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management software / process control / ERP
management software

... used by the business in vital decision-making processes. Exaquantum supports rapid plant-related deployment, making the software easy to implement within plant-specific operational environments. This allows information ...

management software / scheduling / ERP
management software

... production scheduling software that cooperates with an enterprise business system such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or production system, and supports the management of optimal production ...

ERP software / data transfer / data management / scanner
ERP software
UniMobile, UniMobile Connect

... do that, the information needs to be made available to the right people and the right software platforms in your organisation, but. In this posting you see software program merchandise that enable you ...

warehouse management (WMS) software / data exchange / ERP / online
warehouse management (WMS) software

... the information available to ERP/WMS systems, via shared files. UniWin is the ideal interface between factory floor weighing and ERP systems, such as SAP, JD Edwards, Exact, Navision, Oracle, Sage, etc.

data management software / integrated management / engineering / document management
data management software
SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO)

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, pre-configured solutions addressing key owner operator work processes across the plant life cycle. SmartPlant® ...

monitoring software / ERP / CRM / cloud
monitoring software
Intergraph Smart® Cloud

Intergraph Smart® Cloud is Hexagon PPM's Software as a Service environment for delivering Intergraph Smart and SmartPlant® applications in a high-performance, secure, and reliable fashion. Smart Cloud enables consistency ...

ERP software / warehouse management (WMS)
ERP software
Communicator Pro

The Communicator Pro by Kardex Remstar is a software solution designed for ERP and warehouse management systems. The software controls the location management of the materials, inventories, ...

project management software / automation / ERP / PDM
project management software
elecworks™ ERP

... details, costs and prices amongst others. elecworks™ ERP allows interconnection with databases (Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SQLite and Microsoft Access). elecworks ™ ERP enables linking information management ...

logistics optimization software / data exchange / ERP
logistics optimization software
SLV Cement

... application minimizes product losses and loading faults due to correct weighing and control. By complementing the ERP business software, SLV Cement provides a vertical and customized solution for cement ...

analysis software / ERP / production control / real-time
analysis software
Maestro Productique®

... and analyse production, Maestro Productique® is the ideal tool to optimise the communication between your production and your ERP system. As a complement to your end of line equipment, Maestro Productique® collects information ...

engineering software / design / electrical CAD / ERP
engineering software

... availability. The software system features a constantly-updated user interface that delivers maximum adaptability concerning standards and integration into various IT conditions. These range from the field level to the ...

ERP production software / order management / labeling / data management
ERP production software

... management, work order management and many more features. It also works as a gateway between the line management software and any L4 software platform with many ready connectors. Reporting add-on functions ...

ERP production software / labeling / production management / for pharmaceutical applications
ERP production software

... real time to any printing and scanning device such as vision systems and handheld scanners. With this centralized station software, line setup is reduced to minimum, ensuring the integrity of each serial number. The interface ...

ERP software / management / quality / process
ERP software
SAP Ariba Sourcing

... all spend categories and increase spend under management in a single strategic sourcing solution that integrates with your ERP system. Cloud deployment Quick, easy supplier discovery Supplier profile management Compliance ...

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ERP software / warehouse management (WMS) / interface / process
ERP software

... system (WMS, TMS, ERP) calls PTC WebShip socket API “behind the scenes” The shipment is processed automatically and all shipping documentation is generated. There is NO USER INTERVENTION. Semi-Automated ...

ERP software / planning / control / management
ERP software
SIPLACE Material Manager

Let’s be honest: ERP systems can map SMT processes only in rough outlines. Inventory data without reference to reels or packages, mistakes in the recording of material consumption and run times – all of these lead to ...

warehouse management (WMS) software / monitoring / control / ERP
warehouse management (WMS) software

WAMAS is a warehouse management and material system manufactured by SSI-Schaefer. This system enables the user to control and optimize the warehouse processes. The unit provides a solution with advanced processes, a wide portfolio of ...

management software / ERP / tracking / process
management software
Proficy Tracker

... inventory, production orders and routing materials. Proficy Tracker reads data from a wide variety of sensors, readers, and ERP systems to efficiently implement monitoring which results in optimizined manufacturing processes.

ERP software / data management / for PCB
ERP software
Valor® Foundation

Valor® Foundation manages PCB factory configuration, full ERP integration and optional enforced routing from a single point, ensuring that only tested units leave the factory. It resolves many of the operational challenges ...

performance management software / analysis / reporting / planning
performance management software
ERP Cloud

... management, governance, compliance, procurement, project planning, tax reporting, the financial close, and so much more.ERP software is the backbone of many organizations. Oracle's modern, connected cloud ...

ERP software
ERP software
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Work smarter than ever before with intelligent tools for the modern workplace. Bringing together the best from Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster and fuel business growth.

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CRM software / ERP / SaaS / cloud
CRM software

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reporting software / ERP / monitoring / planning
reporting software

Advanced Planning & Scheduling in abas ERP Between rising costs, raw material scarcities, increasingly complex manufacturing processes, and customers' growing demands for quality, the value of agility has never been greater. ...

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abas PGI France
control software / management / monitoring / engineering
control software

... management, engineering, user, guest) Online feedback of the manufactured parts on the machine according to the PN4000 and ERP System (depending on the machine options) Manual confirmation of finished plates/parts ...

ERP software / CRM
ERP software

LINK360™ cloud-based software was created to answer and manage the most pressing visual information needs. Faced with the task of handling visual information across multiple locations, companies need a way to take the ...

procurement management software / ERP / production planning
procurement management software

... into ERP systems. The integration forwards procurement requests or purchase orders from TDM directly to the ERP system. This makes it possible to order production equipment in a timely manner and ensure ...

asset management software / interface / ERP / automated
asset management software

... increase your flexibility. The FIT software in this system is compatible with a user-friendly Windows-based operating system and features a certified SAP interface. This allows you to retrieve data from your SAP ERP ...

ERP software
ERP software

... turning to software integration as a way to improve efficiency and increase productivity across the enterprise. ProNest®, Hypertherm’s advanced CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting, can be ...

human resource management software / ERP
human resource management software

SPEC Manager is the corporate solution resolving issues of security, human resources, risk prevention, task management and contractor movement in large businesses. SPEC Manager is a modular system offering a global solution which collects ...

How to choose this product


ERP software consists of modules allowing for managing Enterprise Resource Planning processes: production, management of stock, accountancy, sales, after-sales service, etc.


These programs allow companies to manage multiple aspects of their business and facilitates information flow between different services. They can include back-office services (for internal use only) and/or front-office services for clients.


This software consists of several independent modules and a common database. Its workflow programs define every step of a complex process and manage its execution.

How to choose

Consider the software's ease of use, ergonomics, useful lifespan, adaptability and functions. Consider its usability: basic functions, the ability or necessity to personalize the interface and user languages.

Carefully examine the software's functions: parameters, efficiency (aid to decision-making, data processing, etc.) and data confidentiality. Determine whether you require an off-the-shelf product or one that can be adapted to your company's current and future needs.


- Information sharing between services
- Real-time data management