphere (TFA Series) Thick-Film firing furnace (TF Series) Quick Response thick-film conveyor furnace ...

pouring furnace / bell / induction / controlled atmosphere
pouring furnace

Inductotherms rollover furnace is ideal for close control of pouring and metal quality to produce high-end investment castings. Charge size can be accurately controlled and molds filled completely due ...

chamber furnace / electric resistance / controlled atmosphere / for glass working
chamber furnace
HG series

Maximum temperature: 900 °C

Nabertherm markets this range of top-hat furnaces for bending and slumping of large glass parts. The standard furnace is equipped with one table running on rails which can be pulled out for easy charging. ...

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annealing furnace / conveyor / electric / controlled atmosphere
annealing furnace

... of CHQ(Cold Heading Quality)wire for manufacturing materials of bolts, nuts etc. Energy Saving, accurate thermal and atmosphere control, and total automation system from charge to discharge achieved. Greater productivity ...

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annealing furnace / roller / gas / controlled atmosphere
annealing furnace

These roller hearth furnaces (Stein HeaTreat RollH range) are used for normalising and for the different annealing treatments of bars, tubes, plates of any sections, in some cases under controlled atmosphere. ...

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Fives DMS
brazing furnace / tunnel / gas / controlled atmosphere
brazing furnace

Maximum temperature: 20 °C - 1,800 °C

... is created for all brazing processes, in which the most variables are being presented when there's a brazing process in atmosphere or vacuum.

annealing furnace / heat treatment / bell / gas
annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 850 °C - 1,200 °C

... heating bell and inner cover. Cooling bells are used to cool the charge down to below the ignition threshold of the hydrogen atmosphere - possible thanks to the metallically-tight workload space.

sintering furnace / bell / controlled atmosphere / laboratory
sintering furnace
+1 500 °C, 30 kW

Maximum temperature: 1,500 °C

The Top Hat furnace can be utilized under an operating temperature up to 1500 °C. It is well suited for use with argon/CO/SO3 type of processing atmosphere. The unit operates at a 30 kW power rate. The ...

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drying furnace / chamber / microwave / controlled atmosphere
drying furnace

THe MKe sereis is a range of laboratory units designed for heating, drying, curing and short time high-temperature applications. It is integrated with Pyrometer and temperature controller, timer, and heat insulation housing, The models ...

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Linn High Therm
heat treatment furnace / chamber / gas / controlled atmosphere
heat treatment furnace

Is there anything more convincing than quality? The new Ipsen RT/T. To Ipsen, quality means offering you technology that is intelligent, energy efficient, and easy to operate. With innovative technologies such as Recon® Burner, SuperQuench, ...

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Ipsen International GmbH
heat treatment furnace / tubular / gas / controlled atmosphere
heat treatment furnace
GRS series

This type of furnace can be used both for CVD coating and for removal of such kind of layers (stripping). We ideally adapt the furnace system to your process requirements and design the furnace ...

burnout furnace / chamber / electric / controlled atmosphere
burnout furnace
FC200 / FC300

Maximum temperature: 800 °C

... time for each of them), or 4 segments plus delayed start. A furnace grate plus a wax tray made in stainless steel for long durability are provided with the oven (tray is outside the furnace ...

conveyor furnace / electric / controlled atmosphere / automatic
conveyor furnace
FOX series

... series of compact ovens designed for the needs of medium-small glassware. Despite its small size, every Fox Series machine ensures high quality and cost-effectiveness even in small series machining. The new Fox EcoConvection ...

high-temperature furnace / chamber / muffle / electric resistance
high-temperature furnace
heat treatment furnace/electric/high temperature

Maximum temperature: 1,000 °C - 1,700 °C

... needs, the furnace is constructed with brick or fiber insulation and various heating and / or control zones. Our customers can be found in the glass, heat treatment and ceramics industries, as well universities and laboratories. Our ...

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Wuhan Zeolite Technology Co., Ltd.
chamber furnace / electric / controlled atmosphere
chamber furnace
Blue M

Controlled heat source eliminates atmospheric explosions and ignitions when working with Class 1, Group D materials Ideally suited for testing and processing of hazardous materials, paints, solvents, and lacquers. ...

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Thermal Product Solutions
melting furnace / chamber / electric / controlled atmosphere
melting furnace


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oxidation furnace / tunnel / electric / controlled atmosphere
oxidation furnace

... the wafers. Doping is accomplished in a diffusion furnace using a phosphorus atmosphere. Due to the high process temperature, a quartz boat is loaded with wafers and then transported into the furnace. Main ...

annealing furnace / tempering / roller / gas
annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 700 °C - 1,200 °C

PROCESS: continuous furnaces for tubes, bars, wire and forged parts. Annealing, normalizing, quench and tempering, stress reliving and heat treatment in controlled atmosphere. MATERIALS: ...

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I.C.M.I. S.R.L.
melting furnace / holding / pit / electric
melting furnace
1 220 °F

Maximum temperature: 1,220 °F

... crucibles use less energy than channel-type induction furnaces, and they provide more accurate temperature control. Both manual and power-operated tilt-type versions are also available. Crucible furnaces ...

heating kiln / chamber / tubular / electric
heating kiln
TR series

Capacity: 44 l - 170 l
Maximum temperature: 1,150 °C

ROHDE Toploaders from the TR series for raku applications stand for easy handling, durability and flexibility. Toploaders from the TR series are effortless to transport and easy to handle. High standard technology such as a V2A stainless ...

annealing furnace / carburizing / brazing / rotary retort
annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 427 °C - 1,204 °C

... assembly during a series of protective atmosphere heat treatment steps in a CEC Retort furnace. This is one of many detailed and difficult machine components that are made in the USA within a high alloy ...

controlled atmosphere furnace / annealing / hardening / carburizing
controlled atmosphere furnace

Maximum temperature: 1,200, 1,100 °C

Systems for controlled-atmosphere hardening, semi-vacuum hardening, carburisingSystems for controlled-atmosphere hardening, semi-vacuum hardening, carburising Components ...

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ThermConcept Dr. Fischer
melting furnace / pit / electric / controlled atmosphere
melting furnace

... through optimized layout and design Robust, safe, and easy to operate, our DC furnace solutions are custom-designed for each individual application. The optimized furnace and feed system layout makes ...