trailer-mounted crane / derrick / all-terrain / transport
trailer-mounted crane

Working height: 21 m

The new AD610C is an off-road machine designed to carry an aerial device for utility applications. The AD610C is based on a standard 610C skidder, an extreme duty cycle forestry machine. AD610C applications include tree trimming, line ...

truck-mounted crane / boom / for construction / loading
truck-mounted crane
max. 9 072 kg, 11.9 m | 1039F

Lift capacity: 1 kg - 9,072 kg
Working height: 11.9 m

When it comes to design and engineering, Elliotts BoomTruck is generations apart from the traditional crane making it ideal for the exacting demands of todays job sites. With an industry-leading 18-ton capacity on a ...

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Elliott Equipment Company
crawler crane / lattice / for construction / lifting
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 55 t

... that is committed solely to "lifting". Cranes with basic functions that are easily accessible present a major advantage for even the most difficult jobs. Hitachi Sumitomo has developed a completely new crawler crane ...

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Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane
truck-mounted crane / boom / articulated / compact
truck-mounted crane

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javaid Industrial company
crawler crane / for industrial applications
crawler crane

Cruiser 150 DN 130 – 250 (5 ¾” – 10”) Massive stainless steel housing Encased axle seals All wheel drive optional: inclination sensor

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truck-mounted crane / boom / for construction
truck-mounted crane

Whether classic or charging robust crane for grab operation, whether steel or aluminum construction, universal solutions are our strength. Beyond the business solutions of chassis manufacturers Hüffermann provides tailored ...

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Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH
hydraulic crane / truck-mounted / telescopic / articulated
hydraulic crane
S Series

Lift capacity: 620 kg - 1,500 kg
Working height: 0 m - 11 m

... extendable, the crane structure is solid and it is perfect for heavy duty works, especially when it is required the possibility to crush / press the waste into the container during the loading phase, e.g. scrap metal ...

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fixed crane / luffing jib / building / balanced
fixed crane
JKMINI series

Lift capacity: 150 kg - 1,000 kg
Working height: 30 m - 150 m

JK MINI CRANE BUILD High Rises FASTER & SAFER with us ! JK Mini Crane is used to lift concrete, cement, sand, bricks, tiles, steel rods and other building material. It is widely used in high rise buildings, ...

mobile crane / boom / for construction / hydraulic
mobile crane

Lift capacity: 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, 500 kg
Working height: 0 mm - 2,280 mm

Heavy duty welded construction with rugged reinforced tubular steel. The special hydraulic long rams are equipped with a patented built-in by-pass mechanism. Foldable model - retractable front legs and a lifting boom for easy storage.

fixed crane / tower / construction / building
fixed crane

Lift capacity: 1,000 kg

... the same time. Top Crane can save money in machine costs (crane) and operational space on work site. PAYLOAD capacity depends on the length of the lifting arm and whether the Top Crane ...

truck-mounted crane / swing-arm / for construction / hydraulic
truck-mounted crane

Lift capacity: 500 kg - 77,100 kg

CHARVÁT CTS a.s. is an official representative for hydraulic loading cranes manufactured by Danish company HMF Group A/S. Hydraulic loading cranes, also referred to as hydraulic arms or HNJ, are offered ...

truck-mounted crane / luffing jib / materials handling / for auto wrecking yards
truck-mounted crane

Lift capacity: 1,454, 909, 2,636 kg
Working height: 9 m

The Model 60-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler is designed for lighter duty Model 60 Tail Mount Loader applications, like curb-side pick-up of white goods, garbage, woody debris, etc. Model 60-TM custom-design configurations include: - ...

