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single-disc brake / electromagnetic / security - 0.7 - 1 600 Nm | ROBA-stop®-M series

Maintenance-free ( no re-adjustments necessary)
Easy installation

electromagnetic brake / security / vertical axis - 12 - 200 Nm | ROBA®-topstop® series

The modular safety brake system is for A-bearing-side servo motors. It will hold the axis into a set position and even works...

electromagnetic brake / security / elevator / low-noise - 3 - 4 300 Nm | ROBA-stop®-silenzio® series

Roba Stop Silenzo is an extremely quiet safety brake used with elevator and stage drives to protect. With its short...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / energize-to-engage - 8.5 - 640 Nm | ROBA®-quick series

The ROBA-quick electromagnetic brake is energized to activate pole face brakes. Its enhanced...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / electrical for servo motors - max. 125 Nm

Nexen's Servo Motor Brakes for accurate linear motion purposes are spring-activated, air-discharged...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / electrical for servo motors - 12 - 24 V, 400 mNm

The MBZ series of brakes by FAULHABER work as electromagnetically-released...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / spring  - 1 - 280 Nm | B series

Electromagnetic brake-discs are state of the art products developed and manufactured by SUCO. Upon installation the mechanic must make sure that there are...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / spring  - KOBRA

KOBRA (Kendrion Optimised Brake) is a security brake has been designed by Kendrion and it follows a promising concept noted for its economical and ecological advantages and of course,...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / spring  - 1 - 75 Nm

The AC line, spring pressure single-disc brakes can be directly connected to an AC supply without a rectifier being used. Example of such a connection can be in a motor connection...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / for hazardous areas - 10 - 270 Nm

The EEX Line series is manufactured by Kendrion, and is a single-disc brake that has explosion or firedamp protection and dust protection. It also has varistor protection circuits against voltage peaks, which can operate...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / spring  - 1 - 400 Nm

The DC spring-pressure single-disc brakes included in the VARIO LINE can be matched with the individual application due to an array of variants. When the current is switched off the electromagnetically operated...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / spring  - 25 - 500 Nm

The single disc brake module used for direct currents may be mounted as extra modules to completely assembled motors. It is equipped with its own bearing-mounted...

electromagnetic brake / multi-disc / spring  - 100 - 1 600 Nm | KFB series

KFB series safety and service brake developed several years ago is mainly used in internally and externally ventilated motors of travelling, trolley and hoisting gear in crane installations or for industrial applications. An electric...

electromagnetic brake / multi-disc / spring  - 10 - 160 Nm | MFB series

Used primarily as a safety or holding brake in ship building, the MFB brake is useful where robustness, size and work capacity are important. MFB has a covered version...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 0.183 - 6 lb.ft, max. 3 600 rpm | AMB series

The AMB series helps in quickly responding by eliminating the splines along with overcoming friction in the armature and hub. With the use of leaf springs, the armature is put to its hub, resulting...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 5.1 - 150 lb.ft, max. 7 000 rpm | VB series

The VB Electromagnetic Brake is a dry type single disc unit which guarantees fast response in high cycle applications. It also features a zero backlash property which involves the installation of the...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic - 22 - 150 lb.ft, max. 4 500 rpm | B series

The B series brakes come with a patented adjusting mechanism for armature. This mechanism helps in the constant adjustment for wear as well as in producing a constant air gap on the return. Some cycling applications demand consistent...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 4.5 - 150 lb.ft, max. 5 000 rpm | TMB series

The TMB series from Ogura Industrial Corporation are electromagnetic clutch or brake. These devices have a compact design that supports...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / spring  - 0.150 - 0.741 lb.ft, max. 5 000 rpm | MCNB series

The MCNB series by Ogura is a range of electromegnetic spring-applied brakes. The series features its wear-proof friction material and corrosion-proof surfaces.


electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 0.4 - 2.4 Nm

This product is ideal for use in communication equipment, business machines...

electromagnetic brake / multi-disc / spring  - 6 - 1 250 lb.ft | MSB series

The MSB series from Force Control, is an electromagnetic spring-applied multi-disc brake, with a torque range from 6 lb.ft to 1 250 lb.ft. The MagnaShear™ brake is designed for difficult stopping and...

rotary drum brake / electromagnetic - max. 12.450 Nm

The unit is manufactured by Vulkan, and is a electromagnetic drum brake that is ideal for use in a wide variety of operations, which includes handling of large elements in the iron, steel, mining, oil and gas industries....

