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steel cutting machine / plasma / profile / CNC
steel cutting machine
Voortman V808

X travel: 500 mm
Y travel: 1,250 mm

The V808 system is the class leading and most versatile plasma coping system that features 8 axes. The superior flexibility of the robot along with the machine construction enables it to cut literally ...

aluminum cutting machine / for PVC / rotary blade / profile
aluminum cutting machine

The VEGAMATIC is a semi-automatic machining tool which is mainly used for cutting applications. It is suitable for operating on aluminum, light alloys and PVC profiles. It is integrated with a 2-controlled ...

aluminum cutting machine / rotary blade / profile / CNC
aluminum cutting machine

X travel: 3,450 mm

... the cutting unit by a motor-driven roller. The roller performs the initial bundle trimming along with the following customized cutting, which follows a work cycle set by the software. When the central ...

composite material cutting machine / for fiberglass / textile / rotary blade
composite material cutting machine
Eagle C125

X travel: 4'00" ft - 36'00"
Y travel: 0 in
Cutting speed: 60 in/s

... head are designed for perfect cutting of most industrial technical fabrics. Their high level or precision and accuracy exceeds industry standards. Cutting tools (in addition to rotary knives) include ...

fiber laser cutting machine / for metal / for stainless steel / for aluminum
fiber laser cutting machine
P2060A, P2080A, P3080A

Laser power: 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 1,500 W
Tube diameter: 20 mm - 300 mm

... semi-automatic feeding manually. General Details ◆ Maximum loading bundle 800mm×800mmfully automatic tube punching machine ◆ Maximum loading bundle weight 2500Kg ◆ The total feed manipulator with frame and ...

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Wuhan Vtop fiber laser
metal cutting machine / for steel / SS / for aluminum
metal cutting machine

X travel: 2,050, 1,550 mm
Y travel: 6,000, 3,050, 4,050 mm
Laser power: 2,500, 2,000, 4,000, 1,000, 3,000 W

Golden laser GF-1530JH fiber laser cutting machine is the new generation product with updated new appearance and different configuration based on original model. It’s mainly used in sheet metal working, ...

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Wuhan Vtop fiber laser
steel cutting machine / for stainless steel / for aluminum / for copper
steel cutting machine

Laser power: 10,000 W
Tube diameter: 200 mm

... no damage to thin pipe 2)Corner fast response, improves cutting efficiency greatly 3)Multi-axis (feeding axis, chuck rotation axis and the laser cutting head) linkage when the laser cutting ...

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Wuhan Vtop fiber laser
plastic cutting machine / die / for plastic film / with conveyor
plastic cutting machine

The Maxicut is a horizontal roller cutting machine manufactured by Italdibipack Group. It is intended for cutting skin packed products. This is heated and softened by a radiating panel. ...

plastic cutting machine / die / with conveyor / horizontal
plastic cutting machine

... specifically constructed and created to provide a good quality performance and functionality. The MINI and MAXICUT roller- cutting machines are very suitable to be used to separate single items from each ...

metal cutting machine / fiber laser / CNC / for metal fabrication
metal cutting machine

X travel: 3,000 mm
Y travel: 1,500 mm
Cutting speed: 35,000 mm/min

1.One for all Fiber laser cutting machine P-T series, just like E-T model, combines the uses of plate metal and tube cutting and is capable of protecting human body efficiently with its ...

fiber laser cutting machine / for stainless steel / for steel / for aluminum
fiber laser cutting machine

Laser power: 500 W - 6,000 W

The FIBERMAK series is a fiber laser cutting machine manufactured by ERMAKSAN. The ytterbium laser light is produced inside the unit, the laser light produced at the resonator is conveyed to the cutting ...

aluminum cutting machine / profile / PLC-controlled / for aluminum profiles
aluminum cutting machine

Automatic Profile Slicing Machine With Forward Motion Blade Ø 450 mm FEATURES Used for slicing and flat cutting processes of aluminum, plastic and wooden profiles. Wide profile cutting ...

foodstuffs cutting machine / for composite materials / for ceramics / water-jet
foodstuffs cutting machine
FoodCut Pro

X travel: 600 mm
Y travel: 400 mm
Cutting speed: 0.5 m/s

cutting of 600 x 400 x 150 mm Std at 1200 x 600 x 150 mm 4150 bars, maximum flow rate of 5.3 L / min. Cutting speed + 250%, consumption - 30%. Introducing FOODCUT Pro Water jet cutting ...

