flange enclosure / rectangular / fiberglass / with hinged cover
flange enclosure
N4X-FG-CHSC series

Width: 4 in - 16 in
Height: 6 in - 20 in
Depth: 4 in - 8 in

STANDARD FEATURES • Twelve standard sizes available • Full length stainless steel hinged cover • Surface flat stainless steel screws on non-hinged side • Integral mounting flange • Cover opens full 180°+ • Mounting bosses with threaded ...

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rack-mount enclosure / rectangular / in plastic / screw cover
rack-mount enclosure

Design Features High Impact Polystyrene. Comes with close fitting interlocking lid and assembly hardware. Provisions for mounting horizontal PCB. Molded-in mounting brackets are provided on catalog numbers ...

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surface mounted enclosure / modular / in plastic / screw cover
surface mounted enclosure
IP65 | 2000 series

Width: 80, 120 mm
Height: 52 mm - 95 mm

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wall-mount enclosure / rectangular / polyester / with hinged cover
wall-mount enclosure
660 V, 1 000 A | SAFYBOX BRES

The Safybox Bres is a nonmetallic unit with a monoblock range of electrical enclosure patterned from the fiberglass of polyster.

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Uriarte Safybox
floor-standing housing / rectangular / protection / with hinged cover
floor-standing housing

The 1986MD Series Mill Duty Resolver Housing has a ¼” (6.35 mm) plate steel construction and jackshaft input to drive resolvers, encoders, tach generators or any combination. There is also, an air purge fitting for positive ...

temperature sensor box / wall-mount / rectangular / ABS plastic
temperature sensor box

Junction Box for the TR-42 Temperature Control Relay - Plastic Box ABS. Protection degree IP65 dim. 175x125x75 mm - 3 Temperature Sensor PT100 Class B - 3 Levels with a sealed cylinder of ...

wall-mount enclosure / modular / in plastic / with hinged cover
wall-mount enclosure
TAIS series

Palazzoli's TAIS Series of control systems are watertight apparatuses featuring blind walls with smooth textures, transparent doors, and EN 50022 rails made out of thermosetting materials. The systems come with an ingress protection level ...