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 0.6 - 4.5 N.m | MBG series

The MBG series is a line of electromagnetic brakes engineered by Chain Tail. It provides an...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 0.6 - 4.5 N.m | MG1 series

The MG1 series is a line of electromagnetic clutches and brakes manufactured by Chain Tail. It...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / security - 4 - 480 N.m | ABS series

The ABS brakes will always ceased a rotating shaft even if the power is no longer available....

electromagnetic brake / security / elevator / low-noise - 60 - 960 N.m | ABD series

the Chain Tail Co ABD series of Electromagnetic safety brakes features a double fail safe, using double coils, safe and reliable...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / electrical for servo motors - 2 - 200 N.m | SMB series

The SMB, SBB, SAB, and SFB are series of safety brakes manufactured by Chain Tail. It is...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / electrical for servo motors - 2 - 200 N.m | SMB series

The Gemco Industrial Brakes are electromagnetic drum brakes manufactured by Ametek®. Gemco Industrial Brakes prevent essentially any kind of industrial equipment....

electromagnetic brake / rotary drum - EBFM

EBFM is a drum brake manufactured by Romer. This electro-mechanically operated device is equipped...

electromagnetic brake / rotary drum - LSFM

The electro-magnetically operated drum brake type LSFM meets the norms set by DIN 15435....

electromagnetic brake / rotary drum - TBS-FM series (SBFM)

The TBS-FM Series of Electromagnetic Drum Brake, manufactured by Römer Fördertechnik GmbH, is specifically...

electromagnetic brake / rotary drum - RTFM series

The RTFM series is a line of electro-magnetically operated drum brakes manufactured by Romer....

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / spring  - 4 - 400 Nm | IKB series

The IKB series is a DC spring applied brake which is ideal for use in operations where a turning shaft must stop rapidly, or where safe stopping is needed when a power failure occurs....

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 52 series

SG Transmission Type 52 powered on electromagnetic brakes are all FM (flange mounted). These brakes can be supplied as shown on the data sheet...

single-disc brake / electromagnetic / spring  - 56 series

SG Transmission Type 56 electrically released brakes use double sided non-asbestos linings and a metal hub drive for safety. Three coaxial coil springs...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / spring  - 4 - 102 Nm | COMBISTOP

Spring applied brake KEB COMBISTOP

The KEB COMBISTOP is a power off spring-set brake for dry operations. The brake force is applied by springs and activated by electromagnetic forces. The proven spring applied brake...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc - 0.5 - 500 Nm | COMBINORM


KEB COMBINORM offers a complete program of brakes, clutches and combinations for applications in machines and systems. The torque range is 0.5 up to 500 Nm.

Electromagnetic Actuated...

electromagnetic brake / spring  / electromagnetically released / safety - max. 240 Nm | 207 series

The electromagnetically released, spring applied, dual-surface...

electromagnetic brake / spring  / electromagnetically released / brake - max. 48 Nm | 993 series

The electromagnetically released, spring applied, dual-surface brake is based...

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / spring  - 20 - 10 000 Nm | NFF series

Braking torque range 20-10,000 Nm (higher on request)
Degree of protection up to IP 66
All components with special surface protection
Type approval: GL
Simple mounting, no brake disassembly required
Robust, reliable design with low inertia

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / spring  - 63 - 10 000 Nm | 4BZFM series

Braking torque range 63-10,000 Nm (higher on request)
Degree of protection up to IP 67
All components with special surface protection
Type approvals: GL, LRS, ABS, DNV, BV, RR (on request)
Simple mounting, highly serviceable, fully functional without cap

electromagnetic brake / single-disc / spring  - 3 - 380 Nm | BZFM V7 series

Braking torque range 3-380 Nm
Degree of protection up to IP 44 with rubber sleeve and seal ring on through shaft
Simple mounting, no brake disassembly required
Compact, simple design, standard brake for wide...

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