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Builtrite Mfg
mobile crane / lifting
mobile crane

... to facilitate the lifting of our guillotines‘ knife-heads and GALAN’s circular knife sets we optionally offer a knife head crane

mobile crane / all-terrain / light
mobile crane

Lift capacity: 4 t
Working height: 2.65 m - 3.03 m

... are lowered on, which makes setting on tracks easy. The X3-g travels on tracks with a maximum speed of 18km/h, with its crane completely brought in. Furthermore, the vehicle has a maximum lifting capacity of 740 kg, ...

mobile crane / lifting / compact
mobile crane

Lift capacity: 33 t - 110 t

The Twinlift series by Lift Systems Inc. are compact mobile cranes which has a maximum loading capacity of 40 to 110 T. This unit is designed for machine installations and in-plant operations. Also, it features its ability ...

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crawler crane / telescopic / lifting
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 2,400 kg
Working height: 13.5 m

The SPX424 model engineered by Jekko Minicrane, is a telescopic crawler crane intended for operation on narrow spaces. It is equipped with high resistance steel and it features original technical solutions, to deliver ...

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Jekko Minicrane
crawler crane / hydraulic / lifting
crawler crane

Lift capacity: 5 t

Main Parameters Dimensions: L×W×H 5120×2320×2695 (mm) Overall weight 9.795t Max. gradeability 20° Grounding pressure 42kPa Engine Brand Yanmar Model 4TNV98-ZSSU Type water-cooled, turbine booster Power / speed 43.4kW/2200rpm Displacement - Capacity Fuel 125L Hydraulic ...

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fixed crane / derrick / construction / lifting
fixed crane

Lift capacity: 30 t
Working height: 50 m

Derrick Crane DK with mechanical speed gear-boxes. Load to 30 ton and jib to 50 mt.

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mobile crane / for construction / hydraulic / electric
mobile crane
200 Panda

Lift capacity: 1,200 kg
Working height: 6.5 m

The 200 Panda Series, manufactured by Kegiom, is a mini crane designed to carry, transport and place loads to other places. It has a maximum track loading capacity of 1,200 kg, dimensions of 2070x850x1750 mm, weight of ...

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kegiom lifting s.n.c.
fixed crane / forestry / cable system
fixed crane

The innovative WOODLINER has enormous economic and technical advantages in comparison to other conventional cable carriers. It is a remote controlled self driving wagon which can be operated without pulling, additional and return cables. ...

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Konrad Forsttechnik
mobile crane / telescopic / for construction / hydraulic
mobile crane

The Hitachi inverter hoists meet a variety of operation needs with the further enhanced electronic control technologies as well as the proven and highly valued functions. The external appearance is almost no different from a standard ...

crawler crane / boom / construction / electric
crawler crane
V Series

Hitachi Hoists features a lot of mechanisms for safety and easy Maintenance. User-friendliness and reliability are further Improved.

crawler crane / construction / electric / lifting
crawler crane
S Series

Lift capacity: 250, 500 kg

Electric Chain Hoists are used in a wide range of applications to make cargo handling more efficient. Applications range from typical factory style handling operations to construction sites and even boat lifting.

fixed crane / swing-arm / lifting / handling
fixed crane

Lift capacity: 40, 300 t

As an enterprising partner, Fives provides cathode cranes, superstructure cranes, tapping cranes and any other handling cranes to meet all customers’ expectations. Reduction ...

crawler crane / boom / for construction / rough terrain
crawler crane
HS 8130 HD

Lift capacity: 130 t
Working height: 0 mm - 3,520 mm

The HS 8130 HD duty cycle crawler crane with a load capacity of 130 tonnes demonstrates its strength in the deep foundation sector. With casing oscillator and hammer grab attached this power package has achieved an excellent ...

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fixed crane
fixed crane

are essential equipment for easy and safe manipulation of tools on the planers. We supply a range of cranes of different loading capacities, customized for the specifications of our planers and moulders.

handling crane / mobile / boom / for mining applications
handling crane

Lift capacity: 1,500 kg - 2,500 kg

Maximize grinding mill availability through fast, efficient, reliable and safe mill relines. Outotec Mill Reline Machines provide quick placement of new liner pieces with powerful 7-axis machine while setting a new benchmark for safety ...