Electrical network connectors

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Up to now, the housings of devices for building technology had to be customized to fit pluggable connectors (e.g., with snap-in connectors),...

The WINSTA® Pluggable Installation Connectors are made according to IEC61535 specifications. They are designed to be the interface between power supply and electrical...


This range of HV power connectors ensures maximum reliability without any need for maintenance. Their longevity lasts for the entire substation lifetime. Designed...


RJ45 Ethernet data connector designed for industrial use, 8-pin, CAT 6 for solid and flexible conductors.

Technical data:

RJ45 according to IEC 60 603-7
conduction class: class...


The BarGuide™ connectors provide a high current power interconnection with quick connect/disconnect function for space constrained Board-To-Board, Board-To-Busbar and Busbar-To-Busbar power distribution...


Parallel-Tap Connector for Copper Wire

Highly reliable electromechanical connections for...


Ensto connectors have been used around the world since the mid...

The connectors form the most essential group of the network's accessories. Ensto's connectors have...


Homac® Substation Connectors encompasses a broad line of high quality substation connectors at competitive prices, backed by superior customer service.

Broad Line of Solutions - With weldment...

Homac®, a leader in underground distribution connector systems for nearly 50 years, offers the widest product line available to utilities today.


Elastimold® offers the industry's most complete package for managing underground cable connections.



High Voltage In-line Disconnects are used in ground level applications for:
• Electronic Countermeasure Systems
• Travelling Wave Tube Connections


The most versatile 32amp underfloor power distribution system

- All pre-wired...

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