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Dust collectors
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stand-alone dust collector / compact / laser - 250 m³/h | Atmos Compact

The Atmos Compact exhaust system forms a single unit with the laser machine and...

stand-alone dust collector / laser - 320 m³/h | Atmos series

Active environmental protection: Efficient filtering of dust and gas extends the service life of your laser engraving machine while protecting you and the environment.

Automatic power control: Thanks to the flow control technology, the exhaust rate is adjusted fully automatically depending on the saturation...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow / modular - Gold series

Gold Series® Collectors are ideal for various contamination regulation and product redemption applications and has a curved cartridge dust and fume collector that increases the productivity while cleaning the work...

grinding dust and chip dust collector - max. 1 400 m³/h | SmartOne

The Plymovent SmartOne is a dry dust and smoke extractor that integrates a self-cleaning...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow / modular - MultiDust®Bank

The MultiDust®Bank filter is a standard filter system that can be customized to your...

compact dust collector - 1 200 - 27 000 m³/h | CP series

The Torit® PowerCore® CP Series is a dust collector that is ideally utilized to manage fibrous and fluffy dust primarily within venting and bulk management operations. Its ventilation power ranges from 1,200...

compact dust collector - 3 000 - 13 000 m³/h | VH series

The Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® VH Line is a range of dust collector machines....

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Downflo® Oval

The Torit® DCE® Downflo® Oval is a dust collector and fume extractor designed in a compact structure. It is an efficient collector that...

compact dust collector - Unicell™

The Unicell Dust Collector introduced by Donaldson Torit DCE features an airflow rate...

cartridge dust collector / for powder coating - Siloair™

The Donaldson Torit® DCE® Siloair cartridge dust collector is suitable to various venting situation. It provides the right solution to silo-venting problems and filter...

wet type dust collector - Cricketfilter® series

The Cricketfilter® is a specifically designed pressure filter that has a greater filtration space owing to its design of the filter elements than the conventional circular style filter cartridges...

mobile dust collector - max. 45 cmm, 4.5 kPa | DC-TB series

DC series, a new design high efficiency dust collector, both cyclone & suction design were adopted.

mobile dust collector - max. 12 cmm, 33 kPa | DC-RB series

DC series, a new design high efficiency dust collector, both cyclone & suction design were adopted.

mobile dust collector - max. 15 cmm, 10.5 kPa | DC-HTB series

Chuan Fan Electric presents DC series of dust collectors. These latest design dust collectors offer excellent performance. They adopt...

mobile dust collector - max. 4.2 cmm, 23 kPa | DCS-RB series

The DC series dust extraction units are inventively designed machines, geared to score high on the efficiency quotient. The dust extractor is equipped with both, a suctioning assembly...

mobile dust collector - max. 37 m³/min | SF-001HF, SF-001K, SF-001

Designed especially for small working environment suitable for coarse dust or chips.

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - 2 500 - 60 000 m³/h | HF series

Cartridge filter system with automatic compressed air cleaning
Central cartridge filter equipment AFW HF LINE, the complete solution for extracting and filtering of fume, dust, fine dust and particles.
Consisting of a tough powder-coated steel-sheet structure.
In case of air volumes of max. 9000 m³/h, the fan can also be installed on the filter and in the...

cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - 3 000 - 40 000 m³/h | ACF series

The cartridge filter system is an automatic compressed air cleaning unit. This high efficiency cyclone filter plant is used for extraction and filtration of fumes, dust and fine dust particles. It comprises of a fan which is located above the filter with a stable powder...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow / compact - FL series

The FL cartridge filter system is compact and with facilities for automatic compressed air cleaning. The main applications are extraction and filtering of particles like fumes, dust, fine dust and so on. The stability of the device is further enhanced...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - PCA

AFW Lufttechnik presents PCA precoating plant. It has been designed to provide automatic precoat dosing. It is suited for use in a filter plant's suction component...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow / compact - FRL-SKL

This Roto-cleaned cartridge filter plant is a compact filter with or without integrated fan. This is used for extraction and filtering dust and chip material during grinding and sand blasting. AFW SKL cartridge filters are available...

bag dust collector / pneumatic backblowing / modular - 1 600 - 66 000 m³/h | DAC

Removal of sticky particulate (e.g. tar) and aerosols
CTPs prefilters are filled with high temperature-proof ceramic saddles which generate a turbulent flow...

cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - 20 000 - 158 500 m³/h | HURRICANE

Hurricane are high efficiency cyclones which are numerically optimized.

