condensate pump / electric / centrifugal / industrial
condensate pump

Flow: 100 l/h - 520 l/h
Head: 1 m - 3.5 m
Power: 65 W

... operation, its compact tank dimensions and its reliability. The pump is ready to connect and operates fully automatically. A new developed float switch monitors the level inside the tank, while the ...

condensate pump / electric / centrifugal / industrial
condensate pump
J series

Power: 0.5 ch - 3 ch

... ceramic pump seal (250°F) Impeller is brass for long life. Efficient design provides maximum capacity, minimum motor load Heavy-duty cast iron pump housing and bracket assure rigidity and long ...

water pump / diaphragm / industrial / suction
water pump

Flow: 0 m³/h - 189 m³/h
Head: 0 m - 15 m
Power: 3.5 ch

Diaphragm pumps are built for long-life and reliable service in many applications. Favored by municipalities and contractors for street repairs and other seepage applications. Ideal for muddy water, high solid content. ...

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Multiquip, Inc.
chemical pump / electric / semi-submersible / centrifugal
chemical pump
AT series

Flow: 300 l/min

Serie AT-submersible electric pumps having centrifugal system. To Norms IEC shows the following 60079-0, 60079-1, 60079-7 plus EN 13463-1, EN 1127-1, prEN 13463-5 and Ex-de, Ex-d along with Group IIB and IIC form the ...

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Cemp srl
chemical pump / electric / normal priming / centrifugal
chemical pump
CS series

Flow: 0 m³/h - 500 m³/h
Head: 100 m

Highly efficient pumps intended to be used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical fields. Capacities from 0 to 500 m3/h with head up to 100 m. Built in CF-3M / AISI 316L steel. Maximum modularity of the components and ...

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CSF Inox Spa
gas pump / electric / normal priming / piston
gas pump

Pressure: 420 bar

The CRYOSTAR reciprocating pumps of the MRP series feature pressures up to 420 bar, high vacuum volume, a large suction chamber volume, a direct degassing at the highest point of cold end (enhanced by a 45° slope of the ...

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Cryo Star
water pump / electric / centrifugal / industrial
water pump
MNE series

Flow: 39 m³/h - 390 m³/h
Head: 42 m - 105 m
Power: 5.5 kW - 95 kW

Close coupled pumps in compliance with EN733 - DIN24255 standards coupled to IEC standard electric motors through rigid coupling.

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Rovatti Pompe
chemical pump / side-channel / industrial / discharge
chemical pump
SK series

Flow: 0.3 m³/h - 42 m³/h

The SK/SK-MK side channel pumps are suitable to deliver gas Hydraulics 0,3 42 m³/h 20 400 m and media water at 120 °C. The pumps feature powered seal and magnetic connection, multi-phase and self-readying ...

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adhesive pump / pneumatic / self-priming / double-diaphragm
adhesive pump

... Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump is able to pump out viscous materials, as well as abrasive and sheer-sensitive targets. It has no motors, seals, or packing which have the risk of leaking, thus making it environmentally ...

slurry pump / grout / hydraulic motor / piston
slurry pump

Flow: 0 m³/h - 60 m³/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 60 bar

For conveying fine-grained pastes. Simple installation. Minimum moving parts. Easy maintenance.

oil pump / for diesel / electric / submersible
oil pump

Flow: 37 l/min
Pressure: 1.2 bar
Head: 4 m

Electro Pump Model HP 40, TT 1600 mm immersion depth Lightweight, handy and reliable pump for refilling diesel, heating oil, anti-freezes The screw-on pump rotates Suction stage inc. ...

chemical pump / electric / screw / industrial
chemical pump

Flow: 50 m³/h

... tend to burn or sticky/viscous products, this is even harder to realize. Product range ■Pump supply augers ■Discharge augers ■Discharge devices ■Auger discharge bases ■Compaction ...

piston pump / industrial / standard / suction
piston pump

... standard Gas . The standard is expected with single or double ball valves , easily accessible and ispezionabili.Gli suction and discharge can be made ​​on request differently than described in catalogo.Le held on the ...

chemical pump / electric / gear / industrial
chemical pump
ZD xx By

Flow: 3 l/min - 360 l/min

Gear pump Type ZD xx By Filling pump complete with suction hose and rinsing valve. Pump can be used as discharge pump by reversing motor. Bypass ...

water pump / industrial / stainless steel / discharge
water pump

Flow: 20 l/min
Power: 0.37 kW

The draining pump completely empties the washing tank and sends the exhausted solution to an external collection tank. Pump with special seal for liquids with abrasive particles in suspension. Stainless ...