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Self propelled electric power pallet truck
Capacity 2.000 Kg
Capacity Q Kg 2.000


The new Hangcha 1.5T mini range pedestrian pallet truck is applicable to short traveling distance and limited spaces. With a rated capacity of...

The new Hangcha 2T premium range pedestrian pallet truck manufactured with advanced technologies is ideal for short transportation distance, while providing good operating experience to the driver.

1. This pallet truck enjoys high working efficiency. The compact chassis allows for ease of maneuverability...

Our 2T basic range pallet truck can be classified into two types according to its different operational modes. One is the pedestrian type, which is ideal for short distance...

With integrated ZF transmission system and integrated welded forks, the premium range 2T stand-on pallet truck is more reliable and provides high...


The tiller handle is designed for heavy duty and light duty work equally. It offers the best of the results with least...

If customers are looking for durability and performance from a high quality product, this is an item to consider investing in. The battery system is a 24V/210A one and...

The Stärke electric power steering system is a convenient handle that can perform all truck functions....

The PTR50EA-EPS is manufactured by Stärke LiftMaxx, and is attached with a sturdy fold-down rider platform that is easy to deploy the fold...

The PT60AAX, an electric pallet truck with rider platform manufactured by Starke, is suitable for extended warehouse operations. The unit...


Quality, durability and efficient pallet management for medium duty applications.

* 4,500 lb.


The perfect upgrade from a manual pallet truck, for light duty applications.

* 3,000 lb.



Votex Bison's EGH is a electric pallet truck that is controlled by foot. It is safe to use,...

The EGH is an electric pallet truck engineered by Votex-Bison. It saves...

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