Hurricane geometries maximize powder collection for each different


cyclone dust collector / heavy-duty - 90 - 60 000 m³/h | ReCyclone® MH

In order to obtain very high efficiencies and compliance with emission

limits, an improved recirculation system has been designed to take

advantage of the Hurricane cyclones. A mechanical ReCyclone®

(ReCyclone® MH) is made up of a Hurricane with a particle separator

(straight-through cyclone), placed downstream of the cyclone called


multi-cyclone dust collector / with electrostatic separator - 260 - 1 200 m³/h | ReCyclone® EH

Recent adoption of electrostatic recirculation in the same cyclone

system has successfully proven to further reduce particle emissions,

even in the [1;5] μm particle size range, assuring future regulation

compliance, particularly where legal limits are very tight, with the

objective of bag filter redundancy.

A DC high voltage...

multi-cyclone dust collector - ReCyclone® EMC

ReCyclone® EMC systems for retrofitting are composed by existing

cyclones, usually multicyclones, and electrostatic recirculation systems.

The main purpose of the recirculation system is to reintroduce the non captured

particles into the cyclones...

air blasting dust collector - 4 000 - 48 000 Nm³/h | A Series

High performance automatic collectors. Specifically designed to be integrated into centralized systems, they are divided into distinct families specialising in the treatment of different types and concentrations of air pollution and in specific plant requirements.
Different models available with air flow rates ranging from 4000 Am3/h up to 48000Am3/h.


bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Pulco-Air

The Pulco-Air baghouse filter is an industrial air collector equipped with an automatic compressed air cleaning system especially for the filtering and relative separation of medium size, fine and impalpable dust particles. The system features high filtration efficiency and the perfect cleaning of the filtering septum with continuous...

bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Pulco-Air

The “Cylindric Bag” dedaster is furnished with compressed air backwash cleaning system Pulse-Jet with a filtering grade up to 99,9%; it is ideal for the filtering of dry, thin and untastable dusts. The compact realized filter unit grants a structural...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Kompac-Air

The Kompac-Air cartridge filter is comes standard with an automatic condensed air cleaning system which works for filtering and total division of medium size, fine and insubstantial dirt particles. The system features maximum filtration...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Kompac-Air

Tama Group introduces the Kompac-Air cartridge filter for powder coating. It has compressed air cleaning arrangement which is automated to ensure separation and filtration of fine, medium sized and impalpable dust particles. The cartridge...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Kompac-Air

TAMAs cylindrical dust remover is equipped with a filter-cleaning system using compressed air and Pulsejet counter-washing, that gives a filtering level up to 99.9%; it is ideal to filter out dry, fine and impalpable dusts. The cylindrical...

cartridge dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - Kompac-Air

The "Kompakfilter" is a small but powerful dust extractor requiring only a minimal amount of space. It is suitable for the removal of both dry and fine dust in all areas of industry and commerce. Its ingenious modular construction...

bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - 1 000 - 20 000 m³/h | JETLINE® CH

The JETLINE® CH is a pocket filter with automatic compressed air pulse jet cleaning.

THE OPERATING PRINCIPLE is summarised as follows.
First the air laden with dust is made to pass through...

bag dust collector / mechanical shaker cleaning - 500 - 5 000 m³/h | JETLINE® E

The Jetline E is a special dust collector which is able to be built inside the casings of...

bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - 5 000 - 40 000 m³/h | JETLINE® V

Delta Neu presents JETLINE® V filtering bag collector. It features needlefelt pocket bags. These bags have the support of sturdy cage inserts, which are made using corrosion-resistant steel...

bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - 5 000 - 40 000 m³/h | JETLINE® VT

Delta NEU launches the Jetline V series air filters having vertical pocket filter...

compact dust collector - max. 21 600 m³/h | ECB-xPx series

What are some of the technological solutions inspiring the users of EcoCompact?

