insulating sleeve / braided / for pipes / fiberglass
insulating sleeve

Temperature: 450 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 55 mm

These glass yarn products do not have any insulating treatment; they have a high temperature resistance up to 450°C. The insulating GRADE is proportional to the wall thickness (space factor). These products do not ...

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heat-shrink tubing / tubular / for cables / polyolefin
heat-shrink tubing
TCS Series

Temperature: 70 °C - 125 °C
Diameter: 3 mm - 50 mm

Heat-shrinkable Polyolefin tubing coil for general use is environmentally neutral, flexible, inflammable and offers fast heat shrinkage and stable performance. Main uses include insulation and protection of electrical conductors, connectors ...

protection conduit / corrugated / spiral / for electrical cables
protection conduit

Temperature: -5 °C - 60 °C
Diameter: 25, 32, 16, 20 mm

GENERAL DESCRIPTION • Corrugated (spiral), pliable • Made of polyvinyl chloride – (U-PVC) • Self extinguishing; flame retardant. APPLICATIONS • Indoor residential and industrial installations • Cable routing through masonry – ...

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liquid-tight conduit / protection / corrugated / for cables
liquid-tight conduit
FLHTB series

Temperature: -40 °C - 105 °C
Diameter: 7 mm - 40 mm

Enhanced Fire Hazard Covered Steel Flexible Conduit Enhanced fire performance thermoplastic jacket covered galvanised steel Temperature range - Static applications: -40ºC to ...

insulating sleeve / tubular / for electrical cables / PVC
insulating sleeve

Temperature: -30 °C - 105 °C
Diameter: 2 mm - 26 mm

Construction: Jacket:PVC; UL 224 Breakdown voltage:2500 V Approvals:UL 224 - Extruded Insulation Tubing

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MediKabel GmbH
spiral conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / PVC
spiral conduit
JSB series

Temperature: -10 °C - 120 °C

The JSB series is a line of metallic conduits manufactured by Bolevo. The interlock type conduit has a galvanized steel core and is jacketed by PVC. It is waterproof and has an oil, flame, corrosion, ...

protection sleeve / insulating / tubular / for pipes
protection sleeve

... Metal pipe insulating mat protective barrierThe FSCO T110 barrier is made up a flexible and easily conformable, highly fire resistant insulating mat. It is clad with an aluminium sheet and protects insulated ...

protection sleeve / openable / for pipes / polyester
protection sleeve

Temperature: 0 °C
Diameter: 0 mm

Safety valve SAFEVAL® PVC/GARD for ball valve manufactured in a single piece, completely protects the valve, except the lever.Safety valve SAFEVAL® PVC/GARD for ball valve is realized in 100% polyester fabris with PVC and recommended ...

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Artema s.a.s.
heat-shrink tubing / flat / for electrical cables / polyolefin
heat-shrink tubing
TWB 21

Temperature: -55 °C - 125 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 102 mm

Flame Retardant Tubing with a 2:1 Shrink Ratio Self-extinguishing and flame retardant crosslinked polyolefin heat shrink tubing with a 2:1 shrink ratio. Suitable for electrical insulation of low voltage power cables and for automotive ...

thermal protection sleeve / tubular / for hoses / silicone
thermal protection sleeve

Temperature: -54 °C - 260 °C
Diameter: 0 mm - 1 mm

... product is an insulator and fire retardant up to 1090ºC and will withstand short term flame exposure. To cover hose with an outside diameter of 1/4; 600-02, 600-03 or 600-04. A silicone covered sleeve ...

protection sleeve / braided / for cables / polyester
protection sleeve
SCW series

Temperature: -50 °C - 150 °C
Diameter: 6 mm - 50 mm

The SCW series are halogen-free self-closing braided wraps that offer reliable solutions to the protection of breakout areas. They were manufactured by Jjdtech with a polyester material, with an operating range from -50℃ up to +150℃, ...

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Shenzhen Jdd Tech New Material Co.,Ltd.
protection sleeve / braided / for pipes / for cables
protection sleeve

Temperature: -40 °C - 180 °C

GREMSHIELD® SAPXA is a flexible sleeve made of Polyester braid covered with an aluminum foil. GREMSHIELD® SAPXA offers a continuous working temperature of -40 °C up to +180 °C. Its smooth and reflective outer surface ...

flat conduit / for cables / for electrical cables / PVC
flat conduit

Temperature: -45 °C - 289 °C
Diameter: 20, 25 mm

Conduit and fittings are manufactured from Super High impact PVC-U Large range of compatible fittings All boxes have brass inserts Withstands the most hazardous site conditions Non flame propagating ...

protection sleeve / braided / for cables / polyester
protection sleeve

Temperature: 125 °C
Diameter: 3 mm - 51 mm

... Protecto FPE polyester braided wire sleeving is a highly flame retardant cable sleeve product made by braiding polyester monofilaments into a tightly wound tubular sleeve that offers a superior level ...

protection conduit / tubular / for cables / silicone
protection conduit

Temperature: 250 °C
Diameter: 10 mm - 57 mm

... guard protects the cable primarily in the welding area. It is distinguished by its chemical resistance and is temperature-resistant up to 250°C. You can select between different versions, such as protective tubing, protective ...

insulating sleeve / tubular / for cables / silicone
insulating sleeve
BiS series

Temperature: -40 °C - 180 °C
Diameter: 1 mm - 10 mm

The BiS insulating sleeve from SAB, is specially designed for connectors and soldering points that are capable of being drawn over cables or conductors within lamps, electrical plants and heating appliances. It is halogen-free ...

heat-shrink tubing / tubular / for pipes / metal
heat-shrink tubing

Temperature: 1,600 °C
Diameter: 38 mm - 327 mm

... removing gas from molten metal. They are available in a range of lengths from (approx.) 450 to 1200mm and feature thermal shock resistant and easy to clean clay graphite tubes with either microporous plugs or open end ...