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electrical winch / wire rope - 0.08 - 0.16 t | D-SH

Our D-SH SpeedHoist electric rope winch not only features particularly high lifting speeds, but also extremely simple and precise load handling. It is the ideal lifting...

electrical winch / wire rope - max. 160 000 kg | SW series

The SW winch features compact dimensions and helpful features that enable a safe and high working load....

worm gear winch / electrical - 682 - 909 kg | EBT series

The Worm Gear range of electric winches features a small footprint and a 5:1 lightweight...

electrical winch / for offshore applications - 2 409 - 20 727 kg | Fulcrum series

Available in two basic configurations:EP for pulling applications, and EL for lifting...

electrical winch - 2 000 kg | EP2000

Electrical winches EP2000 with an hosting capacity of 20000 kg comply to protection classification IP55...

electrical winch - 3 200 kg | EP3200

The EP2000 electrical winches from Gebuwin have a capacity of 20,000 kg. They offer high-performance and efficiency with low maintenance requirements. In comparison...

electrical winch - 4 000 kg | EP4000

Electrical winches EP2000 - 20000 kg

These winches have a high performance efficiency and are low in maintenance. When compared...

electrical winch - 5 000 kg | EP5000

The electrical winches in the EP2000 series come with a capacity of 20,000kg, with high performance efficiency and low maintenance costs. These are the most important...

electrical winch - 6300 kg | EP6300

Electrical winches EP2000 - 20000 kg

These winches have a high performance efficiency and are low in maintenance. When compared...

worm gear winch / electrical - max. 1 700 kg | MCW series

MCW series - electric wormgear winches

A range of electric self-braking wormgear winches developed for heavy duty pulling and traversing duties up to 2,000 kg. Due to the self-braking wormgears...

worm gear winch / electrical - max. 1 300 kg | MC AK series

MC AK series electric wormgear winches are davit or crane broom mountable and specifically designed for cars, Zodiacs or any other...

worm gear winch / electrical - max. 1 325 kg | EN series

A range of electric self braking worm gear winches, developed conform to the European norms for lifting winches,...

electrical winch / manriding - max. 10 000 kg | MR series

MR series - personnel lifting winches

Personnel lifting winches are mainly built to client specifi cations and can be executed with a self-braking...

electrical winch / planetary - 29550 kg | SC series

The SC Series Planetary Compact Build Winches by EMCE are specifically designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality. The winches has a range of compact lifting...

electrical winch / planetary - 29550 kg | SC series

Winches and special winch gear units in customized versions for specific application sectors were designed to solve particular...

electrical winch / wire rope - 150 - 500 kg | ESF series

The ESF series is manufactured by Haacon Group, and is a motorized rope winch...

electrical winch / wire rope - 125 - 8 000 kg | ESG series

This electric rope winch from the Haacon Group is engineered with the capability...

electrical winch / wire rope - 250 - 1 000 kg | RPE series

Universal and compact electric wire rope winch. The winch can be mounted
on any even surface in any position.
Design according to DIN 15020, drive group 1 Bm, accident prevention regulations
BGV D8 (winches, lifting- and...

electrical winch / wire rope / explosion-proof - 125 - 3 200 kg

The Explosion-Proof Electric Cable Winch, manufactured by Carl Stahl GmbH, is specifically designed as a robust and technically mature...

electrical winch / planetary - 2 000 - 20 000 kg | 45/10E

Carl Stahl supports you right from the start with your installation. The construction department will provide you with the necessary data and our specialized team will...

electrical winch / traction - 125 - 990 kg | TIRLIFT series

The TIRLIFT Series is an electric traction winch. This series is suitable for...

electrical winch / traction - 600 - 7 500 kg | TEC series

The Verlinde TEC series is an array of electric winches that can deliver optimum solution...

electrical winch / traction / hand-held - 100 - 950 kg | MINIFOR™ TR series

The MINIFOR™ is a hoist manufactured by Tractel. It is designed for lifting and pulling objects over great distances, depending on the wire rope...

electrical winch / traction / hand-held - MINIFOR™ SY

Generally utilized with specialized textile wire rope components, Tractel's Minifor™ SY Textile Hoists may...

