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Conveyor rollers
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Metso Trellex rollers are suitable for the most demanding applications and environments. The highly dependable rollers have a...

bulk materials conveyor conveyor roller - ø 51 - 219 mm

Sandvik high-quality steel rollers are very dependable and economic. The shape is precise and uniformly built, ensuring...

conveyor roller - max. 120 N, 0.8 m/s | 1500 series

The slide bearing conveyor roller with totally enclosed plug-type housings is protected...

conveyor roller - max. 150 N, 1.5 m/s | 1700 light  series

The Interroll lightweight conveyor roller Series 1700 is designed for use in applications...

curved conveyor conveyor roller / cone - max. 150 N, 0.8 m/s | 3500KXO light series

The Conveyor Roller is used in driven and non-driven curves...

conveyor roller - max. 350 N, 0.3 m/s | 1100 series

The light weight low friction roller with low inertia and excellent start up properties is used in gravity...

stainless steel conveyor roller - max. 1 200 N, 0.8 m/s | 1200 series

Interroll steel conveyor roller Series 1200 is suitable for both driven and...

polyethylene conveyor roller - EXALON®

The Caterpillar EXALON® high-molecular-weight polyethylene roll is available in CEMA, C, D and E classes, and buyers will find that this product is more beneficial to use with specific...

heavy-duty conveyor roller - Ø 5

The CoreTech™ Model is a heavy-duty conveyor roller developed by Flexco. It comes in smart design and functions to produce a roller that features strength, good...

bulk materials conveyor conveyor roller - ø 50 - 194 mm | PSV, MPS series

These PSV rollers can be typically used in mines, quarries, cement plants, coal-fired power plants, port installations. The PSV rollers have sealing system which makes them efficient...

plastic conveyor roller - ø 89 - 140 mm | PL, PLF series

The PLF Series, is a conveyor used in transporting objects that can damage other material and prevail difficulty in working such as in extraction industries and in salt mining, industries in...

thermoplastic conveyor roller - TOP

Thermoplastic conveyor rollers are characterized my their 50% reduced weight compared to a steel roller. This feature enables minimized power consumption during the start and stop operation of the belt conveyor thus...

thermoplastic conveyor roller - TOP

The straight tracking of the belt is compromised by this kind of conveying material, particularly when the material is sticky and adheres to the surface of the belt easily. The material is deposited on the return...

bulk materials conveyor conveyor roller / shock absorbing - ø 60 - 133 mm

Rulli Rulmeca manufactures an impact roller for belt conveyors. It is suitable for use in various bulk handling applications.

The unit is used and positioned...

curved conveyor conveyor roller / cone - 230 daN | 330 series

The 330 series Tapered Roller is manufactured by Dugomrulli,...

heavy-duty conveyor roller - 301-308-309-312 series

The 301-308-309-312 Series Conveyor Roller is manufactured...

cantilever conveyor roller - 314 series

The 314 series may be installed on both...

double-sprocket conveyor roller - 1 100 daN, ø32 - 159 mm | 317-318 series

The Chain Driven Rollers 317-318 can be utilized for...

single-sprocket conveyor roller - 200 daN, ø50 - 60 mm | 318-333 series

The Chain-Driven Friction Rollers 318-333 are manufactured for use with...

heavy-duty conveyor roller - 8200 series

The 8200 series is a heavy-duty conveyor roller by Nuova Omec - LanRul which is designed suitably for handling ceramic application. For this equipment, it...

conveyor roller - BX series

The BX Series Conveyor Roller perfectly meets the requirements of storage and handling of...

conveyor roller - BX series

The Nuova Mec Lan Rul offers this conveyor roller constructed with a...

conveyor roller - LGE series

Nuova Omec is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles and rollers for process automation. The roller-range covers the whole production process, starting from the conveyor belts to the end-line roller sets. They come in different...

curved conveyor conveyor roller / cone - TP series

The LGE Series is made of steel rollers assembled on radial single ball bearings enabling a high-quality slide movement. Many combinations of shaft...

conveyor roller - 6 000 - 60 000 mm

Dogus Kalip's idle roller conveyor is suitable for transferring package, parcel, and similar...

conveyor roller - 6 000 - 60 000 mm

ITM manufactures single- and double-flange bottom rollers and carrier rollers. They are used for crawler machines with operational weight of 0.8 tons to 800...

magnetic conveyor roller - max. ø 160 mm

Suitable for transporting steel sheets to and from processing machines.

Magnetic rollers...

magnetic conveyor roller - max. ø 160 mm

Timing belt magnetic conveyors can carry steel sheets to and from processing machines in situations that require rapid acceleration and deceleration.

The position is determined...

conveyor roller - ø max. 140 mm | M-Flex

Our conveyor roller concept consists essentially of standard components, but can be customized as needed. Nearly all of the...

aluminium conveyor roller - Ø28 mm

Hard-wearing and smooth-running aluminium roller.
Ø 28 mm aluminium...

plastic conveyor roller - Ø48 mm

Extra hard-wearing and smooth-running plastic roller for driven roller...

conveyor roller - Ø48 mm

Rollers with 6000 end bearings can handle heavy...

plastic conveyor roller - ø 30 - 50 mm, 15 - 20 kg | TKL series

Plastic Carrying Rollers
PVC-hard, shock resistant according to DIN 7748.

plastic conveyor roller - ø 50 mm, max. 160 kg | TKM series

Plastic Carrying Rollers
PVC-hard, shock resistant according to DIN...

galvanized steel conveyor roller - ø 50 - 80 mm, max. 160 kg | TSL series

Steel Carrying Rollers
SteelTube, zinced (ø 50+60)...

galvanized steel conveyor roller - ø 50 - 88.9 mm, 160 - 300 kg | TSM series

Steel Carrying Rollers
SteelTube, zinced (ø 50+60) or bright...

galvanized steel conveyor roller - ø 50 - 88.9 mm, 160 - 300 kg | TSM series

• Both Drum & Wing construction
• Reverse Helixes wrapped around
outer diameter
• Pulley...

asynchronous motor conveyor roller - 10 - 80 W | RL 72

- Length range : 250 to 1000 mm
- Single or three phase asynchronous motor, 2 or 4 poles
- Power: 10 W to 80 W
- Speed : 3 to 47 m/min

asynchronous motor conveyor roller - 10 - 80 W | RL 72

Power Moller is internally motorised conveyor roller, that can be used wherever conveying power is needed. Because the motor and gearbox are totally enclosed in a roller tube, it provides safe, quiet, clean, and space saving driving force....


How to choose this product


Multiple conveyor rollers are placed between two rails to allow objects to be transported from one point to another. Cylindrical in shape, they can be found in various sizes and materials. Depending on the application, rollers can be tapered, belt-driven, individually powered or non-clogging.


Conveyor rollers are mounted in series between two rails to facilitate the transport of objects from one area to another.


Amongst the multiple technologies we can find tapered, belt-driven, individually driven or non-clogging rollers. They are also available in multiple materials such as stainless steel, resin, thermoplastic and plastic.

How to choose

The application required will dictate the roller to be chosen.

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