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fluidized bed dryer / for laboratories - 40 - 150 °C | TG 200

The Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200 from Retsch is an efficient and comprehensive device designed for the gentle, uniform and careful drying of materials without overheating in a single region....

dryer - GENESYS

Piovan dryers are designed to work in steady conditions in all the processing phases-start up, production, standby...

desiccant dryer / air - max. 300 m3/h | HR series

Reduction down to 30% of the electric energy usage.

desiccant dryer / air - max. 150 m3/h | DP 604-615

Single or Multi-hopper set up
Temperature-control based regeneration cycle
Dew Point Control
Water Flow Control
Automatic reduction...

desiccant dryer / air - 200 - 800 m3/h | DP 619-624

Single or Multi-hopper set up
Temperature-control based regeneration cycle
Dew Point Control
Water Flow Control
Automatic reduction...

desiccant dryer / air - 1 000 - 1 400 m³/h | DP 640-644

Flexibility and energy saving.
Double desiccant tower models, provide 1000 m3/h and 1400 m3/h of dried air respectively, production range from 450 to 800 kg/h. The whole drying system works in closed loop so as to guarantee a process independent from the environmental conditions, with a Dew Point of -50°C or lower.


spray dryer - SD series

The GEA Niro spray dryer is used with an aid of a high-pressure nozzles or a rotary atomizer. It is ideal for various food or dairy products application. This dryer is also denoted as a one-stage...

spray dryer - 150 - 500 kg/h | VERSATILE-SD™

The VERSATILE-SD™ manufactured by GEA Niro is a flexible spray dryer than has been developed to provide effective, and reliable...

spray dryer - TALL FORM DRYER™ series

The GEA NIRO's TALL FORM DRYER™ is a spray dryer which is integrated with a high and slender chamber. This chamber comes...

spray dryer - NOZZLE TOWER™ series

The GEA Niro NOZZLE TOWER™, engineered specifically for coffee spray drying applications, produces powder that is free-flowing and consists...

spray dryer - COMPACT™ series

The GEA Niro COMPACT DRYER™ provides a good drying economy and a long running time between cleaning.


refrigeration circuit dryer - 2.5 - 4

The Grasso ammonia dryer is an essential instrument for each ammonia refrigeration plant. This equipment can eliminate infiltrated water from the refrigerant circuit, even when...

refrigeration circuit dryer - 2.5 - 4

The BI-FLOW FILTER DRIERS from PARKER, is custom-made to tend to applications concerning heat pumps or reverse cycles. The drier unit integrates the check valves within its shell,...

desiccant dryer / air - max. 60 000 m³/h | Ultradryer series

Ultradryer HRE, HRG and HRS Heat Regenerated Adsorption Dryers offer a wide range of individual customer...

milk dryer - Magna® series

Drying of whey powder is done with a Tetra Magna® Dryer WB. It can be equipped with either a rotary atomizer or high pressure (HP) nozzles. The HP nozzles give you the possibility to run both...

vacuum dryer - 260 - 1 500 l, max. 400°C |  series VVT

The series VVT by Vötsch Industrietechnik is a Vacuum dryer which is designed for the gentle drying...

rotary vane dryer / horizontal - Comber Termomix® Serie TM 1500 - TM 40000

The Comber Termomix® TM 1500 - TM 40000 Series is a range of paddle dryer and reactor from Heinkel. They comply with the ASME pressure vessel code, Section VIII for calculation,...

vacuum dryer - Bolz-Summix® MF010 - MF600

BOLZ-SUMMIX conical screw driver has short drying time, is a fully closed system with speeds adapted to product characteristics. It has 100% product discharge, complete drainage and...

vacuum dryer / vertical - Comber Turbodry® TD 0.8/1.1 - TD 40/60

Turbodry® TD 0.8/1.1 to 40/60 Series of Agitated Vacuum Pan Dryer are designed for drying difficult samples. It comes equipped with a double mechanical seal, sampler valve, advanced CIP systems, and stainless steel...

vacuum dryer / vertical - Comber Condry® TDC 100 - TDC 7000

The Condry® TDC 100 - TDC 7000 Series are agitated vacuum pan dryer combers and are designed in compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG or/and ASME pressure vessel code, section VIII, U-stamp, cGMP and FDA guidelines EG type examination certification...