The ROTATRONIC system for filter monitoring and cleaning that ensures optimum cleaning of filters at a minimum level of...

explosive dust dust collector - Atex

The Atex EcoCompact is the explosion-proof version of this product and can be efficiently used for both...

cartridge dust collector / chemical process - max. 21 600 m³/h | ECB series

Stainless steel dust collectors EcoCompact already fascinates by its appearance. However, its exterior is...

compact dust collector - max. 1 500  m³/h | ECM series

The ECM dust collector series are suitable for the extraction of dry dust particles created in various industrial production processes. The small and compact design enables numerous setups, which can be installed also very close to the source of dust.

Housing and options
Modular design offers...

compact dust collector - max. 1 500  m³/h | ECS series

Ecocompact presents the ECS series dust collectors ideal for use in industrial dust extraction units of up to 2000 m3/h. The dust collectors’ robust design and structure enable them to be used under extreme conditions such as high under-pressure and/or explosion.
The dust...

laser dust collector - min. 0.3 µ, 330 - 900 m³/h | SK-250AT-DS-CE

The SK-250AT-DS collector is designed for non clogging fine particulates and odours generated...

low-pressure dust collector / laser - min. 0.3 µ, 150 W | CKU-060AT-ACC-CE

The CKU-060AT-ACC-CE is a laser fume extractor that is specially designed for cutting, welding , marking and engraving applications. It...

low-pressure dust collector / compact / dust - min. 0.3 µ | CKU-080AT-HC-CE

- Size: 337x260x275
- Dust is easily processed thanks to a polyester 5-layer High Performance pre-filter.
- Clean...

compact dust collector - 2.5 - 8 l, 250 - 400 W | CKU-240AT-HC-CE

- This machine is both compact and powerful, with a voltage of 250 Watts, which in reality is nearly 400 W. Its small size and large absorption volume make it a remarkable...

mobile dust collector - 2.85 kPa, max. 0.3 µ | CKU-400AT-HC-V1-CE

This model has a powerful suction force for large-scale dust extraction.
Its technical parameters can be modified.

mobile dust collector - 2.85 kPa, max. 0.3 µ | CKU-400AT-HC-V1-CE

Oskar’s Modular filter is designed to filtrate air from dry applications. Applications such as welding smoke, metal dusts, some pharmaceutical dusts, and most non-explosive dry dust’s can be handled by Oskar’s Modular Filter....

mobile dust collector - 2.85 kPa, max. 0.3 µ | CKU-400AT-HC-V1-CE

The circulation of the air in the cabin is horizontal or vertical accoding to the size of it and the number of operators. The air is correctly distributed...

mobile dust collector - 2.85 kPa, max. 0.3 µ | CKU-400AT-HC-V1-CE

AGTOS has developed a lineup of cartridge filter systems that is setting new standards and making a significant contribution to process safety.

Filtration with process safety
Dust is extracted and flows through the impact separator, where the initial separation of heavy dust particles occurs....

bag dust collector / pneumatic backblowing - 1 000 - 300 000 m³/h | FP

The purpose of FP linear filters is to separate the...

bag dust collector / pneumatic backblowing - 300 - 30 000 m³/h | FP

The purpose of FP linear filters is to separate the...

bag dust collector / pneumatic backblowing - 300 - 30 000 m³/h

FP linear filters are used to separate the dust from...

bag dust collector / pneumatic backblowing - 300 - 30 000 m³/h

The geometry of cyclones is a determining factor in obtaining high efficiency. Various physical properties such as: temperature,...

bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow - 300 - 13 000 m³/h | TRIPULS

The TRIPULS bag filter gives the highest level of performance while having a space-saving design. The complete filter element includes a frame and filter medium...


How to choose this product


A dust collector is designed to purify the air or gas flows used in industrial and professional processes. It removes dust and other pollutants from exhaust air.


These machines are found in every type of activity and in all operations emitting dust and pollutants into the air. They are employed in the wood, metal and chemical industries, as well as in agriculture.


In general, such devices consist of a blower, a dust filter equipped with a cleaning system and a container for collecting the dust.

How to choose

Choice will depend on dust concentration, particle size and corrosive or abrasive qualities. Other factors include the required degree of purification and characteristics of the air, such as temperature, humidity, flow rate and chemical content. Treatment method will depend on the quantity and type of dust.

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