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2 products Master Bond
Master Bond MB297Med
MB297Med Master Bond

Master Bond MB297 Medical cyanoacrylate adhesive is a high strength, rapid curing, one component system which offers ultra-fast bonding at room temperature with no mixing or heating required. Only contact...

Master Bond MB297
Instant MB297 Master Bond

Master Bond MB297 is a high strength, rapid curing, ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive with a viscosity of 2,200-2,400 cps at room temperature. It offers reliable, cost effective bonding at room temperature...

1 products Permabond
Permabond 27 N/mm2
27 N/mm2 Permabond

The excellent performance and versatility of Permabond’s cyanoacrylate adhesives have eliminated many product design and production limitations. Permabond manufactures a full...

6 products PERMATEX
PERMATEX Ultra Bond™ 21309
Toughened Ultra Bond™ 21309 PERMATEX

Designed to meet the most demanding automotive adhesive needs, this premium high performance super glue provides a stronger, faster-acting and longer...

PERMATEX Ultra Bond™ 82196
Toughened Ultra Bond™ 82196 PERMATEX

This premium gel formula provides a stronger, longer lasting bond that works on more materials than regular super glue gels....

PERMATEX Permatex® series
Permatex® series PERMATEX

This formulation was specially designed for a faster, long-lasting...

PERMATEX Permatex® 82191
Instant Permatex® 82191 PERMATEX

This no drip gel formula “stays put” for precise application on hard-to-reach,...

PERMATEX Dr. Bond® series
Instant Dr. Bond® series PERMATEX

This super strong, super fast adhesive bonds materials in seconds. One...

PERMATEX Dr. Bond® 82565
Instant Dr. Bond® 82565 PERMATEX

Repairs any automotive plastic. No...

12 products LOCTITE
video LOCTITE -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 3090
Instant -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 3090 LOCTITE

Loctite 3090 Instant Adhesive - Gap filling, 2-component, low bloom The new multi-material...

LOCTITE -40 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 401
Instant -40 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 401 LOCTITE

Resists temperatures up to 120 °C! General purpose...

LOCTITE -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 403
Instant -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 403 LOCTITE

Fixture time: 5 – 20 sec. Colour: colourless transparent Suited for plastics Suited...

LOCTITE -40 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 406
Instant -40 °C ... +120 °C | Loctite 406 LOCTITE

Fixture time: 2 - 10 sec. Colour: colourless transparent Well suited for plastics...

LOCTITE -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 408
Instant -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 408 LOCTITE

Fixture time: 5 – 10 sec. Colour: colourless transparent Suited for plastics...

LOCTITE 20 - 40 s, -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 415
Instant 20 - 40 s, -40 °C ... +80 °C | Loctite 415 LOCTITE

Loctite 415 Instant Adhesive - Metals, medium viscosity Technical data...

1 products Tesa
Tesa tesa®  57040,  57041
Instant tesa® 57040, 57041 Tesa

Product Description Robust and transparent - tesa’s powerful Instant glue...

DELO Industrial Adhesives DELO-CA
DELO-CA DELO Industrial Adhesives

Cyanoacrylates are one-component adhesives that cure at room temperature. Ideal curing conditions are...

CRC Industries Europe
CRC Industries Europe

Transparent cyanoacrylate adhesive Transparent cyanoacrylate...

CRC Industries Europe
Toughened CRC Industries Europe

FUNCTIONALITIES : Adhesives Orange colored anaerobic adhesive...


Cyanoacrylate adhesives are one component adhesives that cure instantly at ambient temperature. They show...


I 3101 is a flexible cyanoacrylate adhesive, for bonding materials with high differential expansion coefficient, metal/rubber,... Excellent...

Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG COSMO CA-500.110
Instant COSMO CA-500.110 Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Only a few drops of this super-fast instant glue suffice for most applications in order to achieve powerful assemblies. The practical PE-bottles make possible a dot-like accurate application of the adhesive...

Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG COSMO CA-500.120
Instant COSMO CA-500.120 Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Universal instant glue with very high strength and particularly short setting time. In connection with the primer COSMOPLAST 588, this adhesive can also be used for the bonding...

Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG COSMO CA-500.130
Instant COSMO CA-500.130 Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Conventional PVC-adhesives have a negative property: they cause a blistering on the laminated film surfaces after the bonding. With...

Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG COSMO CA-500.140
Instant COSMO CA-500.140 Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

COSMO CA-500.140 is a quickly hardening up 1-part adhesive and is mainly used for the bonding of metals...

Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG COSMO CA-500.170
Instant COSMO CA-500.170 Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

COSMO CA-500.170 is particularly suitable for absorbent undergrounds...

Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG COSMO CA-500.200
Instant COSMO CA-500.200 Weiss Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Thanks to its wide adhesion spectrum, COSMO CA-500.200 is suitable for a lot of different materials and for many application...

Instant 1700 serie THREEBOND EUROPE

Three Bond 1700 series are one-component, solvent free cyanoacrylate adhesives that bond in seconds between close fitting surfaces. Commonly...


The next generation of Cyanoacrlates has arrived. With a range of viscosities available...

7 products WEICON

Low viscosity, < 20 mPa.s very...


Low viscosity, 20-40 mPa.s very fast-curing for bonding of numerous rubber...


Low viscosity, 20-50 mPa.s very fast-curing for bonding of numerous rubber materials (e.g....


WEICON Contact VA 100 medium viscosity, 60-120 mPa.s...

WEICON VA 30 Black
VA 30 Black WEICON

Medium viscosity, 300 mPa.s longer curing residual elasticity after curing, therefore particularly...


High viscosity, 2000-3000 mPa.s slow-curing temperature resistant from -50°C bis +135°C residual...

2 products THREE BOND
THREE BOND 1700 series
Instant 1700 series THREE BOND

It provides adhesion to...

THREE BOND 7700 series
Instant 7700 series THREE BOND

It is an instant adhesive...

1 products MOLYDAL
31 products Cyberbond
Cyberbond -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 1603
Single component -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 1603 Cyberbond

Apollo 1603 is a single component, medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is suitable for general-purpose bonding, particularly providing excellent...

Cyberbond -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2000
Single component -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2000 Cyberbond

Apollo 2000 is a single component low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is a fast setting wicking grade...

Cyberbond -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2002
Single component -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2002 Cyberbond

Apollo 2002 is a single component low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is a fast setting wicking grade adhesive ideal...

Cyberbond -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2003
Single component -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2003 Cyberbond

Apollo 2003 is a single component low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. Suitable for general-purpose applications...

Cyberbond -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2004
Single component -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2004 Cyberbond

Apollo 2004 is a single component low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is a fast setting adhesive ideal for bonding...

Cyberbond -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2006
Single component -65 °F ... +200 °F | Apollo 2006 Cyberbond

Apollo 2006 is a single component low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is a fast setting adhesive specifically...

19 products Kisling
Kisling -30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5011 Universal
-30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5011 Universal Kisling

This adhesive stands out through the fact that its viscosity as well as its rate of curing...

Kisling -30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5012 Universal
-30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5012 Universal Kisling

Fast curing standard type, available in the practical 5g...

Kisling -30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5014 Universal
-30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5014 Universal Kisling

This product, that builds on the proven ergo.® 5011, is a high viscosity general purpose...

Kisling -30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5039 Universal
-30 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5039 Universal Kisling

This general purpose instant adhesive gel stands out through its perfectly adjusted flow behaviour. It...

Kisling -50 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5200 Metal
-50 °C ... +80 °C | ergo.® 5200 Metal Kisling

Standard type for bonding metals of any kind. Produces...

Kisling -55 °C ... +105 °C | ergo.® 5210 Metal
-55 °C ... +105 °C | ergo.® 5210 Metal Kisling

Ergo.® 5210 is a medium viscosity, modified cyanoacrylate adhesive, that stands out through its impact...

DYMAX Europe GmbH
DYMAX Europe GmbH

Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives for Industrial Component and Medical Device Assembly Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives from DYMAX can replace many different grades of both methyl and ethyl cyanoacrylates...

Parson Adhesives PARFIX 3xxx series
PARFIX 3xxx series Parson Adhesives

Parson Adhesives is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial adhesive products in the USA. We...

1 products Loxeal
Instant Loxeal

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are formulated for the instant and structural bonding of rubber, metals, ceramic, leather and...

Anti-Seize Technology max. 121 °C | CA™ series
Instant max. 121 °C | CA™ series Anti-Seize Technology

CA-020™ (Regular Viscosity) instant adhesive is an ethyl-cyanoacrylate adhesive. CA-020 is a general purpose, fast-curing product with good elasticity for bonding plastics, metal, rubber, glass,...

Saratoga Int Sforza Supercolla
Instant Supercolla Saratoga Int Sforza

SUPERCOLLA is the rapid and potent adhesive,...

Saratoga Int Sforza Supercolla GEL
Instant Supercolla GEL Saratoga Int Sforza

SUPERCOLLA GEL is rapid and potent, specially for...

Saratoga Int Sforza Supercolla VETRO
Instant Supercolla VETRO Saratoga Int Sforza

SUPERCOLLA VETRO is rapid and tenacious, unbeatable for reconstructing parts in glass and crystal and...

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