board-to-board connector / backplane / rectangular / crimp
board-to-board connector
DP Array® series

Pitch: 1.27 mm

... required Performance: Up to 4 GHz per pair (up to a terabit per connector) Up to 168 usable pairs 10 mm stack height Lower insertion / extraction forces Solder crimp termination

data connector / Ethernet / rectangular / circular
data connector

Current: 5 A
Data rate: 10 GB/s

Product Description An ultra-high speed, 10 Gb Ethernet connector for commercial aviation, military aircraft and marine applications, OctoGig is smaller, lighter, easier to install and offers significant increases in ...

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ITT Cannon
data connector / flat / crimp / grounding
data connector
5-KT series

Earthing tapes made of flexible copper conductors with seamless pressed ferrules and holes for metric srews. ADVANTAGES > very good drainage of high-frequency intereference > very small contact resistance > high tensile strength > ...

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board-to-wire connector / DIN / rectangular / crimp
board-to-wire connector
FA series

Current: 3 A
Pitch: 2.5 mm

FA Series is 2.5mm pitch drawer connector, and it offers prevention of buckling of the contact pins, easy adjustment of the mating position, reduction of the stress when mating and highly reliable connection. Its sufficient ...

RF connector / circular / crimp / high-voltage
RF connector
Series VP - VarioPro

Current: 13 A
Voltage: 8,000 V - 13,000 V

The Series-VarioPro is a high voltage circular connector that runs in a direct current voltage range of 8 to 13 kV. It has a working current of either 13 A or 30 A. This circular connector fabricated ...

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GES Electronic & Service GmbH
data connector / parallel / crimp / category 5
data connector

All LanPro plugs Cat 5e have 50 microns of gold plating over nickel alloy, assuring a long life and a high degree of resistance against corrosion and environment hazards. The use of polycarbonate over regular acrylic or cheaper plastics ...

USB connector / board-to-wire / rectangular / crimp
USB connector
FI series

Current: 1 A
Pitch: 1.25 mm

... incorporated with shell, enabling connection to the ground on board. Cable side plug comes in three types: discrete wire crimp type, cable harness type, and ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) type for FPC. ZIF configuration ...

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Japan Aviation Electronics Industries
RF connector / D-sub / rectangular / crimp
RF connector
115 series

Current: 5 A

D-SUB Connectors, Crimp Contacts Shell Steel, tin coated over nickel Insulator Thermoplastic, rated UL94 V-0 Contact Material Copper alloy Contact Surface Gold over nickel Contact Resistance 1000MΩ Test ...

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data connector / DIN / rectangular / crimp
data connector
Datamate J-Tek series

Pitch: 2 mm

... J-Tek crimp connectors with a choice of extended rear walls. These walls enable customers to seal the rear of the connector themselves as an alternative to over-moulding, for applications ...

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RF connector / DIN / circular / crimp
RF connector

The MIL-DTL-55116 audio frequency connector has been used in tactical radio systems for generations. Now, this reliable, field-cleanable interconnect has been specified for use in the Joint Tactical Radio System – the ...

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data connector / rectangular / crimp / battery
data connector

Current: 15 A - 350 A
Voltage: 600 V

Wide current range 15A to 350A, 600V UL94 V0 housing material in various clour options Contacts are copper silver plated misconnection Genderless assembly Simple and fast assembly Single polo, 2 pole of multipole options Operating ...

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Camden Electronics
electrical power supply connector / crimp / butt
electrical power supply connector

... These superior quality electrical wiring connectors also provide a convenient built-in wire stop for correct positioning every time! Butt splice crimp connectors must be crimped at both ...

audio/video connector / coaxial / BNC / circular
audio/video connector


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data connector / rectangular / crimp / high-voltage
data connector

Voltage: 500 V

A connector designed for indoor railway equipments using the standard Ø 1.6 contact. Finger proof High operating voltage up to 500 V Available in 3 versions : 3, 6 and 12 contacts crimp machined contacts ...

electrical power supply connector / crimp / butt
electrical power supply connector

Voltage: 600 V

The NON-Insulated Butt Connectors are made out of copper. They are also constructed of electro tine plated and they have no insulation.

RF connector / D-sub / DIN / rectangular
RF connector
Crimp D

... costs through the full or partial loading of selectively plated stamped and formed contacts. Replaceable contacts - no connector wastage Two contact performance levels Budget for commercial and Standard for Industrial ...

data connector / coaxial / RCA / SMA
data connector

... from Ø125 µm to Ø1580 µm. Each connector package includes a fiber connector cap, crimp sleeve, and strain relief boot compatible with Ø3 mm furcation tubing. Strain relief boots for ...