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RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 is a single-gas monitor with full features providing the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

The ToxiRAE 3 has compatibility with the AutoRAE Lite bump test and calibration station. It allows recording of STEL, TWA, low, and high alarms. A warranty...

The ToxiRAE Pro CO2 is the first wireless personal carbon dioxide gas monitor worldwide. This equipment ensures enhanced worker protection through the provision of safety professionals wireless...

The QRAE II Pump by Rae Systems features a complete rugged device that has a 1 to 4-sensor gas detector with a built-in powerful pump. It is innovatively...

The RAEGuard S is a fixed gas detector that can be installed permanently in applications for detection of hydrocarbon combustible gases, CO2 and other toxic gases. The RAEguard S is an advanced...


The EVM-7 monitors both particulates and air quality in one compact instrument. The EVM-7 provides a lower cost of ownership by combining three instruments...


GMA313 - Carbon dioxide monitor
The best solution for CO2
monitoring from the
specialists in gas detection
The carbon dioxide monitor GMA313
indicates a gas hazard immediately
and reliably. The built-in alarm LED
and loud horn provide a warning
before entering the room. The


The G01-CO2-B3 series is a carbon dioxide detector developed by Tongdy Technology. It is mainly used for real time monitoring room carbon dioxide level. This device is also monitors humidity and temperature.


The CO2 Monitor/Controller, which was manufactured by Tongdy Control Technology, is a low-cost programmable controller with a wall mounting type and four operation buttons. To...

The TKG-CO2 is a monitor/controller manufactured by Tongdy. It is suitable for use in agricultural...

The TKG-CO2 Model is a carbon dioxide detector developed by Tongdy Control Technology. It is supplied with...

The F2000IAQ-CO2-31U is a CO2 monitor manufactured by Tongdy. It ensures stability within...


The new analyzer for carbon dioxide and oxygen has been specially designed for monitoring cell growth processes in biotechnology. The device can be installed directly in the exhaust flow of the bioprocess...


With the most popular NDIR technology, the SRH Series infrared carbon dioxide sensor has long service life, steady performance, high precision and need less maintenance, which is widely used for carbon dioxide gas leakage alarming.

CO2 sensor can be integrated in such safety and alarming devices such as CO2 gas detector and transmitter which are used for medical, environmental monitoring,...

Iinfrared carbon dioxide sensor module adopts international advanced...

Use the advanced technique NDIR for real-time measurement...

RHB series infrared carbon dioxide alarm detector is used in concentration detection of carbon dioxide and concentration excess alarm. It adopts international advanced NDIR non-dispersed gas analysis technique, CO2 measurement can not be interfered by other gases, it is simple to operate and convenient for carry.

Portable CO2 detector is an ideal instrument with alarm...


The Infrared CarbonDioxide (CO2) Detector, manufactured by Rotronic AG, is mainly used to calculate...


The CM2 model is manufactured by Grillo-Messgeraete, and is a carbon dioxide (CO2) detector that is utilized to monitor the air quality in rooms. It has an indoor air quality...


The RLA1 is manufactured by WITT-Gasetechnik. It is a carbon dioxide (CO2) detector which guarantees reliable...


The DIOXYTEST is a CO2 atmosphere detector that constantly operates without aspiration....


Portable instrument designed to measure the carbon dioxide
concentration and temperature in the surrounding air. The...

Portable instrument designed to measure the carbon dioxide
concentration, temperature and humidity in the surrounding


The Handheld CO2 Meter is a very flexible and easy to use. and is designed to measure...


Exclusive Opto-Chemical Technology for in situ Measurement of Dissolved CO2

Engineered to fit within a variety of bioreactors, the YSI 8500 delivers precise, real-time data that increases your...


The standard sensor enclosure, IP41, is suitable for applications in normal conditions and in facilities with low levels of dust or moisture.



CO2 gas detectors are used to protect personnel wherever CO2 gas or dry ice is used in closed areas, for example when dry ice blasting or producing dry...


The room air quality sensor CO2-R/A measures the CO2 concentration of the ambient air in the range of 0-10000 ppm and optional the air temperature from 0...+50°C. The transducer...


The GasAlertMicro 5 IR, is a portable gas detector that simultaneously monitors atmospheric levels of up to five gases including carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S),...


The sensor measures the CO2 content of the air and the temperature in rooms.
For CO2 measurement, the NDIR technology (non Dispersivee InfraRed) is used with automatic...


CO2 Monitor for Agriculrure ,Greenhouse With Temperature and RH% Transmitting
-Real time C02 detection and transmitting
-High accuracy Temperature and humidity detection


The Series 9510 Carbon Dioxide Monitor features a next generation infrared sensor that redefines...

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