Corking machines

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Corking machines
corking machine - STARCAP

This air-operated capper and corker by STARCAP is a fully innovative machine, with a patented design and solid construction, which makes it useful for corking and capping of synthetic...

corking machine - PG/93

The PG/93 Corking Machine, manufactured by TEM, is specifically designed for the closure...

corking machine - OSC 12

The OSC 12 model assembled by Toscana Enologica Mori, is a bottle filler intended for use on liquids....

corking machine - PG010

The PG010 is a corking machine manufactured by TEM. It places corks on...

corking machine - GEMINI/R

Single-head corking machine...

corking machine - 4 500 - 40 000 p/h | QUASAR/R

The corks feed through a single or two chutes can be made in two ways:
Connection to an external feeder (not supplied by Arol);

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