rotary blade cutting machine / for marble / ISO / with conveyor
rotary blade cutting machine

fabric cutting machine / laser / roller / marking
fabric cutting machine

... the machine cuts panel by panel. Cutter YD - selvage cutting On request there are 2 adjustable cutters in Y-direction available, for cutting the selvage in the same ...

fiber laser cutting machine / for aluminum / for steel / for stainless steel
fiber laser cutting machine

Laser power: 2,000, 1,000 W
Tube diameter: 20 mm - 152 mm

... the Fiber Laser Tube Cutting System. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing experience in tube cutting technology, SOCO is specialized in solutions for the Tube and Pipe industries, ...

foodstuffs cutting machine / with conveyor
foodstuffs cutting machine

... handling and cutting of these large barrels. The DRUMCUT itself usually is “only” the heart of a complete, integrated solution, often also containing roller conveyor systems to bring the full barrels ...

fabric cutting machine / knife / heavy-duty / high-precision
fabric cutting machine

X travel: 1,543 mm
Y travel: 1,206 mm

SM-355-TA is a specifically designed machine for the continuous cutting of awning valances. With its oscillating blade cutting head it allows to work a wide range of fabrics such as, ...

textile cutting machine / for composite materials / knife / CNC
textile cutting machine

X travel: 3,000, 1,500, 2,000, 1,000 mm
Y travel: 1,200 mm - 3,500 mm
Cutting speed: 1,500 mm/s

Cutting Trading International multifunction cutting consists of a compact and sturdy machine with a modular system for extensive cutting options. Speed and cutting ...

fiberglass cutting machine / water-jet / automatic / with conveyor
fiberglass cutting machine

X travel: 2,000 mm
Y travel: 3,000 mm

Automatic Rolling Table for Triple Glass Wool Layers cutting and triple conveyors system

EPS cutting machine / wire / contour / with conveyor
EPS cutting machine

X travel: 1,350 mm
Y travel: 1,350 mm

... contour cutting system with vertical cutting orientation to cut the block in one pass from the bottom to the top.The CHALLENGER comes with a special block support system to allow loading of blocks over ...

rotary blade cutting machine / foam / panel / with conveyor
rotary blade cutting machine

... primary importance, where the use of expanded polyurethane is not possible. The group also includes all machines and equipments for cutting, preparation, introduction and gluing of mineral wool on ...

metal cutting machine / laser / fiber laser / sheet metal
metal cutting machine

X travel: min 3000.0 mm
Y travel: min 1500.0 mm
Laser power: min 1000.0 W

... Laser cutting advantages over other thermal cutting methods 1.The cutting quality is good 2. Highly automation 3. High cutting efficiency 4. Fast cutting ...

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Wuhan Hans Goldensky Laser System Co.,Ltd.
rotary blade cutting machine / for aluminum / for PVC / profile
rotary blade cutting machine
ABS 01

... Double-sided 45 ° cutting system. - Pneumatic clamping system. - Pneumatic move, automatic running system. - Automatically return to the starting point of the process property. - 4 Saws. - Measuring ...

vertical cutting machine / for plastics / NC / milling
vertical cutting machine

... abut its mouth. A suction mozzle removes the chips from the cutting area. The standard machine is supplied equipped with: - milling unit - protection guards as per CE laws - ...

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Villani Giovanni srl
foodstuffs cutting machine / for sausage / with conveyor
foodstuffs cutting machine

... Sausage Cutter. Developed with a mechanical simplicity and dependability surpassing all other machines, the SC-2 sets new standards in productivity. This machine adopts the most advanced technology ...

iron cutting machine / for aluminum / for titanium / for stainless steel
iron cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0.3 m/s - 0.35 m/s
Laser power: 700 W

... HECF3015IEAT-700W is a fiber laser cutting machine special for cutting sheet metal and metal tubes, it adopts the most sophisticated Germany IPG laser, combining Gantry CNC machine ...

chocolate cutting machine / foodstuffs / knife / semi-automatic
chocolate cutting machine

High production capacity machines, easy to use in production and in maintenances and for best link from price / production. Semi-automatic cutters for chocolate slices use a manual loading system on ...

foodstuffs cutting machine / ultrasonic / CNC / with conveyor
foodstuffs cutting machine

Laser power: 2 kW

... blades ensure high-quality cutting results. This ultrasonic cutting machine is available with several options to meet your needs and wishes. Perfect cutting starts ...