electrical winch / wire rope - 300 - 3 000 kg | TIRAK™ X, T series

TIRAK™ M is the wire rope hoist that makes performance standard for material handling. With more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing wire rope hoists, the Tirak hoist is being improved constantly with the most advanced technology. Ass Tirak...

electrical winch / wire rope / manriding - 300 - 2 000 kg | TIRAK™

The Tirak™ X series and L series is a man riding electric cable winch also known as a wire rope hoist. It is constructed in accordance with ISO 9001...

electrical winch - 600 - 10.000 kg | Série TE

Treuils Huchez presents TE serie electric winches for lifting. They can handle all lifting, pulling or drawing activities up to 10 tons. They are robust and have a huge winding capacity. This makes them suitable for a broad variety of applications. They have a very rational chassis, which can...

electrical winch / for construction sites - 300 - 500 kg | MOTORBOX

Compact electric winches manuel
winches « motorized »
MOTORBOX electric winches 300 and 500 kg

• An electric winch designed for simple lifting and...

electrical winch / compact - 175 - 360 kg | PRIMO

The compact electric winches in this eco range are designed for pulling and/or lifting operations. There are two versions: a low voltage control model or direct control model. The low voltage control...

electrical winch / compact - 250 - 960 kg | TRB (CD)

ELECTRIC WINCHES TRB 250 to 960 kg - Direct control (CD)

Use : lifting or pulling
Multifunctional electric winch offering many possibilities and options, making it particularly renowned. For use protected from bad weather.
Economical range for industry and...

electrical winch / compact - 250 - 960 kg | TRB series

The TRB by Huchez is a small electric winch designed for lifting and pulling having a low DC voltage control and a speed variator. The unit is equipped with TRBs which makes the equipment...

electrical winch / wire rope - max. 160 kg | Speed-Hoist

The Speed Hoist SH electric rope winch is specially manufactured for rapid...

electrical winch / wire rope - 125 - 1 200 kg | PORTY

Electric rope winch PORTY
Light and handy
The small electric winch PORTY was

electrical winch / wire rope - 125 - 1250 kg | PFW

Electric rope winch PFW
With a load bearing capacity from 250 to 3,000 kg this electrical...

worm gear winch / electrical - 170 - 2200 kg | PLANETA-MC

The MCW Series manufactured by PLANETA is a type of an electronic worm gear winch that is used for heavy duty pulling and traversing...

electrical winch / planetary - 1 200 - 37 000 kg | SB series

The SB-Series offers a the basis of the answer to many pulling and lifting winch operations. The product is manufactured with a motor,...

electrical winch - 200 - 300 kg

The Planeta PLA-B is an electric rope winch that can also lift and hold loads with an integrated brake. This...

worm gear winch / electrical - 250 - 2 800 kg | EWL series

The EWL series electric self locking worm gear winches has a very fair price/quality...

worm gear winch / electrical - 200 - 1 700 kg | EHL series

This line of electric hoisting winches have been designed to meet the requirements of machines listed in class of use K3 in NEN 3508, which is an applicable...

electrical winch / traction - max. 300 kg | CP-300

The CP-300 Model is an electric traction winch. It is equipped with a control cable...

electrical winch / traction - 200 - 1 000 kg | KDJ

The KDJ by I-lift Equipment Ltd. is an...

electrical winch / wire rope - 250 - 1 000 kg | RPE series

Winches series RPE and RPA are designed explicitly for per formance, efficiency and safety and offer many advantages and options. RPE‘s and RPA‘s extremely compact, practical...

electrical winch / wire rope / manriding - 500 - 1 000 kg | YaleMtrac series

Endless winch for the transportation of goods- and personnel model YaleMtrac

With the new YaleMtrac, the rope is driven through the winch without the necessity of having to collect the rope on a reel etc.


* The robust, precisely machined housing of die-cast aluminium ensures a low deadweight and outstanding rigidity. Standardised components...

electrical winch / wire rope / manriding - 500 - 1 000 kg | YaleMtrac series

Hoisting in life saving and rescue equipment on ships and ferries becomes ever more safety critical – regulations for lifeboat and recovery boat winches have been drawn...

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