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expansion valve / electric - 3/8 - 1/2

This corrosion resistant motor driven valve features a balanced force design, and to ensure minimized wear and tear and accurate flow of the medium, it has a port and slide constructed using ceramic material. This valve...

expansion valve / electric - 3/8 - 1 5/8

The Emerson Climate Technologies makes electrical control valves with hermetic motor driven devices...

vacuum valve / isolation / electric - max. 30 ms

Agilent Vacuum Pump Isolation Valves (VPI) are attached electronically alongside the mechanical pump; they close quickly...

expansion valve / electric - max. 90 bar | AKVH series

The AKVH 10 is an electrically operated expansion valve intended for use in refrigerating plants using R744 refrigerant. The AKVH 10 valves cover a capacity range from 0.4 kW to 22 kW.


expansion valve / electric - 3/8 - 2 1/8

These are electrically operated expansion valves designed for use in refrigeration plants. They can serve as both expansion and solenoid valves. These valves are available...

expansion valve / electric - 1/2 - 2

AKVA series valves are electrically operated by ADAP- KOOL® controller and are used in refrigeration systems that utilize ammonia as a refrigerant. AKVA valves...

expansion valve / electric - 1/2 - 2

Magnetbau Schramme have converted the art of pinch-valve manufacturing into an art form. Their valves have been superbly designed and geared to provide excellent results. Each one is specifically custom-designed as per the requirements of...

flow-control valve / electric - NSF/CE/ISO9001, BSP/NPT 3/4

T20-N2-C is a motorized on-off valve designed for various water applications. It is built with a PTFE floating...

shut-off valve / electric - 3/4

The Tonhe T15-B3-B 3 Way T Type Electric Shut-off Valve is made from China, and is suitable for use in water...

shut-off valve / electric - ø 57 - 300 mm, DN60 - DN300

The throttle/shut-off valve is integrated with a Belimo valve actuator. The unit is incorporated...

shut-off valve / electric - ø 57 - 399 mm, DN60 - DN400

The throttle/shut-off valves are integrated with two adjustable...

shut-off valve / electric - ø 76 - 199 mm, DN60 - DN200

The Throttle- / Shut-off valve is an electrically operated tool that comes...

shut-off valve / electric - ø 76 - 399 mm, DN60 - DN400

The throttle/shut-off valves are integrated with two adjustable...

pinch valve / electric - 6 - 15 mm, max. 1.6 bar | TG NF

The Pinch Valve can me mounted in a coil-up or horizontal position. It has a working pressure...

expansion valve / electric - 10 - 16 mm, 45 bar | PWM series

Series "22" thermostatic valves are designed to work with the interchangeable orifice...

electric valve / for beverages - 24 V, 50 Hz, 5 W | PM series

Electrical Post-Mix Taps with Flow Control to maintain the fluid flow constant depsite any pressure variations. Ideal for water,...

pinch valve / electric - 4 - 20 mA, class 150 | 5200 E

High cycle life, repeatable control
Sleeve is the only part in contact with the media
Eliminates need...

pinch valve / electric - 6 - 12


Electric actuation provides precise, accurate control
Sleeve is the only wetted part, resulting in constant break away torques

shut-off valve / electric - max. 10 bar, 1570 Nl/min

Device used to shut off the air supply while relieving the downstream circuit by a remote electric control.

*Available with MICROSOL type or in compliance with CNOMO...

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