rotary vane dryer / vacuum / horizontal - Comber Pharmadry® PH 50 - PH 4000

Vacuum Paddle Dryer
Comber Pharmadry®
PH 50 - PH 4000 Series

Special properties for the customers benefit
calculation, design and manufacture in compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG or/and ASME U-Stamp...

centrifugal dryer - NOVATURN series

The NOVATURN series is a centrifugal type dryer that is constructed with a body, cover and stable extractable basket that are all fabricated...

hot air dryer - FAN

A wide range of standard installations is available from the NOVATEC production stable. The Cleaning and Drying Systems are used for ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing both for standard...

vacuum dryer - FVU

Novatec's production includes a wide range of standard installations. They have Cleaning and Drying Systems. Standard products for ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing are available. Products, according to the customer’s specific requests, can also be supplied. There are Modular surface treatment systems for immersion and/or...

vacuum dryer - FVU

Spooner's Custom-Designed Industrial Food Dryers are manufactured to comply with customer demands, and a range of different application requirements. These...

vacuum dryer - FVU

High Performance Compact (HPCTM) Dryer from Spooner features a wide range of airbar mechanisms engineered to match the whole of transforming applications. Each spooner air flotation mechanism consists of an even heat conveyance, solid web conveyance as...

vacuum dryer - FVU

The air impingement dryer from Spooner can be constructed as a single or double sided...

vacuum dryer - FVU

Air Flotation Converting Dryers

Spooner is a world leader in the field of air flotation technology. A range of airbar systems has been developed to suit the entire range of converting applications. All Spooner...

vacuum dryer - FVU

This is an Air impingement dryer manufactured by Spooner Industries which is designed...

vacuum dryer - FVU


Uv curing and uv post-polymerisation of photoimageable soldermask on printed circuit boards and flex-boards.



UV LED dryer - BE 7

Beltron Beltron GmbH - LED-UV dryer

The LED UV dryer BE 7 is used for UV-curing aeration inks, printing inks, coatings, adhesives and other UV- susceptible equipment by polymerization somewhat than vanishing of solvents.
Till now, conservative mercury UV lights were utilized...

UV dryer - Slimsize

The Slimesize model is manufactured by Beltron, and is a UV dryer that is appropriate for use in existing systems. The model is also acceptable for use in a number of objects which...

UV dryer - Beltrostat

The Beltromat UV dryer is used for unvarying drying/curing of UV coatings/adhesives, and is very suited for use in small series productions, with repairs and in the lab, as well as...

rotary vane dryer / vacuum / horizontal - 0,1 - 100 m3 | HTK, HTC series

Batch dryer, Reactor, Horizontal dryer, paddle dryer

Operational volumes 100 – 50.000 liters

In AVA paddle dryers of the HTC (batch dryers) and HTK (continuous dryers) series, the product is moved along the length of the heated drum wall, thus achieving the drying process‘ primary goal: reducing humidity. Special-shaped paddles of these horizontal...

rotary vane dryer / vacuum / horizontal - 0,1 - 100 m3 | HTK, HTC series

Vertical dryers, vertical evaporators, vertical reactors, vertical batch dryers

20 – 50.000 liters

AVA’s conical dryers have been developed for shorter processing periods, simultaneously granting maximum product protection. In AVA dryers of the series HVW, the product is moved along the heated drum wall.
Additionally, the shaft as well...

flaring dryer / vertical - 20 - 30 000 l | HVM series

Useful volume 20 - 50.000 liters

AVA’s conical dryers have been developed for shorter processing periods, simultaneously granting maximum product protection. In AVA dryers of the series HVW, the product is moved along the heated drum wall.

Additionally, the shaft as well as the helix may be heated, which leads to the heat transfer within the conical dryer...

rotary vane dryer / vacuum / horizontal - Planex System®

The Planex System® unit is a horizontal vacuum rotary vane dryer developed by Italvacuum...

rotational dryer / vacuum - CRIOX System

The Rotational Dryer of the CRIOX System is a rotary vacuum dryer that has the capacity to completely...

vacuum dryer - MULTISPRAY®

The Multispray model is manufactured by Italvacuum, and is a cabinet tray vacuum dryer that has been specifically...

rotational dryer / vacuum / for plastic pellets - TRUMBLE

The Vacuum dryers Italvacuum are used for the treatment of wet masses originating from the processes of filtration or centrifugation for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fine chemicals and intermediate products. Vacuum dryers...

