water pump / electric / centrifugal / industrial
water pump
4322 series

Flow: 56 l/s
Head: 48 m
Power: 0.75 kW - 7.5 kW

... comparable traditional constant speed or variable frequency operated pump installations. Remote services through internet to enhance reliability and sustain optimal performance over life of pumps. Materials Ductile ...

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S. A. Armstrong Limited
water pump / electric / turbine / industrial
water pump
X41 series

Flow: 83.28 l/min
Head: 0'00" ft - 350'00"

The X41 Series line of sealless regenerative turbine pumps (also known as canned, hermetic, or zero emission pumps) is designed to handle applications with difficult to seal fluids where absolutely leak ...

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MTH Pumps/MTH Tool Company
oil pump / for diesel / electric / self-priming
oil pump
W 40 H FMT 3

Flow: 35 l/min
Power: 250 W

Electric centrifugal pump of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic. Article no.: 104 458 702 Description For diesel, heating oil EL/L, radiator antifreeze (concentrate) Self-priming with integrated ...

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air pump / electric / diaphragm / industrial
air pump
D203 series

Flow: 1 l/min - 200 l/min


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YTS Pump Engineering
water pump / for food products / oil / for chemicals
water pump
EP series

Flow: 0 l/h - 43,800 l/h
Power: 0.37 kW - 3.5 kW

Stainless steel low-speed rotary pumps with flexible impeller; particularly suitable for transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous fluids, also with solid parts in suspension. Our pumps are widely used ...

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electric pump / industrial / standard / stainless steel
electric pump

The Gram Equipment Ripple Pump is used to introduce syrups or sauces into the flow of ice cream. The Ripple Pump consists of holding tank, or hopper, constructed in stainless steel, fitted on a stainless ...

drain pump / water / with electric motor / impeller
drain pump
APD Series

Flow: 1.2 m³/h - 36 m³/h
Power: 0.36 kW - 1.6 kW

... General characteristics: Motor in liquid refrigerant bath, dielectric, not defiler. Thermal protection switch incorporated in all single-phases motors. Class F insulation. Motor ...

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Lelli Elettromeccanica
water pump / electric / industrial
water pump

Flow: 40 l/min
Head: 40 m
Power: 0.45 kW

... aqueducts and for automatic water di stri bution by small autoclave tanks or by hydrosphere units. For the correct functioning of the pump, use clean water, or non-agressive liquids only, without sand ...

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wastewater pump / oil / with electric motor / self-priming
wastewater pump
C150 Electric

Flow: 285 m³/h
Head: 24 m
Power: 20 kW

The unique original Selwood self priming system utilising a water tolerant diaphragm air pump. An environmentally friendly design that has none of the problems of oil vapour emissions and oil emulsification associated ...

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Selwood Pumps
water pump / for chemicals / electric / for petrochemical applications
water pump

Flow: 0 m³/h - 300 m³/h
Head: 0 m - 150 m

... RMK) pump is a Magnetic Drive Pump comprising Permanent magnets. It is a sealless pump and is used for handling various types of clear/ clean chemical liquids without ...

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clear water pump / with DC motor / gear / industrial
clear water pump

Flow: 140 l/h
Pressure: 2.8 bar

The DGM09 Series Magnet Drive Gear Pumps derive from the well established mag drive MG200 Series. Built to handle clean water and relatively viscous fluids at low pressure, the DGM09 ...

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water pump / with brushless DC motor / electric / peristaltic
water pump
Econ OEM

Flow: 0.04 us gal/h - 2.08 us gal/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 5.5 bar

... per hour, pressures to 5.5 bar). The pump can be designed with the customer’s supplied motor and gearbox. A standard OEM bracket is provided or a custom bracket can be designed. A brushless or brushed ...

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Stenner Pump Company
electric pump / industrial / mobile / for torque wrenches
electric pump

Pressure: 10,000 psi

... 10,000psi ultra high performance pumps has been designed and developed specifically for use with hydraulic torque wrenches. Pumps operate from two primary power sources: air and electric, ...

