compact enclosure / rectangular / electronic equipment
compact enclosure

... experience and know-how to build and assemble complete discrete-wired enclosures. VPC offers a variety of standard enclosures for discrete-wiring requirements. Standard enclosures are ...

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VPC - Virginia Panel Corporation
rectangular enclosure / Raspberry Pi / electronic equipment / EMI-shielded
rectangular enclosure

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apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH
DIN rail enclosure / modular / ABS / electronic equipment
DIN rail enclosure

Width: 18 mm

... for numerous areas of application. Wall mounting of the electronics housing is also partially possible. Depending on the respective application, closed housings or those with ventilation ...

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wall-mount enclosure / modular / ABS / with transparent cover
wall-mount enclosure
ABS | Cubo R

Width: 75, 125, 175 mm
Height: 125, 175, 250 mm
Depth: 100 mm

Ensto Cubo R modular enclosures, plain sides, ABS Ensto Cubo R modular enclosures are available with plain sides or knockouts. The enclosures are equipped with hinged window.

compact enclosure / rectangular / aluminum alloy / empty
compact enclosure
2417 series

Width: 1 in
Height: 2 in
Depth: 1 in

MATERIALS: Screws: 4 each #2-32 X ¼” pan head self tapping, steel Cover: .04 (1.02) Thick aluminum alloy 1100-H14 per, clear anodized per Shielded Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy A380 or A384., Blue paint per Fed. Std. 595, Color No. 25109.

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Pomona Electronics
compact enclosure / modular / electronic equipment
compact enclosure

Width: 100 mm
Height: 60 mm - 160 mm
Depth: 100 mm

... cameras, letter boxes and much more. Secure attachment of various equipment to or in insulated external facades. Prevents heat bridges Quick installation with snap-in connections ...

compact enclosure / modular / stainless steel / electronic equipment
compact enclosure
HIH series

The HIH series, which is manufactured by Exheat, is an enclosure that is suitable fur use in head mounted process transmitters or in termination blocks. Enclosures are available for transmitters manufactured ...

wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / fiberglass / with door
wall-mount enclosure

Width: 298, 406, 254, 361 mm
Height: 349, 455, 343, 426 mm
Depth: 176, 216, 184, 220 mm

signal conditioner box. NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure, 4-20 mA output, with power, no entry or exit provided. By CTC Datasheet Case Material: Fiberglass Inputs: Screw Terminal Block, 3 Inputs per Channel (VIB, ...

DIN rail enclosure / modular / protection / electronic equipment
DIN rail enclosure
CEM17 series

The electronic housing is realized for connections up to 16 poles. The housing is designed to accept our PV04-LDL/LSL-P plug-in connector granting a wire section of 1,5sqmm. The wide ...

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DIN rail enclosure / modular / in plastic / electronic equipment
DIN rail enclosure
35 mm | CNMB

Din Rail standard and extended height module boxes A range of module boxes from size 1 (17.5mm) to size 12 (120mm) - Snap-fit dit for easy assembly - Boces fit 35mm DIN rail or direct surface mount - ...

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Camden Electronics
surface mounted enclosure / modular / in plastic / screw cover
surface mounted enclosure
IP65 | 2000 series

Width: 80, 120 mm
Height: 52 mm - 95 mm

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wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / polyester / electronic equipment
wall-mount enclosure
660 V, 40 - 630 A | SAFYBOX BUC

Single Pole range of maximum safety LV fuse switches for protection assemblies. Used in self ventilated Polyester enclosures IP43-IK10 for protection between the main power network and the domestic electrical installation. Used ...

19" rack enclosure

Width: 610 mm - 762 mm

The Warrior™ Model manufactured by ZERO is a rackmount case that is designed with a 19'' inch casing. This device is also designed with a double-entry case and is rotomolded. It caters an entire preservation for the E.I.A. 19" rackmount ...

design enclosure / compact / mobile / for desktop computers
design enclosure
iD-Case 18

Width: 173, 208, 258, 308 mm
Height: 75, 90, 110, 140 mm
Depth: 253, 288, 360, 450 mm

Design enclosure iD-Case 18 The iD-Case 18 extends Elma’s successful, award-winning design enclosure range. This enclosure makes a powerful impression through its outstanding design, ...

compact enclosure / mobile / surface mounted / modular
compact enclosure
Compact Case 20

Width: 130 mm - 300 mm
Height: 60 mm - 150 mm
Depth: 150 mm - 300 mm

Compact Case 20 The best in electronic packaging The Compact Case 20 combines an appealing visual appearance with flexibility, practicability and intelligent design – the latest addition to Elma's innovative enclosure ...

wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / plastic / electronic equipment
wall-mount enclosure

Width: 270 mm
Height: 180 mm
Depth: 170 mm

... Description SB-32 Weight 1.25kg Level SB (S Box) Double insulation enclosures IP66, IK10 Type of door Transparent lid Dimensions 270x180x170 Catalogue Group SB (S Box) Double insulation enclosures IP66, IK10

rectangular enclosure / floor-mounted / protection / electronic equipment
rectangular enclosure
K20BTE series

Width: 230, 533, 263 mm
Height: 229, 180, 470 mm
Depth: 180, 160, 320, 272, 445 mm

IP20-Protection case Specific property: Frmer type:its transfo - SPT1000/BTE - SPT1000/D/BTE

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EREA Transformers
rectangular enclosure / floor-mounted / protection / electronic equipment
rectangular enclosure
K20EI series

Width: 230, 303 mm
Height: 180, 253, 229 mm
Depth: 160, 210 mm

IP20-protection cases Specific property: Fits transformer type: - SPT1000

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EREA Transformers
rectangular enclosure / built-in / protection / electronic equipment
rectangular enclosure
K20EI500_00x series

Width: 660 mm
Height: 560 mm
Depth: 500, 470 mm

IP20-protection cases Specific property: Fits transformer type: - SPT100000

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EREA Transformers
DIN rail enclosure / modular / in plastic / electronic equipment
DIN rail enclosure
CH20M series

Width: 6 mm - 68 mm

Weidmüller electronics housing portfolio is consistently developing and improving to ensure that they can provide secure platform for future electronics applications whatever the design ...

floor-standing enclosure / rectangular / stainless steel / electronic equipment
floor-standing enclosure
NetXtend Compact Series

Width: 24 in
Height: 24, 38 mm
Depth: 10, 16 mm

These are multi-purpose enclosures that are best suited for external telecom applications. These help in protecting various electronic equipments.