dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / industrial / portable
dry vacuum cleaner

Capacity: 2 gal

Our 20V MAX* 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum features powerful suction for quick clean ups. Wet/dry versatility allows you to clean up jobsite debris and wet messes. Its powerful suction and ...

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dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / three-phase / industrial
dry vacuum cleaner

Power: 2,200 W - 2,600 W

SINGLE-PHASE or THREE-PHASE industrial wet&dry vacuum cleaner, ATEX certified, with stainless steel body and floater for liquids. Filtering system with cartridge filter and saturation state pressure gauge, ...

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dry vacuum cleaner / electric / industrial / portable
dry vacuum cleaner

Power: 1,400 W

... the DVAC-II. This portable weld fume source capture vacuum can connect directly to weld fume guns. The portable vacuum can also be connected directly to rotary sanders or used as a housekeeping vacuum ...

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chip dust extractor / electric / for machine tools
chip dust extractor

... solutions and dust/chips suction systems as well. Depending on the dimensions, the model of the machining center and the quantity of material to be machined, we match all the routers of our range with the most suitable ...

electric dust extractor / compact / mobile
electric dust extractor
1025 L PC

Power: 1,000 W
Capacity: 25 l

Dust Extractor 1025 L is a compact but still high performing L-class dust extractor, proven performance for user protection and easy to move around. This dust extractor ...

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electric dust extractor / for the wood industry / cyclone
electric dust extractor
RLA 2700

Power: 3,000, 4,200 W
Capacity: 2,700 m³

... wood working machine and keep the workspace free from chips and sawdust. Additionally, these models can also be used for suction of plastics, lint, etc. Properties Mobil cyclone-extractors for small to mid-sized ...

hazardous dust vacuum cleaner / single-phase / industrial / mobile
hazardous dust vacuum cleaner
TB Z21 / Z22 series

... steel AISI316 to operate in food , pharma. chemical industries. ATEX 3D Z22 Industrial vacuums The Industrial Vacuum model TB Z22 is the right industrial vacuum suitable for vacuuming ...

dry vacuum cleaner / electric / pneumatic / mobile
dry vacuum cleaner

Power: 1,200 W
Capacity: 40 l

... experience when you run an air sander or power tool with VK-4000ES. With our highly compatible design, including 2-in-1 air and vacuum hose, you can switch to most brands air or electric ...

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Flawless Concepts
wet and dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / industrial / mobile
wet and dry vacuum cleaner
WVD1500, WVD1500P

Power: 2,000 W
Capacity: 75 l

The compact water vacuum for professional needs Its 2000 W power qualify for wet and dry suction on construction sites 75 l / 20 gal. capacity -> compact design combined ...

dry vacuum cleaner / electric
dry vacuum cleaner

Power: 800 W
Capacity: 18 l

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aspiratrucioli / electric / industrial / mobile

Power: 1,500 W
Capacity: 38 l

Industrial exhauster for collecting metallic swarfs. Ideal for single head cutting off machines. Motor power 1,5 KW. Tank volume 38 lt (easy movable by means of wheels with parking brake) Pneumatic filter ...

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chip dust extractor / three-phase / mobile
chip dust extractor

Power: 2.2 kW
Capacity: 160 l

... Hz motor - Performance 1.400 m³/h. - incl. ventilating worm casing above the extractor - Large filtre with big surface and external filter shaker for long durability - Steady-state performance or controlled ...

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