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electric pump / submersible / centrifugal / industrial
electric pump

Pressure: 70 bar - 140 bar

Without a doubt, Stanley hydraulic pumps exemplify the pure power of hydraulic tools. Our SM50 pump discharges an impressive 500 gallons per minute (1890 lpm) while it's small size allows ...

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Stanley Infrastructure
food product pump / electric / centrifugal / for the food industry
food product pump

Flow: 3 m³/h - 120 m³/h
Pressure: 8 bar

Cail & Fletcher SUMO and ROTA massecuite pumps are designed to transfer massecuite or magma products in a wide flow range (3 to 120m3/h), High quality Cail & Fletcher SUMO and ROTA massecuite pumps benefit ...

slurry pump / electric / high-flow / mobile
slurry pump
2950 series

Flow: 80 l/min
Pressure: 8 bar
Power: 1,500 kW

... performance action: Maximum flow rate 80L/min and maximum pressure 8 bar. Effective and robust compressor: Self-lubricated, power 1.5 kW and evacuates 200L/min. Maximum temperature of use: 30°C. Additional features ...

low-viscosity fluid pump / for chemicals / for food products / with DC motor
low-viscosity fluid pump
1S, 2S

... over 30 years. The S Series Pumps combine this proven dispensing technology with state-of-the-art servomotor drives to provide precise, programmable control over the dispense volume and speeds. The modular ...

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Hibar Systems
slurry pump / electric / centrifugal / industrial
slurry pump

Flow: 1.8 m³/h - 19.3 m³/h

millMAX™ Slurry Pump The millMAX™ pump features a patented on-line wear clearance adjustment, which minimizes cost per ton pumped compared to conventional hard metal and rubber lined pumps. Key ...

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FLSmidth Dorr-Oliver Eimco
chemical pump / electric / peristaltic / laboratory
chemical pump

Flow: 0.001 l/min - 0.028 l/min

... tubing life. TPU and TPV pumps are comprised of front panels with controls, pump heads, motors, rigid cases with rubber feet andhandles. The moveable handles are practical for carrying the pump, ...

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Aalborg Instruments
water pump / electric / industrial / hydrostatic pressure test
water pump

Pressure: 2,800 bar

... high pressure pump that can be equipped horizontally or vertically. It is commonly utilized in requisitions under harsh conditions which includes descaling, spun-lacing or cleaning of large containers/vessels. The ...

electric pump / piston / industrial / filling
electric pump

Flow: 1 l/min - 30 l/min
Pressure: 15 bar - 110 bar

Cryomec KPS Pump Fives' Cryomec KPS high pressure pump is especially designed for CO2 and N2O filling stations. This cylinder filling pump has been on the market for 40 years and is still ...

reciprocating pump / for solvents / stepper motor-driven / industrial
reciprocating pump
ReaXus 6010R

Flow: 0 l/min - 0.01 l/min
Pressure: 414 bar

The ReaXus 6010R is a high performance reciprocating pump with accurate flow rate control up to 10 mL/min and pressure capability up to 414 bar (6,000 psi). This pump is ideal for reactant feed, ...

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Teledyne Isco
dewatering pump / water / electric / submersible
dewatering pump
WDP 3500

Flow: 500 us gal/min
Head: 12.2 m

... a lightweight, compact hydraulically powered pump capable of discharging water and solids up to .375in (9.5mm) quickly and quietly. It features cast iron and stainless steel construction for durability, ...

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food product pump / electric / 2-piston / industrial
food product pump
UltiMate™ HPG-3200BX

... UltiMate™ HPG-3200BX Biocompatible Binary Semi-Preparative Pump. Binary high-pressure proportioning offers gradient accuracy and precision. Maximize your flow rate depending on your application. This pump ...

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chemical pump / electric / peristaltic / industrial
chemical pump
Kronos series

Flow: 2 l/h - 25 l/h
Pressure: 0.1 bar - 6 bar
Power: 20 W

The feed chemical is conveyed by means of the rotor squeezing on the hose. No valves are needed for this. This ensures gentle handling of the metered media. Typical applications are in processes where only a low discharge pressure is ...

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