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Expandable chuck / for machining / N/A / automatic clamping

The KFB Series of Expandable Chuck,...

Expandable chuck / for machining / N/A / manually-operated

The MZB Series of Expander/Automatic...

Expandable chuck / turning / N/A

The LBDF model is a clamping...

Expandable chuck / for machining / N/A

The BKDF is manufactured...

Expandable chuck / for machining / N/A

The HKDF unit is a tapered...

Expandable chuck / for machining / N/A

Flat Element Flange Mandrels KFDF as...

Expandable chuck / milling / N/A

By introducing an axial...

Expandable chuck / turning / N/A / automatic clamping

With the SG clamping System, a split...

Expandable chuck / milling / N/A / hydraulic

The SH Hydraulic Clamping System...

Expandable chuck / for machining / 4-jaw

Use: turning, milling, grinding, shaving and...

Expandable chuck / for machining / 6-jaw

Use: turning, milling, grinding,...

Expandable chuck / for machining / 6-jaw / morse taper shank

Use: turning, milling, grinding gear...

Expandable chuck / turning / 3-jaw

Segment clamping mandrels have...

Expandable chuck / drilling / N/A / pneumatic

The CK-PM are self-expanding...

How to choose this product


Expanding mandrels are tool components used to grip objects by their inner diameter. They hold workpieces for machining applications such as turning, milling and grinding.


Expanding mandrels are most often used on lathes for turning operations. They can also hold parts for measuring purposes, such as checking for concentricity. They also can hold multiple parts simultaneously, making them preferable to lathe chucks for certain turning operations.


The expanding mandrel holds a hollow workpiece from within to facilitate work on its exterior surface. A screw or piston gradually expands the tapered mandrel until it grips the piece firmly.

How to choose

Be sure to determine the approximate diameter of the workpiece when selecting an expanding mandrel.


- Concentricity

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