oil pressure switch / differential / adjustable
oil pressure switch

Process temperature: -20 °C - 85 °C
Pressure range: 100 mbar

The EXHAUSTO Over Pressure Switch is an adjustable differential pressure switch. The differential pressure acts through ...

differential pressure switch / increased safety
differential pressure switch
FP series

Pressure range: 20 Pa - 4,000 Pa

The FP series by Kaustubha Udyog is a Differential pressure switch which is designed for switching operation. This is the tool suitable for operations that demand switches that has superior accurate and ...

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Kaustubha Udyog
differential pressure switch / adjustable
differential pressure switch
27 series

Pressure range: 50 bar - 400 bar

Pressure switch with SPDT contacts - adjustable hysteresis

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oil pressure switch / differential
oil pressure switch

The P30 oil differential pressure Switch is for use with all refrigeration with compressors using external oil pumps with refrigerants. It protects the compressor against loss of lubricating oil pressure ...

differential pressure switch / double / IP65
differential pressure switch

Pressure range: 60 Pa - 140 Pa

Safety pressure switch with fixed switch-point settings for R744 applications Features • Pressure range 8/Q o Versions with fixed factory cut-out setting available ...

air pressure switch / differential / high-precision / IP66
air pressure switch

Pressure range: 20 Pa - 300 Pa

The APS003KS is an accurate high quality differential pressure air pressure switch (APS). It has a calibrated dial which can be used to set the sensitivity between 0.2mbar (20pa) to 3mbar ...

air pressure switch / for water / differential
air pressure switch

Pressure range: 0 bar - 10 bar

... Hz • Maximum consumption: 8 A • Nominal working pressure: 10 bar • Regulation: : 0 – 4 / 7/ 10 bar • Frequency of cycles: 60 cycles/min • Differential: variable • Application: for the control of pressure ...

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