compact dryer / mobile / air - 40 m³/h | MDE 40

The model MDE 40 is a mobile compact dryer. It produces 40 m³/h of dry air and works with a dew point...

mobile dryer / compact / air - 50 - 80 m³/h | LUXOR 50/80

The Luxor 50/80 by Motan-Colortronic GmbH is a mobile dryer which is equipped with three fully insulated drying bins....

mobile dryer / compact / air - 120 - 160 m³/h | LUXOR 120/160

The LUXOR 120/160 are compact mobile dryers that are specially constructed to supply mid capacity processing machines. These mobile dryers consists of 2 desiccant beds containing individual process...

plastic pellet dryer - 250 - 900 m³/h | LUXOR S 250-900

The LUXOR S 250-900 are twin desiccant bed dry air generators from Motan colortonic. They are integrated...

plastic pellet dryer - 80-2 400 m³/h | LUXOR A 80-2400

The LUXOR A 80-2400 is a central drying system designed with an ETA-process® energy saving technology. It is manufactured...

rotary vane dryer / vacuum / horizontal - -10 °C ... +151 °C, 70 - 770 l | PHARMADRY®

The PHARMADRY® unit is a horizontal vacuum rotary vane dryer developed by Comber Process Technology Srl....

rotary vane dryer / horizontal - -10 °C ... +151 °C, 2 000 - 6 200 l | TERMOMIX®

The Termomix® is manufactured by Comber Process Technology Srl. This horizontal rotary vane dryer is...

vacuum dryer / vertical - -10 °C ... +150 °C, 140 - 1 700 l | TURBODRY®

The TURBODRY® series is manufactured by Comber Process Technology, and is a vacuum vertical pan dryer that is intended for a broad range of products, which includes the...

vacuum dryer / vertical - -10 °C ... +150 °C, 125 - 2 050 l | CONDRY®

This vertical vacuum pan dryer was developed in the early 1980's to manufacture a broad range of products to include the challenging and heat sensitive. This range of machined are compliant with a long list of specifications to...

rotary vane dryer - NPD

The Nara Paddle Dryer (NPD) is an indirect heating dryer that does not require a gas heating medium. It has the capacity to dry organic or inorganic powder materials...

dough dryer / suspended - MSD

The Media Slurry Dryer can continuously dry slurry material and take out the solids dispersed in the slurry with a size primary particle.

A pump directly supplies the slurry material to the media beads...

fluidized bed dryer - FBD

The Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD) fluidizes powder with gas with high efficiency. It is suited for drying uniformly the processed material with a comparatively high moisture content...

pneumatic dryer - TRD

The Tornesh Dryer is manufactured by Nara, and is categorized as a direct heating type of dryer. The unit is a one pass system drying equipment that does not leave any rest element...

fluidized bed dryer / continuous - CONTI FB

The continuous fluidized bed technology is highly potential for enhancing the product characteristics of bulk goods, targeted or optimized custom-specific. The processes in continuous fluidized bed plants run fully automatic....

granulator dryer / fluidized bed - BATCH FB

The Batch FB is a fluid bed plant from Neuhaus that is designed for batch processing. It is an appropriate machine for processing powder substances and is also suitable...

granulator dryer / fluidized bed - 50 - 2 000 kg, +160 °C | MINIBATCH

The Minibatch is manufactured by Neuhaus Neotec. This granulates dryer/fluidized bed system can be installed as a tabletop...

granulator dryer / fluidized bed - max. 0.8 kg, +160 °C | MOBATCH

The Mobatch is manufactured by Neuhaus Neotec. This granulates dryer/fluidized bed unit has an integrated air conditioning (heater, ventilator...

granulator dryer / fluidized bed - max. 180 °C | CONTI FB PILOT

Our Conti FB Pilot plants are extreme flexible systems in various sizes, in which all continuous fluidized bed processes and almost every product can be tested:

Drying and cooling...

desiccant dryer / air - ca. 1,2 kg/h | TTR 400

TTR 400 benefits in practice:

Air flow rate - continuously regulatable
Quick and easy filter replacement
Extremely easy maintenance and service-friendly construction
Suitable for installation in false ceilings
Housing made of sheet steel, galvanized and...

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